2016’s Mane trends: The hair colours and styles to try now

Arianna | 13 June 2016

From shag cuts and heart-shaped afros, to ash blonde tresses and flamboyage, we’ve covered it all.

Want to know what hair trends will be in this year? Of course you do! Here at the All Things Hair HQ, we’ve searched high and low to find out 2016’s hottest hair colours and styles. From shag cuts and heart-shaped afros, to ash blonde tresses and flamboyage, we’ve covered the most popular looks out there. Read on to discover what’s really trending this year…

The hottest hair colours and styles of 2016


shag hair colours and styles alexa chung
The hair colours and styles to try now: Alexa Chung’s shag cut. Credit: Getty Images

Style: The shag cut

For a rock’n’roll hairstyle that requires minimal effort in the mornings, opt for the ‘shag’. To channel your inner Taylor Swift or Alexa Chung, ask your hairdresser to create a choppy shag that’s still long enough to pull into a ponytail. And if you’re feeling extra stylish, pair this cut with a piecey fringe for an added grunge vibe.

The hair colours and styles to try now: Textured lob: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Credit: Getty Images

Style: The textured lob

The textured lob has appeared on numerous celeb heads, from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Rose Byrne. And now, it’s filtered its way to us, non-famous ladies, and we couldn’t be happier. For the perfect shoulder-grazing cut, ask your hairdresser to add some soft layers to help create texture and movement. We reckon that lobs look best when lightly tousled, so invest in a pair of curling tongs and some heat protectant.

The hair colours and styles to try now: Heart-shaped afro: Solange Knowles. Credit: Getty Images

Style: The heart-shaped afro

This heart-shaped hairstyle is a modern twist on the traditional ‘fro. Essentially, this look features a cut that’s tapered at the bottom and shaped with a slight dip at the top to resemble a heart. Cute or what? Plus, it’s super versatile: by changing up your parting, you can completely alter the form of your afro.

The hair colours and styles to try now: Statement parting. Credit: Indigital

Style: Statement partings

Whilst 2015 saw the rise of the slicked-back wet look, this year, it’s all about the addition of statement partings. Opt for a deep side part when you have your hair down to rock this look. And to draw even more attention to it, create an edgy boxer braid on the side of your head with the least hair.

The hair colours and styles to try now: Flamboyage: Jessica Biel. Credit: Getty Images

Colour: Flamboyage

If ombre and balayage had a love child, their offspring would be the ‘flamboyage’. This fun, exciting hue is achieved by using a combination of ombre and balayage methods. What makes it different? The mix of colour tones and techniques means that it’s perfect for creating a lived-in look.

rose gold hair colours and styles
The hair colours and styles to try now: Rose gold hair. Credit: Indigital

Colour: Rose gold

Good news: you no longer have to limit rose gold to the colour of your phone case and laptop cover! (Yes, really.) This ethereal shade – which is essentially a subtle pink-tinted blonde – reminds us of the dreamy hair of fairies and princesses. But it’s not just magical creatures who can rock this look (just take a leaf out of Emma Roberts’ book)!

ash blonde hair colour
The hair colours and styles to try now: Ash blonde hair. Credit: Indigital

Colour: Ash blonde

A perfect choice for summer, ash blonde hair is chic, current and unconventional (think of it as the ‘new blonde’ or the modern pale platinum). The best part? It looks gorgeous when it shines in the sun, or when it’s paired with pastel clothing. Want more proof? Find out why ash blonde is the colour of summer here.

nude hair colours and styles
The hair colours and styles to try now: Nude hair. Credit: Indigital

Colour: Nude

Last year saw the rise of nude nails and lips, thanks to the likes of celeb Instagrammers such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. But this year, nude hair is taking centre stage. Because the colour is somewhere between warm and cool, it’s versatile and suits most women. Guess we won’t be repurchasing our nude lippy this year, and just dye our tresses instead!

Now you know all of this year’s trending hair colours and styles, which one will you go for?

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