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Fabulous updos for medium-length hair

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For many women, hair options fall into 2 main categories: ultra-short manes or super-long locks. And while these varying hair lengths offer up loads of styling possibilities, for some of us, we just want a nice go-between that is neither too long or short. Enter: medium-length hair looks!

Often overlooked for more stand-out styles, medium-length tresses actually provide us with a multitude of incredible hair choices, especially when it comes to updos (yes, really!). So, if you feel like your lacking inspiration for your already mid-length cut, scroll down and take a look at our 5 favourite hairstyles that are sure to refresh your ‘do in an instant!

5 Amazing updos for medium-length hair


Medium length hair looks: The French twist.

French twist

Want an updo that’s not too tight and corporate? Then this sophisticated look will be right up your street! Ideal for weddings and other formal social events, the French twist is also deceptively simple to create. Just sweep your hair to one side and use bobby pins to secure it in place, before gently twisting and rolling your hair back on itself to create your updo, concealing the pins as you do so.

To finish off this elegant look, make sure you secure your twist by lightly misting it with some VO5 Classic Firm Hold Hairspray. Et voila: you’re all done!

natural black women's hair reverse milkmaid
Medium length hair looks: Reverse milkmaid braid. Credit: Dvora

Reverse milkmaid braid

Okay, we admit it: we’re totally envious of ladies who can effortlessly style their lengthy locks into a cute milkmaid braids. But guess what? With your medium-length hair, you can also master this neat updo in no time!

Start by dividing your mane vertically to get 2 equal sections of hair, before weaving a Dutch braid on each side, and tying the ends with small hairbands. Then take your plaits and cross them over each other, wrapping them around the back of your head. And there you have it: a reverse milk maid that will make all the long-haired lasses jealous!

dark brown twisted updo
Medium length hair looks: Simple twisted updo

Twisted updo

Do you get nervous when it comes to creating updos? Well, you can breathe easy with this one, because this hairstyle is super simple to pull off. Want to know how to rock this look like a pro? We’ll let you into a little secret: you just need an elastic headband!

Place your pretty accessory on the crown of your head and just roll and tuck your hair into it, using bobby pins to hold everything in place. You can even spritz some TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Hairspray over your updo, to really make it glimmer!

medium length hair updos
Medium length hair looks: French braided bun. Credit: Dvora

Bun with back French braid

While the classic bun is definitely a hairstyle favourite, we just love this simple, yet effective braided twist, as it gives any look an added touch of interest. Start by flipping your hair up to the top of your head, before creating a French plait from the nape of your neck upwards.

When you reach the crown of your head, simply gather your locks into a bun and secure it with a hairband. The result? An upgraded bun with an extra punch in the style department!

Medium length hair looks: The French braid

French braid

Prefer to go for something a little more tried and tested? Well, it doesn’t get much better than a classic French braid! Not only is it perfect for everyday wear, but this style has become a favourite gym look of ours, too. Whether you’re running, spinning, boxing or doing yoga, trust us when we say this look will keep your locks looking pretty while you’re working up a sweat.

Editor’s tip: Spritz some Toni&Guy Casual Matt Texture Dry Shampoo into your hair before braiding it, as this will help to absorb any sweat whilst you work out, as well as make it easier to weave your plait. Pretty neat, eh?


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09 February 2017