2023’s 73 Best Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

Struggling to find the hairstyle or haircut that suits you best, while keeping your look updated? It can all depend on your face shape, hair type and hair products used. And these 73 most popular men’s haircuts will make it easier to meet your match.

The mullet is still most popular this year, but it gets some cool updates. Curls are also back in a big way, literally. Maybe if you’re a fan of fade haircuts, quiffs, long hairstyles, undercuts, the pompadour, buzz cuts or Mohawk hairstyles, or you’re just looking to refresh your classic cut… it’s all good. We have something for everyone. We even have styles for those of you with thick, full locks and naturally fine or thin hair, as well as expert styling tips and tricks and product recommendations. Time to check out our round-up of the best male haircuts and hairstyles for 2023.

The Modern Mullet

1. The ‘Whole Enchilada’ Mullet

man with a modern mullet men's hairstyle with modern fauxhawk mullet with fade and curly textured top and fringe
This look ticks all the trend boxes. Credit: Instagram.com/coiffeurstory

This mullet upgrade has it all… fauxhawk long mullet, curls, fringe, and fade. It’s fun and street. Beau of the season status in the bag. Style it with TRESemmé Curl Definition Mousse for a healthy-looking bounce and no frizz!

A 200ml bottle of TRESemme Curl Mousse Front of Pack


2. The Afro-hawk Mullet

Handsome black man with natural hair and Afro fauxhawk with fade hairstyle
Pure style. Credit: Instagram.com/HJMen

This ‘Frohawk mullet shows your natural curls off to best advantage, and adds an edge with a sculpted fade.

3. The French Cut or Caesar Mullet

Asian man with French or Caesar cut hairstyle with short fringe, plus long sideburns and long blunt-cut mullet
Trifecta: Caesar, shag and mullet. Credit: Instagram.com/kevinluchmun

This look takes full advantage of poker-straight hair to create the precise short top crop. The shaggy sides, sideburns and blunt-cut long back give it a ’70s edge that’s so hot right now. If you want to achieve a shine like this one, try adding a few drops of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil to your hair care routine.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil Front

4. The Red Carpet Mullet

Paul Mescal modern mullet with curls. Oscars 2023
Here’s looking at you, kid! Credit: Instagram.com/Knightjosh

Paul Mescal has been proclaimed ‘King of the mullet’ by style watchers. His recent toned-down style shows off his natural curl. It’s super-wearable and suitable for all occasions, from work to red carpet.

5. Short Fade Mullet

Man in profile with short straight fauxhawk mullet. Fade at temples, with pointed etched sideburns
It’s all in the detail. Credit: Instagram.com/muhit.mh_barber

This is a clever way to sneak in your fauxhawk-mullet look, as it looks a bit edgy but still respectable. The sideburn detail lifts it from the day-to-day.

The Fade

6. Fade Haircut with Beard

Man with textured short haircut with fade and full beard
The tousled texture of hair and beard are perfectly complementary. Credit: Rupert Haycock

This trending haircut features a cool textured top, a subtle fade haircut which pairs perfectly with a rugged-shaped beard.

7. High Top Fade

Mens hairstyles 2023: All Things Hair - IMAGE - handsome black man with high-top with fade hair
Fresh take on the Fresh Prince. Credit: Digitalimages

The high top fade is a common go-to style for black men. It originally rose to fame in the ’80s and ’90s (think Will Smith in The Fresh Prince) but it can be made more wearable by keeping it shorter and less boxy.

8. Skin Fade

Man with bowl haircut with skin fade and full beard, plus assymetric fringe
Give a skin fade a whirl to contrast with thick hair. Credit: Instagram.com/haircutsforboys

The difference between a regular fade and a skin fade (aka bald fade) is that the hair is cut all the way down to skin level, creating a more dramatic contrast.

9. Short Fade and Side Sweep

Man with short fade and side sweep hairstyle. Viewed in profile. Good for thinning hair
Keep things short and sweep your locks over to one side. Credit: Instagram.com/horatiuthebarber

Give your look plenty of edge with this striking style, that will have people thinking about your stylish ‘do, rather than thin hair! This contrast and the swept-over length on top really helps to detract from thin hair.

