Alessandra Ambrosio just debuted a bold new look during her Bahamas trip

Bangs have been given the Angel seal of approval!  

When most people go on holiday, they soak up the sun’s rays, relax by the pool, and enjoy a few fancy cocktails, right? Well, this wasn’t the case for Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, who, on her recent trip to the Bahamas, did something much more fun: cut a long fringe.

Now, the Brazilian beauty is typically known for having deep brown locks, styled either sleek and straight, or in a big blow out – but since cutting in a set of luscious bangs, Alessandra’s look has taken quite a different direction.

So, if you haven’t had a chance to peek at the star’s stylish new ‘do, then keep on scrolling and prepare to be amazed!

Alessandra Ambrosio medium length brown hair with long wispy fringe wearing white flowing top
New hair alert! Credit:

It was only recently that Alessandra eschewed the trademark Victoria’s Secret long, flowing waves at the brand’s runway show, but little did we know that a month prior, the star had chopped her locks into a fringe! Yep, she has well and truly tricked us all: but just how did she manage to keep such a stunning ‘do classified for so long?

Taking to Instagram to showcase her new look, which features a set of wipsy, long bangs, Alessandra posted the above picture alongside the caption: “Private Island . Bahamas , 12.11.16 ???#haircut#foreveronvacation”, confirming that she chopped her fringe way before the iconic VS show took place.

Now, being the great hair detectives that we are, we can only deduce that she must have relied on hair extensions to mask her bangs for the runway.  Credit: @alessandraambrosio

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