A-list-inspired medium hairstyles we love

They don't call it a happy medium for no reason...

Medium hairstyles are no longer seen as the awkward grow-out phase. In fact, with numerous A-list celebs and trend-setting fashionistas opting for the in-between cut purely out of choice, mid-length has become the new must-have in the constantly changing world of hair.

Still not sure if a mid-shoulder, collarbone-length haircut is for you? Here are 10 fabulous, A-list-approved styles, guaranteed to get you setting new #hairgoals in no time. All we can say is: surely, they don’t call it a happy medium for no reason…

10 A-listers who’ve rocked medium hairstyles


Elizabeth Olsen wears her mid-length hair with effortlessly tousled waves. Credit: Getty Images

1. Want an effortlessly chic mid-length cut that’s perfect for summer? Look no further than Elizabeth Olsen’s envy-inducing combination of sandy blonde balayage and casually brushed-out waves, all perfectly paired with an accidental side parting for good measure.

Julianne Moore’s striking fiery hue takes her medium hairstyle to hot new heights. Credit: Getty Images

2. Julianne Moore’s sleek copper locks look simultaneously mesmerising and ultra-modern, mid-length. We love how her deep rust hue can instantly make a classic medium cut fierce (a great example of how this fashionable length can work for women of all ages, too).

Kerry Washington’s loose curls and side-swept bangs make for an understatedly chic red carpet look. Credit: Getty Images

3. Elegant and feminine, yet modern, Kerry Washington’s loose curls and weighty side-swept bangs make for the perfect red carpet companion. Plus, it works wonders to balance out the proportions of her elongated face shape, while promoting just enough movement for the most natural-looking results.

Alexa Chung: the pioneer of casual mid-length hair. Credit: Getty Images

4. Well, we couldn’t compile a list of our favourite medium hairstyles without including Brit It girl Alexa Chung, could we? As one of the celebrity pioneers of the in-between hairdo, it should come as no surprise that she’s working it like a pro with effortlessly tousled waves and parted bangs. Think of it as a sort of grown-out (or even grown-up) version of the boho-style shag, which makes the ideal cut for those who have lots of natural textures and are ready to embrace them. A subtle brunette to bronde sombre effect – as seen here on Alexa – also works a treat for those who want to lighten their dark locks for the summer.

Julia Roberts proves that medium hairstyles look great on women of all ages. Credit: Getty Images

5. Casual yet glam, full-volume waves work wonders to soften Julia Roberts’ strong jaw and wider forehead. Yet another example of how mid-length hair can suit women of all ages. And there’s no denying how her rich honey blonde tones do a brilliant job of enhancing that healthy summer glow, too.

Rose Byrne’s casual, textured lob is the perfect off-duty medium hairstyle. Credit: Getty Images

6. It’s not unusual to see Aussie actress Rose Byrne show off her immaculately maintained signature textured bob hairstyle for red carpet outings, but we have to admit: we kinda like it when she lets it grow out a bit into an effortless lob. To be honest, she could do pretty much anything with those luscious, thick chocolate brown locks and they’d look good. The best thing about her medium hairstyle, though, is the universally flattering, softly layered cut (designed to remove excess bulk from the bottom) which works well to amp up those natural textures and volume for an extra glam outcome.

Margot Robbie works her mid-length cut with pared-down waves for a totally effortless look. Credit: Getty Images

7. Want a cocktail-hour-worthy look that appears as though you’ve made very little to no effort at all? Then take a leaf out of Margot Robbie’s book. Her relaxed, tousled waves and quiff-like side-sweep result in a polished mess that’s effortless yet sexy, and infinitely sophisticated.

Amy Adams shows us just how to work medium hairstyles on the red carpet. Credit: Getty Images

8. Another red head who’s opted for the mid-length cut to help modernise her classically fiery hue. Amy Adams’ amber waves make for one of her most sophisticatedly understated red carpet choices yet.

Ciara’s ultra sleek long bob is the epitome of modern. Credit: Getty Images

9. Cleverly teamed with a neat centre part, Ciara’s super sleek lob is the epitome of modern-day Cleopatra. Cut even all the way round, this chic, futuristic look is best suited to pin-straight locks.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley injects sensuality to her medium haircut via softly voluminous waves. Credit: Getty Images

10. If you thought medium hairstyles lacked a certain va-va-voom, think again. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s voluminous blonde bombshell is proof that a balanced mix of subtle textural layering, a side-swept fringe and blown-out volume can result in a sexy yet utterly modern look.

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