Black History Month: 10 of our favourite black hairstyles

Because black hair has always been beautiful!

Black History Month is in full swing, and to celebrate the event, we’re shining a spotlight on all our favourite black hairstyles (because they deserve all the love!).

From coloured crops to bantu knots, you don’t want to miss out on seeing these inspiring natural hairstyles — so, keep on scrolling or look through our gallery, above.

Celebrate Black History Month with us by seeing the black hairstyles we can’t get enough of

Black history month hair: Close up shot of a woman with dark brown fluffed out afro hairstyle, wearing choker and posing outside
Talk about afro hair goals! Credit:

1. Classic afro

Let’s be honest, when it comes to natural hair, nothing beats the traditional afro. We’ve seen this volumised ‘do on the heads of numerous celebrities and models over the years, so you know that rocking your curls out and proud is a sure fire way to win some instant style points! Credit: @taelorthein

Editor’s tip: Black hair always looks its best when it is properly nourished, which is why it is so important to have a trusty leave-in spray at hand!

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Black history month hair: Close up shot of a woman with red TWA with a shaved undercut, wearing earrings, posing for a street style shot
Because who doesn’t want to look like a Wakandan warrior? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

2. Colourful short afro

This beauty demonstrates how to perfectly rock a coloured short afro! Not only does this bold colour choice and striking undercut help make her mane look on-trend, but it also shows off her pretty coils.

Up next: 10 hot hair colours for black women.

Black history month hair: Close up shot of woman with dark brown hair styled into bantu knots, wearing brown blazer in a living room setting
What’s knot to love? Credit:

3. Bantu Knots

You’ve seen bantu knots on the red carpet and the runway, and if you’re needing any more convincing to give them a go, just take a look at how this beauty rocks them.

Lucky for you, you can get bantu knots in a flash with our easy tutorial! Credit:  @_jesshairstyles_

Black History Month hair: Close up shot of a woman with braided dark brown bantu knots styled into a mohawk, wearing a camouflage jacket with orange top and necklace
This mohawk will turn heads. Credit:

4. Bantu knot mohawk

For a truly edgy look that’s sure to get you noticed, why not opt for an inventive bantu knot mohawk? You can choose to work as many – or as few – knots as you wish, but just bear in mind that the more you create, the smaller they will look. Credit: @chimeedwards

Black history month hair: Close up shot of a woman with long orange red box braids, wearing sunglasses with rosy mauve pink top, posing in a studio
Box braids for days. Credit:

5. Box braids

If you want to keep your locks out of the way in a stylish fashion, box braids are your best bet. You can go as colourful or as subtle as you want, but one things for sure: your hair will look amazing 24-7. Credit: @lxndxox

Black History Month hair: Close up shot of a woman with dark brown long faux locs, wearing a yellow top and posing in a bathroom
Faux locs are always in style. Credit:

6. Faux locs

If you love wearing your hair down, why not style your strands into luscious faux dreadlocks? The hairstyle possibilities are endless with this type of loc: fashion your mane into an updo, braid your strands, or leave your locs tumbling down.

They’ve even been given the A-list treatment by the likes of Rihanna (hers were super long!), so you know this ‘do is worth trying. Credit:  @toboreoweh

Black history month hair: Close up shot of a woman with natural honey brown afro hair styled into a 'frohawk, wearing green jumper and earrings, posing in a studio
Where will you wear it? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

7. Afro mohawk

We at All Things Hair really do love a good mohawk, especially when working with sky-high, curly locks! So, if you’re feeling brave, why not shave the sides of your head to create an edgy afro mohawk?

The true beauty of this hairstyle, is that is looks good from literally all angles: we’re talking front, back and sides. What’s not to love about such a bold and beautiful look? 

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Black history month hair: Close up shot of a woman with long braided black and red twists with beads and hair jewellery in it, posing from the back outside
Dress up your protective style with some beads and hair jewellery. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

8. Hair twists

Want a protective hairstyle, but tired of your usual cornrows? Then do we have the style for you, enter: hair twists. This stunning look is a fun hairstyle choice that requires minimal upkeep, making them perfect for you ladies who don’t have tonnes of time in the morning to style your mane!

Black history month hair: Close up shot of a woman with long afro bubble pigtails, decorated with beads, wearing pink and posing in a studio setting
How cute is this look? Credit:

9.Afro bubble pigtails

Are you as obsessed with pigtails as much we are? Then this incredible afro bubble hairstyle, that’s as playful as it is eye-catching, is just what you need!

If you have long black hair, you’ll be able to make the most of your length and also give everyone a reason to talk about your hair! Credit: 

Black history month hair: Close up shot of a woman with medium-length dark brown hair styled into straight back cornrows, wearing hoops and posing on the street
Often referred to as boxer braids, cornrows are a gym fave. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

10. Cornrows

You can’t talk about black hairstyles without mentioning cornrows! When you need a protective style that won’t take too much time to do, but will make you look ultra-chic, this one deffo fits the bill.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil Front

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