20 peekaboo highlights to revive any hair colour

Peekaboo highlights work on everyone!

Peekaboo highlights are like normal highlights, but they’re cleverly placed underneath the top layers of your hair instead, so you don’t see them. And, when you style your hair into a braid, a half-up updo, or even beachy waves, they peek through.

Peekaboo highlights are the perfect way to add colour to your hair (without dyeing your entire head!), and everyone can give them a go. And, if you need any more convincing,  keep on scrolling…

1. Rainbow peekaboo highlights

Woman with long natural blonde straight hair with rainbow peekaboo highlights
Wow the room with these rainbow highlights. Credit: Instagram.com/samiskinnerhair

We adore this bright and bold combination of peekaboo highlights. Seriously, who would have thought that rainbow highlights would look so great on long blonde hair? Credit: @samiskinnerhair

2. Rose gold peekaboo highlights

Woman with dark brown long hair with rose gold peekaboo highlights on dark hair
These rose golden highlights can totally work on dark tresses. Credit: Instagram.com/jeaniez_25

Many people assume that peekaboo highlights can only work for certain hair colours or hair types, but you’ll be happy to know they’re universally wearable. This beauty’s dark hair with hidden rose gold highlights is a serious case in point.  Credit: @jeaniez_25

Editor’s tip: Thinking about getting peekaboo highlights? Remember to use a wash and care system specifically formulated for dyed hair.

The TRESemmé Colour Shineplex Shampoo and Conditioner is a great pick because it helps hair look frizz-free and maintains your hue’s vibrancy.

3. Peekaboo hairstyle

Women with dark brown hair with purple peekaboo highlights, styled half up with a moon hair accessory
Purple rain, purple rain. Credit: Instagram.com/hairby_milly_mermaid

To really let your peekaboo highlights shine, style your hair into a messy half-up, half-down updo. And for bonus points, lightly curl the ends of your hair for a casual, beachy vibeCredit: @hairby_milly_mermaid

4. Peekaboo streaks

Woman with long light brown hair with jewel-toned highlights
Jewel-inspired tones are our favourite. Credit: Instagram.com/joelouisemckay

Next, we’ve got a gorgeous hairstyle inspired by sparkling geode rocks. Trust us, these peekaboo streaks are all you need to make your hair look exactly like a jewel. Credit: @joelouisemckay

5. Peekaboo lowlights

Woman with dark blonde wavy long hair with purple hidden highlights at the tips, wearing a flower crown
How gorgeous is this look? Credit: Instagram.com/littledarlingdearest

Lowlights are a super fun colouring technique you can also experiment with! If you ask your stylist to place them underneath your tresses, like this, you’ll create a cool peekaboo effect.

And if you’ve got a festival coming up, this is purple hairstyle will team perfectly with a flower crownCredit:@littledarlingdearest

6. Silver blonde peekaboo highlights

Woman with long blonde hair with silver white hidden highlights
Khaleesi would approve! Credit: Instagram.com/rachelpesh

We predicted silver blonde hair would be the It hair trend for 2019. Turns out, we were right! Just look at how this beauty cleverly works silver highlights into her hair, you may have to look closer as they are so well hidden. Credit:@rachelpesh

7. Playful peekaboo highlights

Woman with angled bob with pink and purple peekaboo higlights
This peekaboo colour combo is seriously fashion-forward. Credit: Instagram.com/bobbedhaircuts

For those ladies with short hair looking for a showstopping way to ease their way into this trend, try opting for a striking mix of pinks, purples and reds to make your hair pop. Credit:@bobbedhaircuts

8. Pink hidden highlights

Woman with dark blonde blunt shoulder length hair with pink peekaboo hair underneath
Pink peekaboo highlights never fail to impress. Credit: Instagram.com/mtshair

You know peekaboo highlights are done correctly if you can’t see your chosen shade. However, if you want to give your look a dramatic upgrade, you should pick a vivid hue like this fierce one. Credit:@mtshair

9. Sea blue peekaboo hair

Woman with dark brown shoulder length bob with hidden blue and green highlights
Peekaboo highlights work on all hair lengths. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyerikacoffey

As you can see, you can keep your tresses looking mermaid chic 24-7 with a captivating blend of blues and greens. Credit: @hairbyerikacoffey

