Bette Midler gracefully trades in grey hair for a light blonde hue!

Because blondes have more fun, right?  

Hold the phones everyone: because Bette Midler has ditched her grey hair for a stunning light blonde hair hue! Yes, it’s true, after gracefully going grey, the legendary actress, singer-songwriter, and comedian has decided to switch things up and opt for a soft blonde with (wait for it) light pink highlights!

Nope, we’re not kidding, and yes, it really is as good as it sounds. So, to see the look for yourself, scroll down and be prepared for amazing some looking locks!

Bette Midler on the red carpet wearing black top and navy spriped trousers with her hair worn in a blonde bob cut with pink highlights
Bette Midler gracefully trades-in her grey locks for pretty light blonde hair! Credit: Getty Images

We don’t know what spurred her to take on this amazing hair transformation, but we’re certainly glad that she did! And Bette’s new ‘do incorporates not just one hair trend, oh no, she’s worked in 3 of this year’s hottest hair looks, pulling them off with ease.

The bob haircut, rocked in loose curls and teamed with a burst of pale pink hair colour instantly gives her a refreshing, youthful air. This combined with the light blonde hair, which is reminiscent of her hair hue circa 2007, is just pure genius – proving that no matter what your age, you can successfully rock a hot new hairstyle!

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