Medium-length hair cuts that will add oomph to fine hair

Thicker-looking locks, here we come!

If you have thin, fine hair, you’ll probably know that it can often look a little limp and flat (sigh). And while certain hair products and styling techniques can help boost volume, did you know that a clever cut can also make your hair appear fuller? Yes, it’s true! Opting for the right haircut can actually work wonders for fine hair – you just need to know what the right haircut is. So, if you’re feeling a little lost, then rest assured that the All Things Hair team is here to help: we’re going to share with you the best medium-length hair cuts for fine hair, so that you can get fuller-looking locks in no time!

Medium length hair cuts that’ll help boost your hair volume


Medium length hair cuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - layers choppy fringe brown hair
Medium length hair cuts: Light layers and a choppy fringe. Credit:

Light layers and a choppy fringe

Do you find that your tresses lack movement and definition? Then try opting for some light layers, as these can help make your hair appear fuller, especially when styled into loose, textured waves. How, you ask? Well, the motion of the waves and layers will add volume to your hair, ensuring that it doesn’t just hang about your face! Pair this style with a choppy, eyebrow-grazing fringe, for the ultimate undone, cool-girl look.

Medium length hair cuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - layers face framing medium hairstyle grey hair
Medium length hair cuts: Flicked out face-framing layers. Credit:

Flicked out face-framing layers

Don’t leave your strands to fall flat: give your fine hair loads of body and shape by cutting some face-framing layers into your mane! Ask your stylist to graduate the length of your tresses so that your layers blends seamlessly together, then use a hair dryer with a concentrator nozzle to lightly flick your layers out at the ends. This will help to frame your face better, as well as uplifting your entire mane. Just remember to pop on your cat-eye sunglasses, and you’re ready to take on the world!

Medium length hair cuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - blunt blonde hair messy parting
Medium length hair cuts: Blunt cut and messy parting. Credit:

Blunt cut and messy parting

Despite what you may think, blunt cuts can work a charm for fine, thin hair, as long as you style them correctly! Lightly curl your hair using a curling tong (we’re talking really lightly), to make a kink in the hair. Then, create a messy, jagged parting, from the front of your hair to the crown. Why? Because your hair can actually appear thicker when your parting is worked in different directions, helping your strands to fall at a number of angles! For a final boost, give your mane a spritz of the VO5 Give Me Texture Rough & Sexy Sea Salt Spray, for added texture.

Medium length hair cuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - layered fringe blonde wavy
Medium length hair cuts: Heavy, layered fringe.

Heavy layered fringe

Looking for a celebrity-endorsed look for your tresses? Then draw inspiration from our number one hair heroine Alexa Chung (who has rather fine hair herself!), and opt for a heavy, layered fringe. Your fringe should just touch your eyebrows, but gradually allow it to grow in length on the sides, as this will help to create the effect of bulkier bangs. When it comes to the rest of your hair, try working in some light, long layers to complement your fringe. Fuller-looking locks, you’re ours!


If you’re forever hunting for new ways to give your fine hair a little lift, then you need to take a turn around our Hairstyles for Thin Hair page! With loads of nifty little tips and tricks, as well as some useful styling guides, we can all enjoy thicker-looking hair this season.

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