10. Pompadour Fade

Smiling man sitting sideways on chair holding coffee. Pompadour hairstyle with fade and groomed beard
Wavy hair? Textured strands add shape up top. Credit: Instagram.com/menfashion_vogue

You can always go retro with a pompadour fade to add a touch of Early Elvis and amp up the volume up top.

11. Spiky Hair

KPop star Tae Yang with short spiky mohawk and high fade hairstyle
KPop sensation Tae Yang shows us how it’s done. Spike up your hair to give your look definition. Credit: Instagram.com/kpop4you

Give your hair the volume it deserves with this spiky look. Your angular, short mohawk look will give you height and definition in all the right places. Forget about flyaways when you style with TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray

TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray Front

12. Undercut Fade

Man with short cut with tapered fade undercut hairstyle and short fringe with pointed middle. He wears sunglasses and a black t-shirt
Combine an undercut with a graduated fade. Credit: Shutterstock

This undercut fade has a simple yet cool edgy style to it and pairs well with a classic crew cut.

13. High Fade Haircut

Young man with high fade and long tousled top tinted purple with balayage. Kisses medallion
The men’s high fade haircut gets a colourful update. Caption: Instagram.com/r.braid

This high fade haircut is perfect for anyone who is looking for a style that will help them stand out from the crowd. The modern, tousled long top with colour accent makes it a hot-to-trot style for the year ahead!

14. Shadow Hair Fade

Handsome black man with shadow high fade hairstyle with a bowl cut high fringe
The shadow fade meets the Caesar cut. Credit: Instagram.com/kaisbarbershop

This hairstyle is a step away from those we’ve previously seen that rely on long or thick hair for contrast, and can be rocked by anyone of any hair type!

Comeback Curls

15. 70s Playboy Curls

Jeremy-Allen-White at red carpet event sporting a 70s curly hairstyle
Jeremy Allen White sports a 70s leading man curly style with kiss curl. Credit: Instagram.com/kcfee

Curly hairstyles for men are the other comeback kids of 2023. Jeremy Allen White makes the most of it with his ’70s screen-hero styling.

16. New Romantic Curl Cut

Man with long highlighted hairstyle swept over, with left side undercut and close cropped. Wearing a stretcher earring
Thick hair solution: Asymmetric cut. Credit: Instagram.com/andrewdoeshair

While many men may dream of thick hair, it can, in fact, be overwhelming. Take some of the weight out of your hair by cropping one side.

17. Long Mop

Timothée Chalamet with long mushroom haircut. Tousled hair with curls flopping stylishly. Wearing blue overalls
Who wore it best? Credit: Instagram.com/chalametbennington

Timothée Chalamet’s long curly style makes the most of his thick tresses with judiciously cut and styled waves.

18. Prince Pompadour Fade

Afro curls mop top hairstyle for men. Man wearing mustard poloneck with green jacket. red background
Prince-ly perfection. Credit: Instagram.com/barbertownworc

Channel your inner ’80s crooner with this curly mop top and classic fade.

19. Man Perm

Permed hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - man with medium brown curly hair
Perm-A-culture: The ‘permed hair’ trend for men. Credit: indigitalimages.com

With curls comes the return of the man perm! Depending on how defined or loose you want your curls to be, you’ll be able to tailor the tightness of your curls for the most natural-looking result.

20. Tight Curls with Mushroom Cut

Young brown man in sideview with tight perm in a mushroom cut
Looking tight there! Credit: instagram.com/kevinluchmun

The mushroom cut gets a fresh texture with this corkscrew perm and fade, while the edge retains its precision. The highlights are great for defining the curls.

21. Angel Curls

Long curls in all their glory. Credit: Instagram.com/kevinluchmun

Curly hair is tricky to cut and the stylist needs to understand how the curl will spring when dry. This cut creates a beautiful soft halo of gleaming curls.

Classic Short Cuts

22. Short Razored Cut

Man with short, razored textured haircut looking straight to camera. Black and white image
This short razored cut will give your hair an edgy look. Credit: Shutterstock

Razor cutting is a technique that involves slicing and texturising the hair with the use of knife-like razors. For men with thin or fine hair, try keeping the top fairly short with shorter back and sides.

