Ariana Grande taking a black and white selfie, wearing a long t-shirt dress with a logo on it, wearing her hair up in a half up bun

Ariana Grande has gone blonde! Well, sort of…

Dangerous blonde coming through...  

Yes, you heard it here first: Ariana Grande is now blonde… we think. The truth is, her newly coveted makeover isn’t the result of hours of bleaching and dyeing at the salon, it’s actually down to the magical effects of a very realistic wig! We know, we could hardly believe it ourselves.

So, if you want to know more about this Ariana Grande blonde hair transformation, keep on scrolling, and be prepared for some serious mane envy!

Is Ariana Grande really a blonde babe now?

Ariana Grande taking a selfie wearing a yellow t-shirt with blonde hair and dark roots worn long and over her shoulder
Beautiful and blonde? Credit:

The pint-sized pop singer debuted a close-up of her beautiful new platinum blonde hairstyle a couple of days ago on Instagram, captioning her post with the words: ‘Blonde (wig) ambition @chrisappleton1 ☕️….. just for now ♡ #Faith @singmovie ??’.

And just to confirm to any of her fans who didn’t bother to read her first post, the star uploaded another gorgeous shot to Insta, reiterate that she wasn’t a real blonde.

But let’s be honest here: if she hadn’t mentioned that it was a wig, we probably would have thought that the Ariana Grande’s blonde hair transformation was the real deal! Credit: @arianagrande

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