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10 Reasons to love mid-length hair

Why choose between long and short when you can have the best of both worlds?

For most people, the choices have always been either short or long. Often seen as the transitional stage, mid-length hair was never really an option. But since more and more actresses, models and musical muses have adopted this in-between hairstyle that’s now become a look in its own right, everyone has followed suit and quickly come to realise the real benefits of towing the line.

Ultra chic, modern and practical, medium hairstyles are perfect for the indecisive, or for those who just want the best of both worlds (well, don’t we all?). So if you aren’t too sure about taking the plunge with a super short crop, or are lacking the patience to grow Rapunzel-like locks, here are 10 reasons why we think you’ll love mid-length hair.

10 Reasons to love mid-length hair:

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10 Reasons to love mid-length hair. Credit:

1. It’s not too drastic

If you’re the proud owner of super long tresses, and you suffer severe anxiety attacks every time someone comes near with scissors, going for a mid-length cut won’t feel too extreme. The idea of medium hair will be easier to grasp emotionally and psychologically, especially if you’ve had full-length locks for as long as you can remember.

2. Say hello to healthier-looking hair!

In terms of appearance, mid-length hair is much lower maintenance than long hair. Going that little bit shorter means you can easily keep track of the state of the ends. They’ll be less like to split or break because the chances of friction will have lessened, and as a result, you’ll have more beautiful, happier-looking hair!

3. You’ll be better off

It may seem obvious that it’s cheaper to have less hair, especially if you regularly frequent the salon for blow outs, trims, cuts and colour. But in terms of cut, medium length hairstyles are also much lower maintenance than highly stylised bobs and pixies (which you have to tend to regularly to really maintain optimum shape). Every little helps, right?

4. You’ll use less product

It’s true: your shampoo and conditioner will last longer than if you had a long mane, because there’ll be less to wash and moisturise. And if you previously sported short hair, you were probably accustomed to using styling products on a daily basis to keep your crop looking on point.

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Mid-length hair. Credit:

5. Say goodbye to drama

No longer will you have to worry about your long locks getting caught in clothing or handbags. Mid-length hair can easily and conveniently be tucked away or tied up, so say goodbye to painful mishaps with your shoulder straps!

6. It’s flattering for all face shapes

Whether you have an oval, heart, square, round or long-shaped face, a medium cut just works. It does a good job of framing the face while also not hiding, or overexposing any features. The trick is to get the length just right. If you have a round face, a slightly longer midi cut that just hits the collarbone will be most flattering, while if you have an elongated facial structure, a shorter style that hovers above the shoulders will help balance out the proportions.

7. It’s perfect for the impatient

You’ve been dreaming of a hairstyle change for, like, ever, but no matter how many times you try and grow out your bob into long, flowing tresses, you’ve never quite made it. Well, seeing as midi is the length du jour, we suggest you stop there! Roughly speaking, hair grows about half an inch a month, so if you had a pixie cut at the beginning of the year, you could be sporting a trendy mid-length style by winter.

8. Updos are much easier

You can achieve a plethora of pretty updos now and the best part is that they’ll weigh significantly less than if you had lengthy locks – not to mention you won’t need hundreds of bobby pins and countless hairbands to keep it all in place.

mid length hairstyles
Styling mid-length hair is a breeze. Credit:

9. It’s probably the most versatile cut out there

As mentioned previously, medium-length hair lends itself to a huge variety of styling options. Whether it be up, down, braided or twisted, you name it, the possibilities are endless!

10. Climate changes will affect you less

It’s true that short hair can help keep you cool in the summer and long hair can act as extra insulation during winter. But with a mid-length cut, you don’t have to worry about your temperature fluctuating because you’ll be perfectly balanced. Cool, right?

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