8 pretty summer hairstyles for long hair to try at the beach and beyond!

All Things Hair | 16 July 2016

In need of easy summer hairstyles for long hair? Then get summer-ready with these pretty summer hairstyles for long hair…


Summertime provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with a whole host of playful, sunshine-ready hairstyles that will allow you to embrace the new season in style. And, if you’re blessed with long, luscious locks, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a plethora of fun and easy summer hairstyles for long hair to play around with. 

After all, during these hot-weather months, our social calendars tend to be jam-packed with festivals, holidays, and weddings. This also provides the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and experiment with lots of fresh, vibrant looks. So, if you’re looking for some hair inspiration, you’re certainly in the right place. We’ve curated a list of 11 amazing hairstyle ideas for long hair you should try, now!

11 stunning summer hairstyles for long hair


summer hairstyles for long hair: Young blonde woman with slightly waved hair
Beachy waves.

1. Beach waves

This hairstyle will allow you to embrace some major summer vibes. And whether you’re chilling out by the pool, sunbathing on the beach, or dancing under the Balearic stars, waves are a great way to add shape, movement and texture to your otherwise straight locks!

The key to nailing summer hairstyles for long hair? Scrunching some VO5 Give Me Texture Rough & Sexy Sea Salt Spray into damp hair and leave to air-dry for natural-looking textures and that effortlessly tousled look.

easy summer hairstyles for long hair: A young brunette with purple ombre hair and a waterfall braid
Waterfall braid.

2. Waterfall braid

There really is no denying that braids look amazing all year round – but there’s certainly something about their playful, boho vibes that feel particularly summery. The waterfall braid is by far one of the most beautiful – and a personal favourite here at All Things Hair HQ. 

Perfect for adding a dose of ethereal charm to your locks, a classic waterfall braid is perfect for injecting a healthy dose of feminine chic to any look. 

summer hairstyles for long hair a young blonde woman with long hair and a high ponytail
High ponytail. Credit: Dvora

3. High ponytail

During the hotter months, it’s inevitable that you’ll face those sweaty hair moments that can instantly ruin your look. However, if you’re looking for easy summer hairstyles for long hair that will allow you to keep your hair off your face and neck without compromising on style, a simple – but effective – high ponytail is always a fail-safe option. Learn how to create the look, here

Editor’s tip: To add a more polished edge to the look, don’t forget to twist a section of your hair around the elastic band to hide it – and lightly spritz with TRESemmé Extra Hold hairspray to help banish flyaways and hold the style in place.

Asian girl with a simple three strand plait with summery coloured hair/chalk colour
Hair chalk. Credit: Dvora

4. Hair chalks

For some reason, as soon as the warmer, longer, and brighter days arrive, we feel inspired to experiment with a variety of different hairstyles and colours (or is that just us?)!

And with countless festivals and hard-earned summer breaks to look forward to, now’s the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone. This year is all about experimenting with colour to create a whole host of bold, head-turning looks that scream summertime.

Hair chalks (or temporary coloured hair sprays) are a great way to add a splash of colour and interest to your hair. From mermaid-inspired looks to bold blocks of pastel colours, you’ll be happy to hear that just about anything goes!

A young medium brown/ dirty blonde woman with summery scrunched hairstyle
Scrunched hair.

5. Scrunched hair

Who wouldn’t want to look like they have just stepped off a beach, right? Scrunched hair is the ultimate summer-ready hairstyle and it also looks effortlessly stylish, fun and fashion-forward. It’s also a great way to embrace the natural textures of your hair.

To keep your waves soft and frizz-free, we recommend spritzing some TRESemmé Oleo Radiance Bi-Phase Conditioning Mist on to your hair after washing, then scrunch the Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray into your damp locks and leave to dry naturally. 

Asian model with loose side braid from Marc Cain SS17 catwalk
Loose side braid. Credit: indigitalimages.com

6. Loose side braid

With its laid-back appeal and subtle nod to this year’s hot-off-the-runways bohemian trend, a loose side braid is totally on point this summer.