23. Classic Short Hairstyle

Ryan Reynolds with ideal classic taper haircut. At black-tie event.
Ryan Reynolds knows how to wear his taper cut in true style. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Tired of feeling scruffy at work but feel like your thin hair is limiting your grooming potential? Make a good impression at work or for an interview with this Ryan Reynolds-approved hairstyle.

24. Striking and Messy

Sebastian Stan in soft pink velvet jacket. Short and messy haircut
We’re great Stans of this haircut. A classic short hair cut to make your tresses look thicker. Credit: Instagram.com/kcfee

The best part about this short style, worn by the über cool Sebastian Stan, is that you can pretty much wake up and go, although if you reach for a wax or clay, we can almost guarantee this style will look even more cool.

25. Textured Cut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Justin Theroux wearing a suit and black tie with a short choppy haircut
Follow in the footsteps of Justin Theroux with a choppy cut. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

This messy, Hollywood-approved style is one of our favourite hairstyles for men as it’s got length and dimension, as well as being ultra-flattering.

26. Combover Haircut with Longish Back

Ewan McGregor wearing slightly long combover hairstyle
Ewan’s combover style with slightly long back is effortlessly elegant. Credit: Shutterstock

The classic combover is one of the easiest styles to rock and requires almost zero styling time. The longer length adds a touch of European flair.

27. Hairstyle for Men Over 40

Hairstyles for men over 40: Photo of Josh Duhamel with dark grey side parted brush back hair
Enhance your hair’s volume with a root-boosting side part. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

We get that a man in his forties might not want a super-trendy cut like a guy in his twenties but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. If you’re looking at hairstyles for men over 40, Josh Duhamel’s side-swept haircut is youthful and fresh and still looks really stylish.

28. Best Hairstyle for Men Over 50

Hairstyles for men over 50: George Clooney with a short tapered combover and grey beard wearing a smart suit.
The modern short combover is a popular hairstyle choice. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

For ideas for hairstyles for men over 50, look no further. Combining a neat comb over with short facial hair, George Clooney is the ultimate silver fox with this exquisite groomed style. He’s also a great example of embracing going grey in style!

29. Longer Ivy League Haircut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Christian Slater wearing glasses with slicked back hair
Christian Slater rocks Ivy League-worthy hair. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Have you considered the modern Ivy League-inspired style? This suave style is one to keep on your radar if you like a more classic look.

30. Footballer Fit

footballer hairstyles: Carlos Vela hair in side parting side swept 2023
A striking haircut for the footballer. Credit: Instagram.com/carlosv11_

Lost on where to look for inspiration? There are plenty of footballer hairstyles that you can take style tips from, just look at Carlos Vela’s haircut which capitalises on his natural wave to create the side part and small quiff.

Modern Crops and Fringe Benefits

31. The French Crop

man with short black hair and a French crop hairstyle
Give the French crop a whirl if you have thin hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Neat, masculine and timeless, the French crop (aka Caesar cut) boasts several benefits and is great for those who want to keep it short, but relatively stylised.

32. Box Braids with Undercut

Man with short hairstyle with undercut, with box braids draped over the short cut.
Attention-grabbing locks. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Get the best of both worlds with chunky box braids draped over a short crop. This look is versatile and easy to wash and wear.

33. Ombre Fauxhawk

Man with Fauxhawk and grey highlights with deep side part and undercut fade
Tipped for perfection. Credit: Instagram.com/ali_bar.ber

This edgy look has it all – fauxhawk, hard part, undercut and fade, plus ombre tint. Perfect for peacocking. When it comes to styling, opt for a wax-based product to inject plenty of texture and volume.

34. Short Sides and Long Top

Short sides, long top hairstyles: textured crop
There are short sides and long top hairstyles to suit every face shape. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Styling short sides and long top cut is so easy you won’t even need a mirror, just ruffle through with your fingers and you’re done.

35. Short Undercut

pastel pink mushroom cut with undercut
Stand out by teaming your undercut with a fun hue. Credit: Instagram.com/bluetitlondon

Ditch the conventional styles and let your personality shine through with a short undercut like this modern take on the bowl cut. As a bonus, it’ll also help boost ultrafine locks and add more shape to your look.

