How to make hair look thicker: 5 essential styling tips

Answering the age-old question of how to make hair look thicker. 

How to make hair look thicker: Blonde model with wavy shoulder length hair with her hand in her hair, wearing a white and red t-shirt



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If you have thin hair, we know you’ve probably tried every trick in the book in hopes of creating thick-looking, luscious locks. Frustrating? Yes. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as we’ve put together this handy styling guide to teach you how to make hair look thicker.

From simple styling hacks to our essential volumising products, we’ve got all bases covered with our guide to how to make your hair look thicker.

How to make hair look thicker instantly: Our best tips

1. Cleanse and condition with volumising products

Been Googling “how to make my hair look thicker?” Well, why not set your hair up for the best possible start by using a volumising shampoo and conditioner like the TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Shampoo and Conditioner?

This duo is infused with collagen and glycerine to visually plump up the appearance of your tresses, fresh out of the shower. It’s a mane miracle!

How to make hair look thicker: Close-up of a blonde with side-parted, shoulder-length hair, wearing a burgundy top
Hair hack to make hair look thicker: Flip your parting! Credit: Simon Bell

2. Switch your parting

Changing up your parting is probably the easiest thing you can do if you’re wondering how to make your hair look thicker. If you usually wear it parted to one side, try flipping it onto the other side – by switching sides it’ll instantly give you more lift.

It’s recommended that you switch up your parting every so often so that your hair doesn’t get used to sitting flat on any one side.

How to make hair look thicker: Blonde model with shoulder length hair, holding a can of dry shampoo, wearing a purple top
Want to know how to make hair look thicker? Reach for the dry shampoo! Credit: Simon Bell

3. Don’t forget about dry shampoo

Instead of using dry shampoo only when you need to freshen up your roots, make the most of its root-boosting properties by using it as a styling product, too. Even if your hair is freshly-washed, the additional grip and texture it gives strands provides lasting volume without the heavy feel of too much product.

Another little trick is to spray your roots with a dry shampoo before you go to bed. By spraying an dry shampoo like the TONI&GUY Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo into your roots before you sleep, it’ll soak up excess oil overnight – so by morning, your mane will look less greasy and noticeably fuller without having to do any heavy-lifting!

For more info, you can find our favourite dry shampoos for fine hair.

How to make hair look thicker: Blonde model with straight hair, holding a piece of her hair, wearing a black lace top
Thicker hair how-to: Backcomb your hair. Credit: Simon Bell

4. Backcombing will be your friend

Want to know how to make hair look thicker instantly? A little backcombing at the roots (gently, you don’t want to damage your hair!) helps give the illusion of more luscious locks by plumping up the hair at your crown. Use with a thickening spray or plumping powder for maximum volume and height.

Master the art of teasing your hair with our handy how-to.

How to make hair look thicker: Blonde model with wavy shoulder-length hair, wearing a white t-shirt with red print
How to make your hair look thicker with waves: Exhibit A. Credit: Simon Bell

5. Wave your hair

Straight, fine hair is especially prone to looking flat but don’t despair. Adding a few soft curls or waves is a great way to give your look more life and dimension and it doesn’t have to take hours either.

Curls add width to your hair, making it look instantly thicker, as well as giving your locks plenty of bounce and body.

Don’t have a curling wand? Try our method for curling with straighteners instead to create the same results.


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