Why I’m crushing on Amandla Stenberg (it has something to do with her hair, ofc!)

If you haven't been keeping up with Amandla Stenberg's gorgeous hairstyles, now's the time for you to see them!  

So, who is Amandla Stenberg and why is she my January hair crush? Because of her gorgeous natural hair, of course! Like Amandla, I used to relax my hair all the time to achieve a straight look, feeling that my curls just weren’t chic enough!

However, since going for the chop and bidding farewell to straightening hair treatments, my opinion has changed.  Yep, I am now a proud naturalista who loves stalking other natural babes and lately I’ve been double tapping Amandla’s mane pictures non stop — and this is why.

close up shot of amandla stenberg with blue box braids hairstyle, wearing white top and skirt
Her protective hairstyle of choice? Box braids! Credit: Instagram.com/amandlastenberg

1. She’s all about protective hairstyles

When I’m not rocking my afro out and about, I normally get box braids or box twists done to protect it and help me beat hair boredom. So, you can imagine how happy I was to see Amandla’s doing the same!

I love how she’s styled her chic blue box braids into a half-up pigtails, as it shows of her mermaid tresses and keeps her mane stylishly off her face.

To follow in her footsteps, instead of sticking to fail-safe colours this year, I might try getting pastel box braids done in the summer for festival season. So, watch this space! Credit: @amandlastenberg

close up shot of amandlas stenberg with trapezoid afro hairstyle, wearing smart top and posing outside
Don’t you know, trapezoid afro hairstyles are in? Credit: Instagram.com/amandlastenberg

2. She’s inspiring me to experiment with shapes

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Amandla’s trapezoid afro hairstyle? It’s big, bold, and completely in tone with the clean-lined aesthetics we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2018. And guess what? I want it, like, right now!  Credit: @amandlastenberg

close up shot of woman with round afro hairstyle, smiling and wearing floral top
I think it’s time for me to experiment with afro shapes!

I’ve been rocking a rounded afro and believing it’s the only shape out there, but thanks to Amandla (and old pictures of Solange Knowles, too!), I now know otherwise. The question is: what shape will I go for?

Editor’s tip: It’s no secret that afro hair textures like mine are prone to dryness, so when I do rock my natural mane out, I make sure to hydrate it with a leave-in conditioning mist.

My January fave? The TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mistwhich smells like coconuts and also helps leave my hair feeling more nourished. Yay!

close up shot of amandla stenberg with blue box braids hairstyles styled into a half up ponytail, wearing black top
If you haven’t already heard, scrunchies are everywhere! Credit: Instagram.com/amandlastenberg

3. But most importantly, because I can actually copy her hairstyles

Let’s be honest, there are lot of A-list hairstyles we wish we could recreate, but just can’t without the help of a glam squad. However, Amandla’s choice of natural hairstyles are all looks anyone can slay – she’s the hair hero we’ve all been waiting for!  Credit: @amandlastenberg

back shot of half up half down box braids styled into a half up style with a scrunchie
I won’t ever rely on a plain old hairband again!

So, if you’ve been thinking you can’t try the scrunchie hair trend with your box braids, here’s proof from myself (and Amandla) that you can. Who knew emitting It-girl vibes could be this easy, eh?



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