1950s hairstyles: Zoe Newlove shows us how to get glam short hair

Bringing retro glamour into the 21st century!  

Want a quick way to take your short mane from drab to fab this party season? In that case, 1950s hairstyles are the answer, ladies! Luckily, our resident beauty vlogger Zoe Newlove is back with a bang for our 100 Years of Party Hair series.

If you’ve been closely following the series, you’ll know that every vlogger has been challenged to recreate an iconic look from an iconic era – and Zoe’s assigned era is the fabulous ‘50s to show us how to create a stunning coiffed and curled updo for short hair!

So, if you’re ready to get your glam on, watch the video above, or read our step-by-step below for an easy breakdown of the look. Lights, camera, action!


Wash your hair.

To help make your hair appear smooth and soft, begin by washing it with the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.


Apply hair mousse.

A key trait of 1950s hairstyles, is that they have loads of volume and body! So if you don’t have naturally full locks, you’ll need a little extra help from a body-boosting styling product, like the VO5 Volume Mousse.

Squirt a tennis ball-sized amount of mousse into your palm, and evenly distribute it through your damp hair. Then, blowdry your hair to activate the mousse!


Section and curl your hair.

Once your hair is dry, section it in half horizontally, and clip the top section out of the way for now.

Then use a medium-sized barrel curling tong to curl 1-2 inch wide sections of hair at a time. After you release your curl, wrap it around your fingers to retain the shape, and pin it to your head using a sectioning clip.

Repeat this curling and pinning process on the bottom section of your hair, before unclipping the top. When you unclip the top section, style your hair into a deep side parting, before continuing to curl the hair.


Let your hair cool.

Once you’ve curled and pinned your entire head of hair, let your curls completely cool, before unpinning them.


Brush through your curls.

Next, using a comb, gently brush through your curls to loosen them, and give a more natural-looking S-shape to your waves.


Apply hair serum.

To help give your curls a gorgeous sheen – as well as eliminate any frizz – apply 1-2 pumps of the VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Serum!

Tip: If you have fine hair, or find that your mane gets greasy quickly, just apply the hair serum to the ends of your strands.


Apply a hair accessory.

If you ask us, 1950s hairstyles wouldn’t be complete without an ornate, glitzy hairpiece!

Tuck one side of your hair behind your ear, and then clip it in place with an embellished hair accessory of your choosing.


Final look: Set with spray.

To help ensure that your waves stay put all day, spray them with the TRESemmé Ultimate Hold Hairspray

And just like that, you’ve nailed this 1950s hairstyles like a pro – go you!