36. The Peaky Blinders Hairstyle

Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy side view of brown hair in short undercut 1920s hairstyle
Cillian’s way. This short undercut has seen a resurgence thanks to hit TV show Peaky Blinders. Credit: Instagram.com/monica112johnson

If Thomas Shelby is your hair inspiration, this severe undercut will be right up your street.

37. Taper Combover Haircut

photo of a guy with light brown/dark blonde hair with a shadow taper faded haircut with a combover
Create a smooth transition with a taper combover. Credit: Instagram.com/worldstarofbarbers

Try a clean taper combover haircut with carefully defined clipper work.

38. Hipster Haircut

male model wearing hair in modern fringe undercut style
Modern fringes have become a hipster haircut staple. Credit: indigitalimages.com

For the trend-focused gent looking for more experimental men’s hairstyles, consider a hipster haircut. Comprising an undercut on the back and sides with fuller hair on top, it allows you to play around with various textures and finishes.

39. Short Caesar with High Fade

Curly hair gives this short cropped Caesar haircut great texture. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Styles like the Caesar haircut are the definition of low-key. If you prefer some length, wear it is with a short back and sides all the way around, using longer top layers to create a textured fringe effect.

40. The Edgy Mushroom Cut

Man with Mushroom haircut with long flicked up side fringe
Mushroom cap. Credit: Instagram.com/kevinluchmun

This mushroom cut for men with thick straight hair is an exercise in precision-cutting. Its asymmetrical side fringe adds a quirky flick for good measure.

Slick Operators

41. Slick Pompadour

Man with high pompadour, slicked back with pomade. With taper and fade.
Take your pompadour to new heights. Credit: Instagram.com/silvapeluquero

For the man who always wants to look his best, nail the suave look with slick hair. Work your hair up into a modern pompadour fade by using some volumising mousse and pomade, to truly mould your hair and keep it in place.

42. Semi-long and Slicked Back

front view of a man with a beard and brown hair slicked back
Try rocking semi-long hair that’s slicked back. Credit: indigitalimages.com

For a more dapper look with some retro vibes, keep the top about medium length and the sides only a tad shorter.

Style tip: Go for a classic wet-look using pomade or hold it in place with some hairspray, it’s all up to you!

43. Minimalist Quiff

front view image of a man with dark hair a mini quiff hairstyle
A minimalist quiff could be just what you need! Credit: Indigital

First of all, a quiff can work for men of all ages, and while being perfect for making a statement, it doesn’t have to be a big one. How extreme you go is entirely up to how large your personality is.

Best for Thin Hair

44. Slicked Back Undercut

Man with receding hairline and prominent widow's peak. Slicked back hairstyle with undercut and fade. Groomed beard
Brush back your hair for thicker looking groomed style. Credit: Instagram.com/savillsbarbers

Keep the sides of your hair neatly buzzed, and rock a longer length on top. Sweep the longer section back, for an incredibly suave look, that will make your hair look full and thick. Complement it with a neatly trimmed beard and moustache to bring the focus to your face.

45. The Messy Quiff

Man with messy quiff
Credit: Rupert Laycock

This ‘do is all about drawing attention to the shape of your hairstyle, instead of your thin hair. Just keep plenty of texture in your quiff to create the illusion of thicker tresses and no one will be any the wiser.

46. Shadow Taper

Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

A shadow taper features a more gradual transition from long to short, creating a shadowed effect. They can be long, mid-length or short so they can be worked into almost any men’s hairstyles for thin hair.

47. Textured Top

shot of tinie tempah on the GQ Men of the Year Awards red carpet wearing suit, with his hair styled into a high top fade
It’s all about texture with this look. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If you’ve got thin hair, choosing a textured cut with lots of angles and definition creates plenty of interest and can give the illusion of thicker tresses.

48. Mini Pompadour Fade

Man with brown pompadour slicked back with pomade
All slicked up and somewhere to go. Credit: Rupert Laycock

When you’ve got thin hair, you might think that you’re not able to pull of some of the edgier styles, such as the pompadour, but we’re here to tell you – you can get on board!

