Woman dressed as Harley Quinn with curly natural hair in pigtails with pink and blue chalked ends

12 Halloween Harley Quinn Hairstyles for Black Girls

Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya!

Every year Harley Quinn is one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas, with everyone wanting to recreate Margot Robbie‘s Suicide Squad look – including the black hair community! You’ve only got to look on Instagram to see a whole tribe of black cosplayers rocking Harley‘s style.

If you want to recreate the popular DC Comics character’s signature look for yourself, click through our gallery above or scroll down to see our favourite black Harley Quinn hairstyles from Instagram, now.

The Blonde Bombshell

Woman wearing blonde Harley Quinn inspired pigtails with blue and red chalked tips
Rocking ends dipped in colour and killer make-up. #Slayallday Credit: Instagram.com/brittanie_evans

There’s a lot going on with this look but most notably are the bright blonde locks, with ends that look like they’ve been dipped in colour. LOVE!

Going full on with her Harley Quinn look, this Instagrammer also rocked blue and red eyeshadow to match her dip-dyed locks, resulting in a seriously bold finish. Credit: @brittanie_evans

Crochet Braids

Woman dressed in a Harley Quinn costume with crochet braids worn in pigtails with red and blue coloured tint
You can create any look you want with crochet braids. Credit: Instagram.com/yourtruelove94

So you want to dress as Harley but you don’t have long hair, so it’s not possible, right? Wrong! Crochet braids are an amazing way to add length to your natural hair without putting too much strain on your strands. Credit: @yourtruelove94

Honey Hues

Selfie of a woman with honey brown long wavy hair in Harley Quinn inspired pigtails and makeup
We’re loving the honey hues for an alternative Harley Quinn look. Credit: Instagram.com/ibeatthatface

We’re not gonna lie, we are loving this makeup, but we also adore this Instagrammer’s cute Harley Quinn-inspired pigtails.

Instead of opting for the trademark bleach blonde look or red and blue combo, this honey hue looks gorgeous with curly ends. Credit: @ibeatthatface

Psst: Did you know you can use a straightener to curl your hair? Here’s how!

Editor’s tip: For bouncy curls that last, use a curl creating hairspray like the VO5 Wave Creation Hairspray before and after curling. This will help build your curls as well as giving them extra staying power.

Curly Pigtails

Woman dressed as Harley Quinn with curly natural hair in pigtails with pink and blue chalked ends
These curly pigtails show that anyone can hair type rock this look! Credit: Instagram.com/analidialopess

Got curly hair? Why not add your own curly girl flair to your Harley costume?

Just divide your hair into two high pigtails, then paint the ends of your curls red and blue with a temporary hair colour, and that’s it! Now you’re ready to cause some serious mischief, puddin’. Credit: @analidialopess

Braids for Days

Woman with long box braids in pink and blue Harley Quinn inspire colours, dressed as Harley Quinn and posing lifting up her braided pigtails
Pretty and protective. We love these long, colourful braids. Credit: Instagram.com/renattaprado

Black Harley Quinn hairstyles that are also protective? We know it sounds too good to be true, but this awesome hairstyle is a case in point.

If you really want to invest in the look, why not create it with ultra long, coloured box braids? That way, you’ll be able to rock them for at least a few weeks if you want to! Credit@renattaprado

Editor’s tip: To care for your box braids and maintain that neat, just-braided look, keep them moisturised with a leave-in conditioner spray like the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist.


Close-up selfie of a woman with long dark box braids dressed as Harley Quinn with her hair in half-up space buns tied with red and blue ribbon, holding a red lollipop
And you don’t even need to colour your hair! Credit: Instagram.com/kayla.ayana

If the thought of colouring your braids is stressing you out, you’ll be relieved to know there’s a much easier way to steal Harley‘s style – ribbons! Simply tie your hair up (these half-up buns look really cute), then tie red and blue ribbons around them in a cute bow. Credit: @kayla.ayana

Americana Meets Harley Quinn

Woman dressed as Harley Quinn with a white blonde wig with red and blue tips, worn in pigtails and wearing a Daddy's Little Monster t-shirt
Give your costume the stars and stripes factor. Credit: Instagram.com/iamme192

It may not be the 4th of July, but you can still show your patriotic side with a red, white and blue ‘do. Simply grab yourself a white wig and spray the ends with red and blue for the quickest way to emulate the look.

This is a fun and easy style to re-create and at the end of the night you can just take off the wig. Credit: @iamme192

Red and Blue Highlights

Woman dressed as Harley Quinn, with dark curly hair with red and blue highlights, worn in pigtails and wearing a Harley Quinn inspired costume with baseball bat
Try highlights for a more subtle take on the trademark red and blue ombre. Credit: Instagram.com/food_music_fcb

If you want to rock Harley‘s signature red and blue pigtails but fancy something a little more subtle, this look is for you!

We love the wavy pigtails and the discreet red and blue highlights peppered throughout, for a more understated way to rock the look. Credit@food_music_fcb

Space Buns

Woman dressed as Harley Quinn with red and blue box braids worn in braided space buns, holding a swirly lollipop
Recreate Harley’s prison look with space buns like these. Credit: Instagram.com/kadiii_botamochii

Everyone’s first thought when they think of Harley Quinn is her pigtails but that’s not the only hairstyle she rocks!

Real fans will know that in both the comics and the Suicide Squad film, she’s also seen wearing space buns, so why not show them some love too?! After all, they’re super on trend right now. Credit: @kadiii_botamochii

Spray-Painted Colour

Woman dressed as Harley Quinn with red and blue hair colour chalk
A spray painted look for killer Harley locks! Instagram.com/tierneyelisee

Take a leaf out of Harley Quinn‘s style book with this loud and proud ‘do.

Get your temporary hair-dye at the ready (either a spray or hair chalk will work!), as this style screams for a dose of loud colour. Forget trying to be neat or subtle with this one, it’s all about the bold brights here! Credit: @tierneyelisse

Glam Curls

Selfie of a woman with blonde curly hair with blue and pink ombre tips, wearing a silky blue bomber jacket
Harley scrubs up pretty well, no? Credit: Instagram.com/allykat465

Want to go for a more glam vibe this Halloween? We love the way this Instagrammer combines the iconic blue and red ends with more polished Hollywood waves – because who says Halloween hair can’t be pretty, too? Credit: @allykat465

Dramatic Lengths

Woman dressed up as Harley Quinn with extra long blonde pigtails with pink and blue ombre tips
When Harley Quinn met Rapunzel. Credit: Instagram.com/mariyah_bleu

If you’re not one to dabble with colouring your natural hair, no fear! You can still get on board the Harley Quinn style-train.

Simply grab yourself some coloured extensions and create pigtails with them. We particularly love the Rapunzel-long lengths in this look, which are serving up all kinds of sass. Credit: @mariyah_bleu

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