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Stuck in a style rut? Here are 5 signs you’re suffering from hair boredom

We can all relate to these!  

We all have off days when it comes to our hair, but if you’ve been unhappy with your tresses for a few weeks, months or even years, hair boredom could be at play. But don’t panic, acceptance is the first step to recovery and we’ll soon have your mane game back on top form!

So, if lacklustre locks have left you feeling uninspired, see how many of these hair boredom symptoms you can relate to, below!

Could you be suffering from hair boredom?


1. Doing your hair is a chore

Rather than getting excited about doing your hair, it’s something you dread. You’d much rather spend an extra 15 minutes in bed than slave away in front of the mirror, morning after morning, attempting to tame your mane. If this sounds like you, hair styling is probably way down on the priority list!

2. You’ve been sporting the same hairstyle forever

Do you find yourself going back to the same hairstyle time and time again? We’ve all got our favourite go-to looks, but if you’re not keeping things fresh, you’re bound to get bored pretty quickly.

3. You find yourself looking at other girls’ hair with envy

Whether it’s in real life or on social media, you can’t help but clock other girls’ playful, on-trend styles. But without having a clue how you’d ever recreate it on your own hair, you’re forced to stare longingly from a distance (insert crying face here).

4. You’re lacking in self-confidence

If your hair doesn’t make you feel fabulous, something’s wrong. Your hair is a massive part of your identity, so if it’s looking dull and lifeless, it’s bound to impact the way you feel about yourself, too.

5. You’re neglecting your hair care routine

Are you giving your hair the TLC it needs? Making sure to wash your hair properly, and treating your tresses to regular deep conditioning treatments, is key to keeping your locks looking and feeling fresh.

If you’ve got lazy with your hair care routine, your strands won’t be able to reach their full potential, no matter how you style them (sigh!).


Now that you know the signs of hair boredom to watch out for, it’s about time you hopped over to our New Hairstyles page. With tonnes of on-trend and stylish looks on offer, you’ll rekindle your love for hair in a jiffy!

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