Great for achieving a more organic look, this is a style that looks just as good by the pool as it does at a summer wedding. What’s not to love?

Brunette model with Hollywood-inspired retro waves, Julien Fournie FW16
Retro-looking waves. Credit: indigitalimages.com

7. Retro-looking waves

If you’re attending a wedding or prom, and are looking for a hairstyle that will give you a subtle glamorous edge, retro-looking waves should be your first port of call.

Armed with undulating curls, a deep side parting and a glossy finish, this is a look that’s sure to win you instant sartorial points no matter the occasion. 

Young brunette woman with double milkmaid braids
Milkmaid braids. Credit: Dvora

Milkmaid braids

Chic, fun and effortlessly stylish, a milkmaid braid is a great way to add a touch of playful romance to long hairstyles. Plus, it’s easier to create than you might think.

Don’t believe us? See our step-by-step tutorial here, and don’t forget to seal the look with VO5 Sublime Sleek Creation Hairspray, which will give a workable hold and tame frizz, while also boosting a healthy-looking shine.

Summer hairstyles for long hair: two women with long cornrow hairstyles
Cornrows. Credit: Instagram.com/__cosette__

8. Cornrows

Cornrows, boxer braids, Dutch braids – we don’t care what you call them – we just know that they’re one of the greatest summer hairstyles for long hair! Whether in traditional multiple rows or in a cute pigtail style, it’s entirely up to you to decide how to rock them. Credit: @__cosette__

Summer hairstyles for long hair: A young Instagramer with braided, pink space buns
Braided buns. Credit: Instagram.com/glambytoriebliss.

9. Braided buns

We didn’t think we could love space buns anymore – that was until we saw this little Dutch braid update!

To create this look, use a comb to divide your hair into two equal parts, vertically from the centre of your forehead down to the nape of your neck, and clip one section away for now. Then begin to weave a Dutch braid towards the back of your head and secure with a hairband when you reach just over the crown of your head. Release the other section of hair and repeat this process.

Next, slowly wind the end of each braid around its base and discreetly hold in place with bobby pins. Finish with a spritz of VO5 Classic Styling Firm Hold Hairspray to keep your buns in place. The end result? Cute ’90s-style space buns with a braided twist! Credit: @glambytoriebliss

Summer hairstyles for long hair: A blonde with long hair in a half-up braided bun
Braided hun. Credit: Instagram.com/dannyrichohair

10. Braided hun

Half-up hairstyles perfectly tow the line between updos and down ‘dos. But we love this hun (AKA the half-up bun) even more because it also works in a romantic French braid!

To get the look, create a centre parting and weave a French plait on either side towards the back of your head. When you reach the middle of the back of the crown, join the 2 French braids and begin to weave a standard 3-strand plait down to the end, securing with a clear hairband. Then finally wrap up the end of your plait into a bun and pin in place with bobby pins. Credit: @dannyrichohair

red hair with braided twists and flowers
Braided twists. Credit: Instagram.com/hollibeauty_

11. Braided twists

Can’t make your mind up when it comes to twist and plaits? Well, with this hairstyle now you don’t have to! Here’s how to create this pretty braid:

Start by spraying some Toni&Guy Casual Rough Texturiser over your mane to help give your strands extra grip. Then, roughly divide your hair into two equal sections (as if you were going to create pigtails). Take one inch of hair near your hairline, divide it into two and twist them together, then pick up a similar amount of hair from underneath and add it to your section as you weave.

Continue to create this flat twist until you reach the nape of you neck. Clip your twist with a section clip and repeat the twisting process on the other side. Release your clipped hair and with your sectioned hair begin to braid a  4-strand plait by weaving the 2 outer strands over the 2 centre strands, and then the 2 centre strands underneath the outer strands. With a little practice you’ll have it mastered in no time! Credit: @hollibeauty_


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