Short on time? 12 easy hairstyles for long hair that you can create in minutes!

Jeanette | 07 April 2017

12 easy hairstyles for long hair that’ll make styling your long locks a breeze!

If you’re blessed with long, luscious hair, there are a number of easy hairstyles for long hair that you can create – the possibilities are truly endless!

But we know sometimes you can hit a hair wall. So, if you’re lacking hair inspiration (and time) to style your Rapunzel-like tresses, you’re certainly in the right place!

Ahead, we’ve picked 12 easy hairdos for long hair that not only look cool but are super quick and easy to create. So, click through our gallery or scroll down to discover our exclusive hair list.


12 quick hairstyles for long hair to save you lots of time


The back view of a blonde woman with a messy long ponytail with an off-the-shoulder striped top
Messy ponytail. Credit: Allyson Alapont

1. Messy low ponytail

The voluminous, messy low ponytail is one of this season’s hottest trends when it comes to easy styles for long hair. And we’ve already seen a number of A-list stars sporting the look on the festival circuit (Coachella, we’re looking at you!).

This effortlessly chic look is not only super practical, low-maintenance, and easy to achieve, it also looks great on second-day hair (hooray!).

Click here to discover how to this messy low ponytail now.

Easy hairdos for long hair: The back view of a brunette with a twisted ponytail
Twisted ponytail. Credit:

2. Twisted ponytail

Looking for fashion-forward, quick and easy hairstyles for long hair? The ponytail has been reinvented on numerous runways with hair stylists giving this classic hairstyle a new lease of life.

And this ponytail du jour has been given a unique twist – quite literally!

Young blonde woman pinning her quick and easy braided bun hairstyle
The quick and easy braided bun.

3. Braided bun

Find that your long tresses are too much to manage, but can’t bring yourself to cut it short? Well, fret not: because all you need is a lovely updo to tuck those strands neatly away. And this braided bun is a great way of ensuring that your hair remains sleek, stylish, and tidy, all day!

Love this day-to-night braided bun? Then check out our easy, step-by-step guide to learn how to create the look.

quick hairstyles for long hair: the back view of a young Asian woman with a braided ponytail
The braided ponytail. Credit: Dvora

4. Braided ponytail

This super elegant ‘do was probably inspired by Valentino’s braided ponytail, making for an eye-catching look that’ll work with practically any daytime or evening ensemble.

And while this look can be rocked with straight hair, we especially love it when incorporated with loose waves, to really ramp up the volume of your braided pony.

You can find out how to recreate the look with our step-by-step, and even discover how to work a pretty ribbon into the look too!

Easy hairdos for long hair: A young woman with a messy bun wearing sunglasses
Messy bun. Credit: Dvora

5. Messy bun

Let’s face it, when it comes to simple styling, the messy bun has to be the ultimate fast hair hack – making it perfect for ladies who frequently find themselves dashing from work to the bar, with zero time to spare.

Still need convincing? Then check out messy bun tutorial – trust us, it’s super easy!

hairstyles for long hair milkmaid braid
Milkmaid braid. Credit: Dvora

6. Milkmaid braid

Another braided look that’s perfect for those with long hair (and lots of it!), this pretty updo looks utterly feminine and stylish, plus it’s ultra durable! And while it may look complicated, we promise it really isn’t.

Want proof? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create the milkmaid braid in 5 minutes.

quick hairstyles for long hair: blonde woman with a high ponytail
High ponytail. Credit: Dvora

7. Sleek high ponytail

Looking for quick hairstyles for long hair that are more sophisticated? Well, believe it or not, but this rather underrated hairstyle is really versatile. So, whether you’re having a casual brunch or looking for a party perfect hairstyle, you’ll have a hairdo that’s ready for anything!

Have you seen our sleek ponytail video with vlogger N1kk1sSecr3t? Or our high ponytail step-by-step tutorial? Well, don’t forget to check them out, will you?

quick hairstyles for long hair: Brunette with a knotted bun
The knotted low bun. Credit:

8. Low bun

A casual take on the classic ballerina bun, the knotted low bun couldn’t be easier to create. The perfect combination of effortless and chic, this understated ‘do is undoubtedly one of our favourite quick hairstyles for long hair.

Not sure where to start when doing this low bun? Watch our video tutorial with Tiny Twisst to help you nail the look ASAP!

Easy hairdos for long hair: Mousy brown haired girl with green mermaid-inspired hair
Half-up bun. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

9. Half-up bun (AKA the hun)

Can decide whether you want to wear your hair down or in a bun? The answer is to give the half-up bun a try. Trust us, it’s best of both hair worlds!

A young woman with long pigtails and red coloured tips
Pretty pigtails. Credit: Dvora

10. Plaited pigtails

Thought that pigtails were reserved for school? Think again, because these pretty plaits can be worn in more places than the playground and are practically foolproof.

easy hairdos for long hair: A young woman with bleach blonde hair and a single plait
Single braid. Credit: Dvora

11. The single braid

Want to add subtle interest your long tresses? Why not create a single braid? It’s a practical way keeping your outgrown fringe tucked away and for adding a beautiful boho touch.

Psst! You can even play around with adding more braids underneath to create a ‘peekaboo’ plait effect perfect for summer and festivals. Result!

Easy hairstyles for long hair: The back view of a young blonde woman with a headband chignnon AKA cheater's chignon
Cheater’s chignon. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

12. Cheater’s chignon

Love the look of chignons but struggle to recreate the look at home? Well, now you can finally master the look!

All you need to ace this cheater’s chignon is to roll and tuck your hair into an elasticated headband – and you’re done!


Still on the hunt for easy styles for long hair? If you’re perpetually time-poor, check out our Easy and Quick Hairstyles, and Long Hairstyles pages. They have tonnes of amazing expert advice and step-by-step tutorials to inspire your next look!

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