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5 Reasons you should get a lob just like Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez

Find out why a lob is the only cut to be seen with right now!  

Hankering for a shorter hairstyle, but don’t want a full-on, drastic bob or a pixie cut? Well, no you don’t have to, because there is a way you can have the best of both hair worlds, without having to sacrifice all of that beautiful length! The long bob (AKA the lob) is the more subtle, stylish cousin of the classic bob, which strikes the perfect balance of length, versatility and all-round chic appeal.

So, read on for 5 awesome reasons to try out the lob now, and get ready to book your next salon appointment!

5 Reasons why you need to get a lob

long bob wavy haircut on medium brown hair
Unsure if a lob will suit you? Credit:

1. It’ll help you sort out those damaged ends

Been overdoing the colouring recently? Or have you just been frying your hair with heated styling tools? If your ends are starting to resemble those of a scarecrow’s, then it might be time to take steps to prevent your hair from further damage.

Now, we’re not saying that you need to take drastic actions and chop it all off, because the lob will help keep plenty of length, while getting rid of all those tired and dry split ends! Pretty neat, eh?

2. It’ll help to restore a full and voluminous look

A lob with blunt ends is ideal for reviving a fuller-looking hairstyle – especially if you’ve got thicker roots, but thinning tips. Opting for a straight-cut lob will help to boost volume, while also promoting a chic and modern feel! However, if your hair is naturally thick or coarse, you could also try adding a little texture from your mid-length onwards, to maintain a softer, more natural shape.

long bob with loose waves
This length is also complementary with waves. Credit: Dvora

3. Keep gorgeous waves without the hassle

Love your long, beachy waves, but getting tired of managing a longer length? Well, luckily for you, a lob can help elevate your style, by maintaining and boosting those soft, sexy waves! But the real beauty of a lob, is that its slightly shorter length makes for more hassle-free styling – meaning you can be out the door in less than 5 minutes in the morning. Bonus!


Editor’s tip: To create those A-list effortless and tousled waves at home, we suggest using TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray on damp or dry hair.

4. It’ll give you a taste of shorter hair (without the commitment)

If you’ve been eyeing up shorter styles for a while, but are still feeling a little too nervous to make the leap, then a lob might be your ideal transition. The new, shorter look will feel bold and fresh and give you lots of room to play around, yet is still long enough to slick back into a ponytail whenever needed. Plus, if you’re not quite feeling the love after the cut, it’ll grow out again before you know it!

long bob brown ombre haircut
Fuss-free hair? Yes, please! Credit: Dvora

5. You’ll have stylish, fuss-free hair in an instant

While we definitely love getting our creative juices pumping to work a new style, sometimes you just want to be able to get up and go with minimum effort. With buses to catch, brunches to make, and sample sales to get to, sometimes life’s just too short! But the good news is, a lob is much easier to manage, since it doesn’t need the constant grooming of shorter pixies, and can easily be worn down without feeling too heavy. Really, it’s a win-win situation!




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