While you might not have the volume or height, you can still create a mini quiff, that will give height and texture to your hair.

49. The High Brow Haircut

Hairstyles for men with fine hair: Jimmi Simpson at Pachinko event, smiling with tousled swept back hair.
Keep the top longer, comb it back back and tousle to embrace your fine hair. Credit: Instagram.com/jimmisimpson

This style is all about making the most out of your fine hair and receding hairline by creating contrast through your lengths. Either build up the volume in the top or keep it smooth. It’s classic and sleek.

50. Classic Short Crop

Man with salt and pepper hair and beard, with neck tattoos. Short modern crop hairstyle. Sunset in background
Sleek silver fox. Credit: Instagram.com/antonioccalero

This ultra-groomed short cut makes the most of these stylish salt-and-pepper hues with varied length and the gradation.

51. Small Quiff with Hard Part

Blond man with small quiff with fade and hard part
Create the illusion of thicker hair with the peak. Credit: Instagram.com/mattjbarbers

Quiffs works in a similar way to the messy-on-top haircut by tricking the eye into thinking that your hair is thicker than it really is.

52. Ivy League Haircut

Man with preppy Ivy league haircut and short beard wearing sunglasses.
Preppy swept-back coiffe. Credit: Instagram.com/ellemanvietnam

The Ivy League haircut is one of the most classic men’s hairstyles for thin hair and it couldn’t be easier to style.

53. The Buzz Cut

The buzzcut is a great style for men with thin hair. Young man in checked coat looking at camera. Black and white image.
The buzz cut is a totally on-trend style to go for. Credit: Instagram.com/hjmen

Choosing to rock a style like a buzz cut is a great way for gents to take care of their thinning hair problem. And as an added bonus, you’ll be gaining an on-trend look, too.

54. The High and Tight

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Model with black high and tight short hair wearing a black roll neck and charcoal scarf.
Trick everyone into thinking you have fuller strands with this high and tight cut. Credit: Instagram.com/kevinluchmun

The classic high and tight look is ideal for those with thinning hair due to the sides being closely shaved, giving enough hair on top to play with and the illusion of more hair on the head.

55. Side Comb Fade

Blond man seen from rear with side combover and taper fade
Try a deep side parting combover. Credit: Instagram.com/mattjbarbers

By keeping your hair longer on top, you can create a side comb fade, sweeping your hair over to one side to hide any thinning patches.

56. Hard Part Haircut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Man with shaved sides and quiff hairstyle.
Try shaving your head but keeping the top longer. Credit: Instagram.com/local_bond

The hard part haircut involves a shaved line creating a more exaggerated parting and is great for distracting from any places you may be balding.

Quiff Central

57. Long Tousled Quiff

Austin Butler with long to hairstyle and messy quiff.
Austin channelling Elvis’s quiff. Credit: Instagram.com/Popsugar

Austin Butler’s tousled tresses give a nod to his more structured Elvis quiff (last seen in black), while updating it with a more casual why-shucks-I-just-ran-my-fingers-through-it look.

58. Quiff with Volume

Man with thick hair short back with long top Swept up in a bouffant quiff
If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Credit: Instagram.com/esteticamagazine

If you had scads of hair, you may as well show it off. The long swept back quiff is a great contrast to the short back and low-fade sides. Product is essential for keeping this look airborne.


59. Mohawk with Dreadlocks

black man with a frohawk hairstyle and dreadlocks. From Instagram
Last of the Mohawks you’ll ever need. Credit: Dvora

Forget what you think you know about the mohawk hairstyle. This daring ‘frohawk is cleverly created with dreadlocks and then tapers into a fade.

60. South of France Haircut

south of france haircut short with mini dreadlocks
Mini dreads are a great contrast to this cut.

Similar to a mohawk or ‘frohawk, the South of France haircut was originally made popular by Usher. This short style with undercut and precise fringe is beautifully juxtaposed by the crowning dreadlocks.

61. The Gentleman’s Mohawk

Goodlooking Black Man wearing a bright jacket sporting the gentleman's mohawk with fade.
Look dapper with the South of France haircut AKA the gentleman’s mohawk. Credit: Instagram.com/yanzopanzo

Anyone who has considered a mohawk but been too scared should give this more toned-down variant with a fade a go.

