How to style thin hair: 15 chic hairstyles for women with fine hair

All Things Hair | 29 November 2018

Questioning how to style thin hair? Not for long…


Wondering how to style thin hair? Well, we suggest you stay put and take a look at the 15 hairstyles that we’ve pulled together, all of which will help breathe new life into your thin and fine strands.

Whether it’s a few tweaks to your everyday style or adding the right volumising products to your hair kit, let us help you learn how to work with your tresses with our gorgeous selection of street-style approved haircut ideas for thin hair, below.

How to style thin hair: 15 cool ways to make the most out of fine strands


Woman with dark brown hair styled into a blunt bob, wearing red PVC outfit and posing on the street
This cut is celeb fave for a reason. Credit:

1. Blunt cut bob

You can’t mention haircut ideas for thin hair without mentioning this cult ‘do: the blunt cut bob. The blunt ends bring some weight to fine hair, or least create the illusion of it, thanks to it being cut the same length all around – so, it’s easy to see why the glitterati love it.

TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Thickening Balm

Editor’s tip: Want to stop your fine hair falling flat when rocking this haircut? Try using the TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Thickening Balm! It’ll add extra oomph to each and every strand, making fine hair feel fuller and thicker.

To use it, smooth a small amount of it into your damp mane before blow drying, and prepare to be amazed.

Lana El Sahely with short caramel brown hair styled into loose curls, wearing micro sunglasses and a red velvet jacket, posing on the street
This is how to style thin hair for parties! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2. Soft curls

If you’re wondering how to style thin hair for a night out, this beauty’s mane will seriously convince you to give your curling tongs another chance.

Adding volume towards the ends of your hair is genius way to make your strands look instantly thicker, as the curls add width to hair that would otherwise lay flat. Meet you on the dance floor!

How to style thin hair: Zanita Whittington with fine platinum blonde hair styled into a swept-back slick hairstyle, wearing tartan jacket on posing on the red carpet
Add dimension and lift without much effort. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

3. Slick back hair

Channelling red carpet vibes with your thin, fine hair is going to be easy with this slick back hairstyle in your life…

Pushing your hair back like this gives the impression the rest of your hair is fuller and also adds an edgy, glamorous appeal to your overall look.

Backshot of woman with medium fine hair styled into a low voluminous ponytail, with hairscarf around it on the street
Talk about hair goals! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

4. Voluminous ponytail

Searching for hairstyles for shoulder-length thin hair? You should try gathering your tresses into this dreamy low ponytail and work in some beachy waves, to really boost your hair’s body. The hair scarf is optional, but highly recommended.

How to style thin hair: Caroline Daur with her platinum blonde short and fine hair styled into a low bun, wearing white shirt and hoop earrings on the street
This bun is fail-safe. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

5. The low bun

Need a style that takes less than five minutes but also works with your short fine hair? Look no further than this lovely low bun. It’ll give your workday look a model-off-duty vibe and allow you to embrace your strands.

side view of street style model with platinum blonde hair in messy high bun
Messy buns make for the perfect everyday style. Credit:

6. Undone messy bun

Another quick hairstyle you can covet? This undone messy bun. The trick to this look is to keep your hair as undone as possible, as this will help create the illusion of fuller strands.

Try spritzing your tresses with sea salt spray while damp and blast with a hairdryer until dry. This will add a rough texture and grip to your strands, while enhancing your natural wave pattern.

front view of street style model with blonde long bob with side parting
Cheat volume by opting for a side parting. Credit:

7. Deep side part

If you haven’t been wearing your parting to the side, like this street style star is, you’re seriously missing out on some volume opportunities! Giving yourself a side part is the easiest and fastest way to inject some bounce into your strands.

side view of street style model with blonde hair in french braid
Braided styles a fine-haired girls best friend. Credit:

8. Double French braided updo

Think you can’t braid thin hair? Think again. With the right texturising product (and lots of teasing!), you too can achieve this pretty double French braided hairstyle.

Pull this one out for when you’re running errands, heading to the gym or hitting the club with your best friends.

