’60s hair: How to do a Brigitte Bardot-inspired updo in 7 steps

Get Brigitte Bardot-inspired '60s hair in 7 steps.  

There is no denying that bouffant ‘60s hair looks are effortlessly sexy. But how do you reproduce these glamorous hairstyles? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get Brigitte Bardot-inspired hair from the comfort of your home? We know that her voluminous retro updo looks difficult to achieve, but you can create it.

Want to know how? The All Things Hair team have broken it down into 7 easy-peasy steps to help you nail the look.



Prep your hair with a hairspray or the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray to create hold and texture.

Lift 2-inch sections of hair and spray at your roots and lengths. Then, at the centre of your crown, section your hair horizontally across either side, finishing behind your ears.


Start teasing.

With your teasing comb, take 1-2 inches of hair from the back section (leaving the sides), and gently tease.

Repeat this process all over the back section of hair to achieve high volume.


Smooth and secure.

Gently brush over your backcombed hair to tame the volume. Take the middle section of hair and tie the ends with a hairband – you’re going to tuck this in in the next step.


Tuck and roll.

Lift your loose ponytail and wrap it around your hand, so your hand is resting against the nape of your neck. Turn your hand to roll and tuck the end in, underneath itself.


Pin the sides.

Secure the tucked hair in place with bobby pins.


Secure the sides.

Take the loose hair on either side and bring it across the back of your hair to join your bouffant – you can use a comb to help make the sides sit seamlessly with the back.

Secure in place with more bobby pins. Don’t worry if some of your hair at the front doesn’t reach as a few loose tendrils add to the look!


Final look.

To complete your ’60s hair updo, add a headband or ribbon around your head. This step is optional, but we love it for achieving an authentic retro look. Plus, it helps hide any joints and bobby pins at the back!

To finish, evenly spray with TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray to hold the look.

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