Styling ideas for long layered hair: 7 Looks that make the best of your cut

Learn how to flatter your features with these clever cuts!

Ever wondered why long layered hair always looks so voluminous and effortlessly stylish? Well, it’s because the addition of layers naturally adds shape, movement, and texture to same-length hair! But that’s not even the best bit: long layers also work an absolute dream for almost every hair type, style, and face shape, not to mention it has a universal appeal that’s oh-so easy to pull off. 

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that this layered look has been steadily rising in popularity over the past few seasons, with it featuring on both the catwalks and best hairstyle lists around the world. So, if you’re looking to get in on the action, scroll down and take a look at the 7 looks that will allow you to make the most out of your cut!

Long layered hair styles: 7 Look to try


Long layered haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - short haircuts blonde hair fringe
Long layered hair: Short haircuts. Credit:

Short layers

Are you feeling a little fed up of your same-length tresses and looking to get a ‘do with loads of interest? Then incorporating short layers into your long cut is a great way to achieve a fashion-forward, retro feel, that will win you instant style points!

Tip: This look works especially well when rocked in a ’70s-inspired ‘do, simply by cutting in shorter, wispy strands at the front of your hair and longer layers at the back. And to really give your look those vintage vibes, pop in a choppy fringe, for an added carefree effect!

Long layered haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - v-line layers brown hair
Long layered hair: V-line layers. Credit:

V-line Layers

If you’re lucky enough to have long, luscious locks, you’ll quickly realise that there are a whole host of hairstyles out there, that will allow you to show off your strands in the best possible light. And rocking a set of V-line layers in your mane, is a perfect way to add a new and exciting dimension to your same-length hair!

This nifty layering technique involves cutting the hair so that it creates an offbeat V-Line shape when pulled back – but when worn forward, the shorter cut layers will help to gently frame the face! Pretty neat, right? 

Long layered haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - ginger red hair windswept layers
Long layered hair: Windswept layers. Credit:

Windswept layers

Looking to embrace your inner-Beyoncé? Then windswept layers are a super-glamorous and ultra-stylish way to do it! Simply apply an even layer of the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam to your locks, from your hairline to the ends of your hair, before using a hair dryer and a round brush to delicately create your gentle waves! Bey, is that you?

Long layered haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - volume adding layers brunette hair
Long layered hair: Volume-adding layers. Credit:

Volume adding layers

Let’s face it, same-length hair that’s dull and lifeless definitely isn’t going to win you any style points! So, if you’re tired of poker-straight hair that lacks personality and depth, strategically placed choppy layers are perfect for giving your tresses a much-needed boost in the volume department!

Editor’s tip: If your strands are particularly thin or fine, trying ramping up the volume of your layered look, by using the Toni&Guy Volume & Bounce 3D Volumiser Spray, before styling, for an extra luscious lift. 

Long layered haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - two-tier layers ginger red hair
Long layered hair: Two-tier layers. Credit:

2-tier layers

Although the majority of ladies opt for layers to frame their faces, others opt for more dramatic variations of the trend to completely change the way that the hair sits. And the best way to do this, is to incorporate some edgy 2-tier layers into your mane. 2-tier layers are, simply put, layers cut into the hair at 2 varying lengths, and can work with any hair type. So, no matter if you’re rocking curly, wavy, or straight strands, this look will suit you to a T!

Long layered haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - varying length layers dirty blonde hair
Long layered hair: Multiple length layers.

Multiple length layers

If you have super long, or particularly thick hair, then adding multiple-length layers to your mane will instantly uplift, refresh, and add a whole new dimension to your everyday look! This layering technique is also perfect for framing the face, adding movement, and creating interest, but can be further enhanced by curling the ends of your hair, to achieve a sultry, super-glam finish. Where do we sign up?

Long layered haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - layers bedhead messy look brown hair
Long layered hair: Bedhead layers. Credit:

Bedhead layers

Who would’ve thought that styling your hair as though you’ve just rolled out of bed would actually be a trend? This year, it’s all about embracing the #IWokeUpLikeThis look, and rocking a style with loads of lived-in texture! And the best part? With such a rough-and-ready aesthetic, this ‘do requires minimal styling. All you have to do: is wake up, look in the mirror, and spritz your mane with the VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray – that’s it! Now go forth and live life on the wild side. 


Looking for more ways to rock a layered look? Then you to spend some time our lovely Layered Haircuts page! From bobs to pixies, and even looks to lift your fine hair, there’s sure to be a layered ‘do to boost your style this season.

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