10.  Dyed hair with hidden highlights

Woman with short wavy orange long bob with blue short peekaboo highlights
Now that’s what we call eye-catching. Credit: Instagram.com/gerilynghaisarzadeh

Just because you’ve already got a cool hair colour, doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with peekaboo highlights. Keep things interesting and edgy by combining both cool and warm colours, like this. Credit: @gerilynghaisarzadeh

11. Afro with peekaboo highlights

Peekaboo highlights: Woman with mint green natural afro hair with spotlight hidden highlights
Peekaboo highlights work on all hair textures, too. Credit: Instagram.com/leysahairandmakeup

Didn’t think hidden highlights could work on natural hair types? In short, they can. With all that wonderful texture and seriously striking shades (look to the picture above for an example), you’re bound to get noticed. Credit: @leysahairandmakeup




Editor’s tip: With the Love Beauty And Planet Blooming Strength & Shine 2 Minute Magic Masque in your life, you can help strengthen, moisturise your coloured hair and also boost its shine.

12. Peekaboo updo

Peekaboo highlights: Backshot of a bun updo with hidden highlights in it
Your messy bun just got a new upgrade. Credit: Instagram.com/marqueesalonstudio

If we’re learning anything from this hot look, it’s that well-placed hidden highlights do a fab job of livening up simple updosCredit: @marqueesalonstudio

13. Sunset hidden highlights

Peekaboo higlights: Woman with long straight dark brown hair with hidden sunset highlights
Just like your favourite sunset. Credit: Instagram.com/beautyboxstudioinc

Love looking at the sunset? Well, you’ll adore it even more if you copy this picture-perfect peekaboo hairstyle. Credit: @beautyboxstudioinc

14. Galaxy-coloured peekaboo highlights

hidden highlights on bob
It’s written in the stars. Credit: Instagram.com/alui.salon

Truth be told, we’re kind of obsessed with this galaxy-inspired ‘do, which combines a mixture of blues and lilacs for super cool, futuristic vibes.

However, peekaboo highlights don’t just have to be painted on to the middle layer of your hair; they can be the placed on the bottom layer, too, for an even more subtle outcome. Credit: @alui.salon

15. Peek-a-blue highlights

blue peekaboo highlights hidden highlights
Peek-a-blue highlights. Credit: Instagram.com/rachelpesh

Live for more vivid shades, but don’t want to commit to a complete colour change? Then peek-a-blue highlights are a perfect choice.

If you have naturally dark hair, opt for an electric blue hue to create a striking contrast with your hue. Credit: @rachelpesh

16. Blue hidden highlights on blonde hair

Peekaboo highlights: Woman with long dark blonde wavy hair with peekaboo blue highlights in it
Make your long locks feel new again with a pop of colour. Credit: Instagram.com/stephanienallshair

We’ll take these loose, long waves and peek-a-blue accents any day. How about you? Credit: @stephanienallshair

17. Pastel purple peekaboo highlights

pastel peekaboo highlights
Pastel peekaboo highlights. Credit: Instagram.com/yourhairsbestfriend

This Instagrammer’s soft lavender highlights look stunning paired with her blonde hair. And seeing as pastel hair is everywhere, what better time than now to opt for baby blue or candyfloss pink? Credit@yourhairsbestfriend

18. Braided peekaboo highlights

rainbow peekaboo highlights
How pretty is this fishtail braid? Credit: Instagram.com/rubydevine

As if we needed another reason to try rainbow hair! We’re betting more ladies would try peekaboo hair if they knew how dreamy it would look when styled like this.  Credit: @rubydevine

19. Sleek peekaboo hair

Peekaboo highlights: Woman with dark brown hair with rose gold, baby pink and purple highlights in it
We can’t stop staring! Credit: Instagram.com/projecthairsg

If you get highlights like this, you can easily disguise them by pulling your hair back into a sleek ponytail. Credit: @projecthairsg

20. Red peekaboo highlights

Peekaboo highlights: Woman with dark brown bob with red hidden highlights in it
Coupled with a bob, this peekaboo hairstyle is one to try. Credit: Instagram.com/saloncaru

This is chic peekaboo look is perfect for any bob-devotee who is dying to try a red hair colour. Credit: @saloncaru



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