More bangs for your buck: See the 2 ways Chloë Moretz has been styling her new wispy fringe

1 haircut, 2 epic styling ideas!  

If you fancy yourself as somewhat of a celebrity style know it all, then you may already be clued up on Chloë Grace Moretz‘ new look, which has seen her add a wispy fringe to her flaxen locks. But what you may not already know, is that the young American actress/ hairstyle hero has been cleverly rocking her cut in 2 different ways!

Taking to her Instagram account, the star posted a series of pictures of her new mane, yet for each ‘do, her bangs have been styled slightly differently – showing just how versatile a simple fringe can be!

Now, we can tell that you’re dying to know just how Chloë has been rocking her mane, so keep scrolling and take note of her expert styling tips.


actress chloe grace moretz in front of a christmas tree with a blonde friend rocking new wispy full bangs
Is that Chloe we see peeking out from under those bangs? Credit: Instagram/com/chloegmoretz

Sharing the above image with the world, Chloë gave us all a little peek at her new look, where she had decided to cut in a long, edgy fringe. And while the ‘do is a far cry from her usual look of soft waves and a straight middle parting, we have to say, her stylish new mane is absolutely stunning!

Now, if you have quite thick hair like Chloë, and are thinking about cutting in a fringe, you may want to consider opting for choppy bangs that have a feathered finish.

This style of fringe will help to take some of the weight out of your hair and make it appear less blunt. And as you you can see, it also gives off some seriously sultry vibes! Credit: @chloegmoretz

Editor’s tip: If you’re worried about your fringe going limp and gappy, all you need to do is sprinkle a little of the TONI&GUY Root Lift Sculpting Powder into the roots of your bangs.

This will give you more of a textured, cool-girl texture and stop your fringe sticking straight down.

actress chloe grace moretz in a velvet floral baroque suit with mick jagger inspired 70s blonde bangs
She’s got the moves like Jagger! Credit: Instagram/com/chloegmoretz

Soon after posting her first fringe selfie, Chloë transformed her look completely. In her second Instagram picture, Chloë was attending a fancy red carpet event, and so opted for a more fashion-forward look that showcased her stylish lob (AKA a long bob).

Her wispy fringe had been parted right down the centre, with her strands being neatly swept to either side of her face. She also hinted that her shaggy cut was inspired by Rollings Stones star Mick Jagger, captioning her post with the words: “Mick Jagger… you there?”.  Credit: @chloegmoretz

Editor’s tip: To emulate Chloë’s retro ’70s bangs, prep your hair by scrunching a body-boosting mousse like the VO5 Mega Hold Mousse into damp hair. As you blowdry this will help to give you a really voluminous, authentic style that swoops away from the face.