20 Trendy and Easy Asian Hairstyles for Women

Arianna | 08 February 2018

Whether thin, thick, straight, or wavy: discover the best Asian hairstyles for your texture.

Unlike the stereotype, not all Asian hair is fine and silky. As many Asian girls will attest, their hair can be coarse, thick, and difficult to style. But, of course, that doesn’t mean that Asian hair is impossible to work with. In fact, far from it!

Whether you’ve been blessed with thin, glossy locks or thick, dry tresses, we’re here to help you learn how to work with your texture. Just sneak a peek at our edit of the best Asian hairstyles, below.

Asan hairstyles: Asian model with glossy straight dark brown shoulder length hair wearing a black top.
Make the most of your naturally glossy straight hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Thin, straight and glossy

This Asian hair type can be difficult to style, as extremely silky, straight hair tends to hold curls and heated styles less easily. But if you’ve been blessed with long, glossy hair – embrace it!

Asian hairstyles: Asian model with fine straight dark brown long bob.
Fine and straight hair will look amazing with a long bob cut. Credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Fine, straight and short

If you have straight Asian hair that’s thin and fine, opt for a shoulder-grazing lob. Bobs and their longer counterparts look super chic with straight hair, and since you won’t need to spend time straightening your tresses in the morning, a long bob is a practical and stylish hairstyle to choose.

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Asian hairstyles: Asian model with dark brown straight thick hair.
Play around with your parting for a quick style update. Credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Straight with medium thickness

If you have straight Asian hair with a medium thickness, why not think about playing around with your parting to switch up your look?

Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with dark brown wavy hair wearing a winter coat and scarf.
Give your tresses texture by adding soft waves. Credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Wavy with medium thickness

For Asian hair with a medium thickness that dries with loose waves, why not try an understated wavy hairstyle like this number, above?

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Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with dark brown hair with layers on runway.
Frame your features with soft layers. Credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Thick and coarse

A choppy fringe and layers work brilliantly on thick, coarse Asian hair: layers will help to lighten heavy lock, making it easier to style and manage. Ask your hairdresser to chop an additional few layers around your face, to help frame your features.

As for fringes, opt for a choppy style that’s just over-grown in length for effortless, rather than bouncy, bangs.

Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with golden caramel brown curly hair with floral hair accessory wearing a patterned dress.
Add volume with fluffed out curls. Credit: indigitalimages.com

6. Thick and curly

If you have thick and curly Asian hair, you can totally pull off this look, above. Simply create a side part and pin back the shallow side using a bobby pin (flower optional).

Fluff out your curls using your fingers for added volume. You’ll be sure to have heads turning wherever you go!

Asian hairstyles; Asian woman with dark brown straight bob with soft layers.
Lacking volume on your short hair? Try adding short layers. Credit: Allyson Alapont

7. Bob with layers

Now, since Asian hair is often ultra straight and sleek, you may be in need of a way to give your mane a little extra volume and texture, right? And one of the easiest ways to do this, is by adding soft, short layers, which will instantly uplift your locks, and give them some subtle depth and dimension.

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Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with bob and bangs with crimped finish wearing sunglasses.
’80s-inspired crimping is always a winner.

8. Crimped

If you love a #throwback look as much as we do, then you’ll be pleased to know, that ’80s-style hair is having a major fashion moment right now!

The number one retro hair look on our style radar is crimping of course! But don’t worry, this hair trend has been given a contemporary update, with smaller and (arguably) chicer crimping. Phew!

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Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with straight long bob dark brown hair.
The universally flattering long bob is sure to be a winner. Credit: indigitalimages.com

9. Long bob

Love the idea of rocking a beautiful bob, but not ready to give up your hard-earned length? Well, the lob (AKA the long bob) could be the answer.

Wearing this utterly stylish haircut is a great way to tap into the bob hair trend, without going the whole hog! Not only that, but you’ll be pleased to know, that the lob is just as versatile as its shorter cousin. Result!

Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with dark brown wavy long bob.
Wearing luscious flowing waves on short hair is possible with a lob. Credit: indigitalimages.com

10. Wavy bob

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have ultra long locks to work luscious, flowing waves! In fact, they make an ideal hairstyle to rock with a bob since the waves instantly add tonnes of interest and texture to your cropped ‘do.

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Asian hairstyles: Asian model with short dark brown long pixie wearing a red top.
Super chic for formal and casual events. Credit: Hariono Halim

11. Side swept pixie

Currently rocking short hair and need some style inspiration? Check out this side-swept pixie. The key to this short style is to add volume to the front of your hair by using a volumising spray.

Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with brown hair in crown braid wearing a red top.
Who says short hair can’t wear a crown braid? Credit: Hariono Halim

12. Crown braid

Want a braided style with minimal fuss? Then you’ll love the crown braid. From festivals, brunch to weddings, this uncomplicated style will be sure to impress.

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Asian hairstyles: Asian model with brown straight hair in braided pigtails wearing red traditional floral outfit.
Update your look in a matter of seconds with these easy braids. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

13. Braided pigtails

We love this simple braided look for a quick style update, no matter the occasion.

Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with straight multi-coloured long bob wearing a leather jacket.
Cute and colourful. Credit: indigitalimages.com

14. Colourful

Looking for a way to really spice up your classic bob? Then why not add a little colour to your look? Thanks to the usually dark base colour of Asian hair, opting for bold and bright hues in your tresses makes for an incredibly stylish look that’s full of contrast!

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The deeply nourishing formula is infused with organic Muru Muru Butter which helps to deliver a healthy shine whilst protecting coloured hair.

Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with brown straight hair in high donut space buns wearing traditional red outfit.
Use hair donuts for the perfect bun updo. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

15. Donut space buns

Are short strands stopping you from having flawless buns? Then we suggest using hair donuts to help create perfect buns each and every time.

Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with long wavy brown hair in beehive wearing a red dress.
Go retro with this beehive style. Credit: Hariono Halim

16. Beehive

Get the feel of retro hair by trying a beehive style. This ’60s-inspired half-up is all you need for a special occasion.

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Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with long wavy blowout brown hair wearing a white top and jeans.
Perfect blowouts will keep you looking polished. Credit: Hariono Halim

17. Blowout hair

From family gatherings to date night, blowout hair is the one look that will work no matter the event.

Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with short layered light brown pixie hair.
Frame your face with a layered pixie. Credit: Instagram.com/GaryNgHair

18. Layered pixie

We love the combination of choppy layers with an oval-shaped face, as it not only makes for a super flattering look, but it also helps to frame and add definition to your face. Credit: @GaryNgHair

Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with dark brown hair in a graduated long bob.
This graduated lob is always a hit. Credit: Instagram.com/karina_divas_

19. Graduated lob

This hairstyle has captured the hearts and minds of women everywhere – which shouldn’t come as a shock, seriously, just look at it!

The long bob (AKA the lob) is a versatile middie cut that works with almost every face shape. You can even add a little point of difference by graduating the cut for an ultra sleek and modern aesthetic. Credit: @karina_divas_

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Asian hairstyles: Asian woman with long wavy layered dark brown hair.
Long layers make this casual wavy style pop. Credit: Instagram.com/essensualslondonseattle

20. Long and layered

Can’t bear to give up your long locks? No worries, we’ve got long hairstyles in our exclusive list too! To nail this long and layered style, just ask your hairdresser to retain your length, and to work short subtle layers into your tresses.

Going for a truly casual look? Lightly curl the ends of your hair with a curling wand or straighteners, as this will help to soften the overall look and feel of the hairstyle. Easy peasy, right? Credit: @essensualslondonseattle