The August celebrity hair transformations that are not to be missed

August proved to be a busy month with a host of celebrity hair transformations...  

As we’ve reached the end the month, everyone here at All Things Hair HQ has decided to weigh in on who they think has had the most amazing mane transformation in the A-list world. After all, we want you to be clued up and full of inspiration for your own new season style change!

So, if you have been living under a rock and missed out on all the celebrity hair goss, fret not, as we have all the looks and need-to-know details, below!

August’s hair transformations: The best A-list looks


Vanessa Hudgens with rapunzel extra long dark brown straight hair
Vanessa Hudgens looks fab with her straight long tresses. Credit:

Vanessa Hudgens’ rapunzel locks

Adding length to her bob length tresses, actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens recently went for a high-impact Rapunzel length finish.

But don’t get too attached to this look as the boho-queen has already moved on to an ice blonde hue, instead, which you can see right hereCredit: @vanessahudgens

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Nicki Minaj with half blonde half blue hair in high ponytail
Not happy with one hue, Nicki Minaj went for a Barbie Smurf finish. Credit:

Nicki Minaj’s two-toned locks

Have you ever sat there contemplating which hair hue to try next? Instead of wasting time mulling it over, simply take your next style cue from Nicki Minaj, who went for this showstopper of a look.

With one-half of her hair in a light blonde shade, the not-so-shy rapper and singer went for a bold contrasting blue shade on the other half.

But this isn’t the first time Nicki Minaj has rocked a multi-toned hue, oh-no — see her Neopolitan-inspired hair colour, here. Credit: @nickiminaj 

Ariana Grande with purple hair in filter selfie
Ariana is that you? Credit:

Ariana Grande’s lilac hue

Completely ditching her usual long dark tresses, singer Ariana Grande revealed a grape-purple shade on her Instagram account during the Japan stage of her world tour — and we have to say: we think it looks fab! Credit: @arianagrande

Rihanna wearing bright turquoise blue hair in carnival
Rihanna went for a bold hue at a carnival this month. Credit:

Rihanna’s mermaid shade

Any Rihanna fan will know that she is not one to mess around when it comes to her carnival appearance. With a sultry side-swept fringe and loose beachy waves, Rihanna was definitely channelling major mermaid vibes for 2017’s Crop Over Carnival. Credit: @badgirlriri 

Cra Delevingne pink pixie crop at Valerian premiere
Cara went for a pink hue at the Valerian premiere. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Cara Delevingne’s pink pixie

Cara attended the Valerian movie premiere (in which she, along with Rihanna, is one the main female leads) with this head-turning pink pixie.

Pairing her sweet new ‘do with a futuristic silver ensemble, this look is both cute and edgy — well, this is Cara we’re talking about, after all!

Since going for the chop, the former model has rocked a tonne of great styles (from that silver look at the Met Gala to a host of glittery styles), becoming one of our favourite short hair crushes.

Kim kardashian on Harpers Bazaar Arabia magazine cover with long black straight hair
Kim Kardashian channels Cher with her extra long locks. Credit:

Kim Kardashian West’s cover hair

It wasn’t just Vanessa Hudgens who went for added length this month, as Kim Kardashian West also opted for the glamorous style for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

Channelling her inner Cher, Kim looks like the body double of the iconic singer in this ’70s-inspired shoot. Credit: @kimkardashian

Bella Thorne standing on beach with blue hair under cap
Hair chameleon Bella Thorne went for a blue hue this month. Credit:

Bella Thorne is back to blue, again

We honestly struggle to keep up with Bella Thorne and her ever-changing hair colours. From multi-coloured hues to highlighter hair (no, that’s not a typo), this shade chameleon really has tried them all. Just what will she go for next? Credit: @bellathorne 

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