Why the blogger bun is becoming every It-girl’s favourite hairstyle

It's time for you to get acquainted with your new go-to hairstyle!  

Move over, high buns: the blogger bun is fast becoming the trend to try for the season ahead! Not sure what a blogger bun is? It’s basically a low-slung bun, which Pinterest insights have reported has risen in searches by 250% since the beginning of the year.

While most of you might think this cool-girl hairstyle is difficult to create, street style stars and bloggers alike are proving it’s easy to master — not to mention being the perfect look for just about any occasion. But the real question is: how will you rock it?

5 ways to rock the blogger bun like an Instagram star


blogger bun: picture of street style model with blogger bun hairstyle
When in doubt, blogger bun it out! Credit: Allyson Alapont

The undone blogger bun

Slung low with a few tousled strands for an extra touch of romance, this sizzling, undone hairstyle will totally get you through the working week in style.

The best thing about it? You don’t need to work against your morning bedhead texture, as it actually makes the perfect base for this style, meaning you can hit that snooze button one more time (Yasss!).

shot of woman on the street with sleek low bun hairstyle
Give your blogger bun a quick dose of sophistication by wearing it sleek! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

The sleek blogger bun

Heading to a last minute dinner date? If you prefer to rock snazzy locks, opting for a sleek, sophisticated blogger bun (a la the picture above) is your best option.

This star-worthy low bun hairstyle is prim, proper and is destined to make your mane the hottest conversation topic. Do tell us more!

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Editor’s tip: Want to make your sleek bun a full-time masterpiece? You’ll need the help of a hairspray. Our fave? The TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray, which will not only keep your style in place, but it will also leave your locks gleaming!

backshot of woman with low braided bun hairstyle spfw shot
Braids + low buns = a match made in hair heaven! Credit: Allyson Alapont

Double Dutch braided bun

A blogger bun featuring two Dutch braids, like this mega-babe has, makes this otherwise simple hairstyle gym-proof.

And before you get major envy, check out our how-to tutorial on how to get a Dutch braided bun at home, here. You can thank us later.

shot of street style model with short hair in a low bun in the rain with umbrella
Short hair? Try the baby blogger bun. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

The baby blogger bun

Love the look of a topknot but can’t quite get your short locks to stay upright? Well, you’ll be happy to know that the ‘baby’ blogger bun has got your back.

As this stylish lady demonstrates, this laid-back low bun looks exactly as it sounds and is a great alternative to a high-bun. We’re sold.

backshot of model with low accessoried hair bun at the dolce gabbana show
Tress up your low bun with hair accessories and just watch as the compliments come pouring in! Credit: indigitalimages.com

Blogger bun with hair accessories

When you grow bored of your low bun, you can easily revive the look with some hair accessories. From embellished headbands to pearls, sprucing up your low bun hairstyle will be easy as 1-2-3. Who’s ready for their Instagram closeup? You are!


Has this blogger bun got you dreaming of other, equally stunning on-trend looks? Then get yourself over to our New Hairstyles page now, for all the latest styles and red carpet inspiration to take your fancy!

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