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Winter Is Coming: The ATH Team Spill Their Hair Secrets

Be prepared to fight back against winter hair woes with these expert hair tips!  

When the weather takes a turn into winter — we’ve already battled the bone-chilling cold, blistering winds and slushy snow — the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. Unfortunately, the cold weather does wreak havoc on your strands (sobs).

From desert dryness to breakage and more, the lack of moisture in the air is definitely not your friend this season. The solution? To switch up your hair rituals, of course!

Whether your mane is having an SOS moment right now, or you’re dying to know the ATH editor’s not-so-secret winter hair hacks, keep on reading.

Saby Salvatierra, Talent & Outreach Manager

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Winter hair, do care!

“During the winter months, I’m not air drying my hair as much. So when drying my hair with a hair dryer, I tend to turn the heat up (as it also warms me up!). However, I make sure to use a primer spray to help prevent heat damage and cut down blow drying time.”

Editor’s tip: Love using heated styling tools? To keep your hair protected, make sure to reach for the VO5 Damage Protect Primer Spray and spritz it all over your locks before heat styling.

Amra Markic, Digital Editor

close up shot of woman with marley twists hairstyle, wearing black jumper and black scarf,
Shampoo less, condition more!

“Since I’m rocking a protective hairstyle, I’m shampooing less and focusing more on conditioning. And when I do finally muster the courage to wash my strands, I co-wash.

My advice? Space out your washes to every other day or every couple of days (depending on your hair type), to help decrease some of the winter dryness you’re experiencing.”

Beth Strong, Editor

close up shot of woman with straight blonde hair, wearing burberry scarf and posing

“Right now I’m trying to grow my hair (basically I want to be Rapunzel), so I avoid getting my hair cut too often. Now that winter is here, though, my ends are looking thinner and I’ve noticed a few more split ends appearing, so I’ve booked in for a cut and blow dry.

Getting a couple of inches cut off should help to make my mane look fuller and, as it grows, it’ll look healthier, so it’s worth it in the long run.”

Leona English, Editorial Producer

front view of leona with medium length brown hair and beret
A bun a day will keep bad hair days at bay!

“My winter hair secret? Buns, buns and more buns! Why? Because they’re a protective style that stylishly keeps my hair in place, while also rescuing me from a bad hair day!

Before creating my beautiful bun, I always make sure to treat my locks to some serum, which will ensure my hair is more manageable and feeling extra hydrated.”

Editor’s tip: On the hunt for a winter-perfect serum? Say hello to your new go-to: the Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum!

This is made for dry and damaged locks, making it a must-have product for anyone looking to take control of their unpredictable strands!

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