62. Fauxhawk bowl cut

A study in texture. Credit: Instagram.com/r.braid

Clever use of product transforms this choppy, textured bowl cut with tapered fade into a fauxhawk with ease.

Floppy Tops

63. The Messy Leo Haircut

Model posing looking to side. Hair: short sides long messy top men's hairstyle trend. Good for thinning hair
Called ‘The Leo’ for Di Caprio’s Titanic role as Jack Dawson. Credit: Instagram.com/teammalemodels

The messy texture on top will give the appearance of a fuller style, while keeping the back and sides short will conceal the true fineness of your hair!

64. Curtains Hairstyle

male model with curly curtains hair style, wearing pink
The curtains can work for gents with wavier textures. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

The love affair with the ’90s means yep, you guessed it, the curtains hairstyle is back! With the hair parted down the middle and styled into a wavy curtain look, it’s also a clever way of concealing a receding hairline by covering up those areas of hair loss.

65. 50 Shades of Grey

Man with two-toned hair. Silver slicked back quiff with dark natural hair undercut
Two-toned terrific. We’re loving the sleek silver quiff. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyjamie_kimsunyoung

Grey strands have dominated men’s hairstyles in the last few years, with more and more of Hollywood’s leading men taking the colour plunge. So, if you’re after a new colour, try opting for a striking (yet handsomely subtle!) grey or silver hue.

66. The Textured Flop

Man in profile swimming in Mediterranean. Hair is cut beautifully with textured and long top, short undercut
Go for a textured top for effortlessly cool style. Credit: Instagram.com/chezrust

All you need is to take a note of this dapper gent’s textured top hairstyle, with it’s short sides and long top that will add in plenty of natural-looking texture!

The Ripple Effect

67. Wavy taper

short brown hair with wavy finish and shadow taper cut
Team your shadow taper with a wavy finish. Credit: Instagram.com/q.thebarber.7

Take advantage of your natural wave with a shadow taper to show it off to best effect. It features a more gradual transition from long to short, creating a shadowed effect.

68. 360 Waves

Black Man with short crop with slight wave
360 waves create a cool rippled effect. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Any barber will tell you that the best way to boost the look of finer hair is by adding texture. 360 waves are a popular way of styling black hair as the close cut and cool ripped effect make thinning less noticeable.

Man Bun, Anyone?

69. Shaggy Man Bun

Man with scruffy texture midlength hair with topknot and long fringe. Ungroomed beard
Shoulder-length shaggy bun. Credit: Instagram.com/thehairstyleboys

Over the past few years, few hairstyles for men have garnered as much popularity as the man bun. If your hair is long enough, why not give a man bun a try?

70. Asian Man Bun

Asian man bun: Young Asian man with a high groomed man bun. Adjusting tie an wearing wedding band and buttonhole
Smooth and groomed. Credit: Instagram.com/asianmanbun

Asian men are known for having typically straight hair, which can be an issue if you’ve also got thinning to contend with. Fine hair can look even thinner when it’s super straight, so a tied back style like the Asian man bun can help make your hair look fuller.

71. Top Knot for Men

Man in profile with long top and undercut short side and back. hair in a topknot with back draped to look like a mullet
Top knot meets fauxhawk. Credit: Instagram.com/ahmetaslanhairsalon

This look is a bit crafty. The topknot masquerades as a mullet, while the taper and fade ease beautifully into the groomed beard.

Play up your lengths, no matter how thin your hair, with a laid-back top knot for men and you’ll always look good.

72. Man Bun and Beard

Man bun and beard: Ginger man with long hair in a half-up half-down man bun with a beard, wearing a denim shirt and posing against a lilac background
A half-up will let you show off your sideburns.

If you’ve got long hair, you’ll be pleased to know that the man bun-and-beard combo is a great option.

73. Man Bun Fade

Man looking to side wearing a curly topknot hairstyle with extreme fade. Soft light at sunset
Credit: Budgeron Bach, Pexels

Another option is the man bun undercut, which combines the ease of a close shave with the styled up top knot.


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