VO5 Dry Texturising Spray

Editor’s tip: Before you attempt to create this on-trend style, apply the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray to your tresses.This will give your hair a little grip and make creating your braid easier.

Back view of woman with long golden blonde hair styled into three-strand braid, wearing a silver jacket and posing on the street
If you pancake your hair braids, they will look like this! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

9. Braids with bows

Really want to amp up your braid game? Try pancaking it and playing around with hair accessories! The idea here is to make your made braid flatter, like a pancake, so it creates the illusion of a thicker and fuller plait.

To do it, start with a secure braid of any kind. Then, gently pull apart each section of the plait with your fingers, to spread apart your braid and make it bigger. Top it off with a hair bow and you’ll be all set.

back side view of street style model with long dark hair in half-up, half-down bun
You can’t go wrong with the trendy hun this year. Credit:

10. Half-up, half-down knot

It’s a simple style, but this look is great for straight fine hair. Working your hair into a half-up, half-down hairstyle breaks up your look and makes your hair appear thicker. Plus, it’s a stylish and practical way to keep your hair off your face.

Whether you’re looking for hairstyles for shoulder-length thin hair or even shorter, make sure to add this half-up knot into your styling routine.

Side profile of Solange Smith with long, fine hair styled into a half-up, half-down bouffant
Because who doesn’t want to channel Bardot vibes? Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

11. Half-up bouffant

Achieving Bardot-worthy hair with thin tresses is possible! Idea for a fancy dinner or after-work drinks, this half-up bouffant is the perfect ladies looking for a new way to style their long, thin hair.

As we’ve said before, teasing is everything when it comes to getting voluminous locks. And, you’ll definitely need to backcomb your crown to achieve the body this beehive hairstyle requires.

side view of street style model with medium length blonde hair with blowout waves
When the occasion calls for it, a blowout will look fab on fine hair. Credit:

12. The blowout

For anyone with thin hair, having a blow out gives your tresses the most enviable, bountiful finish. Not only will a blow out amplify your tresses, the added volume and bounce will leave anyone in your wake lusting over your fuller-looking tresses.

So when the occasion calls for it, treat your tresses to a bouncy blow dry and get ready for your hair-swishing Boomerang moment.

TRESemmé Volume and Lift Mousse

Editor’s tip: Want to recreate a voluminous blow dry in the comfort of your home? Try using the TRESemmé Volume and Lift MousseIt gives you natural-looking, sexy volume — all without weighing your mane down or leave it feeling stiff.

Use on damp hair, before blow-drying, and use a vented brush to lift your strands as you dry.

Landiana Cerciu with her short, fine chestnut brown hair styled into an asymmetrical bob haircut, wearing pink hat with blouse
Looking for haircut ideas for thin hair? Try this. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

13. Asymmetrical bob

If Hollywood trends are any indication, this season is going to be all about the bob. If you’re worried about it making your hair look flat, try getting this asymmetrical bob haircut for your thin hair.

This smooth haircut draws the eye forward, distracting away from any flatness and making the perfect companion to your favourite hat.

Haircut ideas for thin hair: Woman with honey brown long straight, fine hair with wispy straight bangs, wearing sunglasses and red beret
List this one under good haircuts for fine hair! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

14. Long, blunt bangs

Got lengthy fine locks that you can’t bare to part with? To refresh your mane, you only need to take a leaf out of these street style star’s book and get a set of long, blunt bangs.

To nail this airy, effortless style, you’ll need to ask your stylist to build some long layers into your fringe and hair, so that your hair doesn’t look limp and thwarted by your length.

front view of street style model with short brown pixie cut
Short hair styles can make hair appear fuller. Credit:

15. Pixie haircut

Good haircuts for fine hair needn’t be whatever the latest style everyone else is wearing! When you’re feeling up to the challenge, opt for a timeless pixie cut (be it smooth or tousled!).

Don’t write off the style under the impression it will make fine hair appear thin, as pixie cuts are actually one of the best suggested styles for making hair appear fuller and thicker. So, what will you go for?


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