Brittany Snow debuts fiery new hair colour for 2017!

She's kicking 2017 off with a brand new look...  

American actress Brittany Snow (who has starred in iconic teen movies such as John Tucker Must Die and Pitch Perfect) has debuted a major new hair look to start off the year – and we love it. Although the star has long been renowned for her bleach blonde locks, that is all about to change: because she’s now sporting a much more vibrant, reddish hair hue.

So, if you’ve been considering a new year mane change yourself, and want some hot celebrity inspo, keep on scrolling and take a look at Brittany’s fiery new hair colour for yourself!

actress Brittany Snow taking a selfie wearing a white top with her red hair worn to the side and in loose waves
Brittany Snow has a new hair colour! Credit:

In a shocking hair twist, Brittany took to Instagram to post the above selfie to showcase her hot new hair hue! She also decided to caption her picture with the words: “I sure do hope Beca likes my new hair color”, in reference to co-star Anna Kendrick’s Pitch Perfect character, Beca Mitchell.

Now, while this new hue is a pretty drastic change from her usual blonde mane, we must admit: we’re totally digging her warmer hair colour!

Not only does Brittany’s new lush shade of auburn work perfectly to complement her pale skin tone, but it also brings out the striking colour of her blue eyes. Smart styling or what, eh? Credit: @brittsnowhuh

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