Caroline Flack hair tutorial: Get her signature tousled waves

Obsessed with Caroline Flack's hair? Here's how you can steal her beachy waves for yourself.
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Caroline Flack’s hair has been a constant source of inspiration over the years. She’s rocked everything from dark brunette to blonde ombre strands and tried pretty much every length from flowing extensions to a cropped lob. But through it all, if there’s one look that the Love Island host has truly become known for, it has to be her tousled waves. They always seem to have just the right amount of messiness to them and never look too done.

Now, we know we’re not the only ones who look to Caroline for our hair inspiration, so we’re sharing our tips for how you can recreate her beachy waves in 6 simple steps.

Caroline Flack hair: Instagram photo of Caroline Flack with a wavy ombre lob
The Love Island host is known for her soft beachy waves. Credit:

1. Wash your hair

Caroline Flack’s hair always looks super glossy and healthy, so start by washing your hair with a shine-boosting shampoo and conditioner.


2. Blow dry your hair

Anyone who’s ever seen Caroline’s dramatic slow-mo walk into the Love Island villa will know that her curls have some serious bounce! If your hair tends to be on the flatter side, applying a volumising mousse like the VO5 Big Volume Mousse through towel-dried hair will give your mane a much-needed volume boost.

As you’ll be using heat to create this look, don’t forget to take a heat protectant such as the VO5 Heat Protect Spray and spray it throughout your hair before blow-drying.

3. Curl your hair

Taking your first section, wrap the hair around a medium-sized barrel curling wand and hold in place for a few seconds. Release the curl and continue working your way around the rest of your hair.

Styling tip: For a more uniform look, curl all of your hair away from your face or, if you prefer a more natural-looking effect, alternate the direction of your curls both towards and away from your face to mimic the look of natural curls.

Caroline Flack hair: Instagram photo of Caroline flack with curly golden bronde hair and wearing a strapless dress
Caroline Flack’s hair is the real star of Love Island. Credit:

4. Loosen your curls

Once all of your hair is curled and you’ve given it time to cool, use your fingers to gently rake through the curls to loosen them. This will transform them from defined ringlet curls to more undone, beachy-looking waves like Caroline’s.


5. Set with hairspray

Want waves for days? Set your waves in place with a spritz of a light hold hairspray like the VO5 Flexible Hold Hairspray so that they don’t drop out. We love this hairspray for more undone styles such as this as it’s so lightweight that there’s no risk of it leaving your hair crispy.

6. Apply shine spray

Caroline’s locks always look picture perfect, so to finish the look spray your strands with the VO5 Tame & Shine Spray to add shine and control frizz and flyaways. And there you have it, the perfect island-worthy waves!