Bella Thorne officially has red hair – yes, really!

Red hair is on the rise!  

Celebrity style alert! Our fave mega-babe Bella Thorne has red hair. Yes, for real! Bella debuted her fiery new locks on Snapchat, before taking to her Instagram account to post a pic with her twin – meaning double the red hair fun for us.

The sisters, who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their matching red barnets, looked indistinguishable from one another, become totally identical with their lime green-coloured ends and rose pink bomber jackets.

So, if you’re yet to see Bella’s (and her sister’s) hot new hues, keep on scrolling and discover the quirky look for yourself!

Bella with twin sister Dani Thorne posing wearing pink jackets and long straight hair dyed in a red to yellow ombre
Bella ‘twining’ it with her sister Dani Thorne. Credit:

The ‘Bella Thorne red hair’ transformation really couldn’t have been better timed, what with celebrities like Lindsay Lohan returning to her radiant red roots and Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson rocking a great ginger hue.

And we have to say, we’re utterly thrilled to see that red hair is back in favour with the stars – after all, it’s been a while since we’ve seen this hot-to-trot hue worked in so many incredible ways!

But what we love most about Bella Thorne’s new red mane, is that she has taken it to a whole new level, and incorporated a lime green ombre (yes, really) into her fiery look!

And with such a bold and daring colour combination, it’s fair to say, that Bella has really set herself apart from the all other red-haired ladies out there – well, everyone apart from her twin sister Dani, that is. Credit: @bellathorne

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