Dreamy hairstyles for long thin hair that are far from boring

Stop hating on your hair! These long hairstyles for thin hair prove that fine hair can look just as pretty.  

Any fine-haired friend out there will know the struggles of finding hairstyles for long thin hair. But instead of admiring all your thick-haired friends because of their voluminous locks, the key is finding the right hairstyle for you.

Find everything from your everyday hair staple to styles that require a little more attention, in our round-up of the top hairstyles for long fine hair, below!


Hairstyles for long thin hair: Woman with dark brown hair in a low messy bun wearing all black and big earrings.
Is #bunenvy a thing because if it is we’ve definitely got it. Credit: Instagram.com/brittsully

1. Low bun

Top knots not really your vibe? Try the messy bun’s sleeker, chicer alternative: the low bun.

Favoured by A-listers like Kim KW, it’s the ultimate antidote for days when you’re due a hair wash and can take you all the way from the office to your post-work drinks. Credit: @brittsully

Editor’s tip: To conceal those greasy roots, spray a generous amount of the TRESemmé Instant Refresh Volumising Dry Shampoo into your hair. It’ll give your hair a fresher look and feel, and won’t leave you with any annoying white powder marks.

Hairstyles for long thin hair: Woman with long straight brown hair in half-up, half-down ponytail sitting outside wearing a black dress
Ariana-inspired styles are a fine-haired girls fave style. Credit: Instagram.com/lianavasilisinova1

2. Half-up ponytail

Get the best of both worlds with this super cute half-up, half-down hairstyle for thin long hair.

Wear this look with straight hair for an Ariana Grande -inspired finish or to give your hair extra bounce and the illusion of fuller strands, curl the ends of your hair. Credit: @lianavasilisinova1

Hairstyles for long thin hair: Blonde woman with her hair in a bun with a bow accessory on New York street.
Wrap it up and put a bow on it. Credit: Instagram.com/ginamadeit

3. Bow bun

Buns, especially messy buns full of texture, will help to give long thin hair a fuller feel. If you find regular buns a bit “meh”, add an on-trend accessory like this cute bow and it’ll look way more put together. Credit: @ginamadeit

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Hairstyles for long thin hair: Woman with long straight brown hair in braided pigtails wearing a dark grey knitted jumper.
Lazy days call for a simple pigtail style. Credit: Instagram.com/olgasaroka

4. Braided pigtails

We all have those lazy days where we want to look put together but without the fuss or priming and styling our hair, which is where our love for braided pigtails comes in.

To give your fine strands extra body, try pancaking your braid. This clever hair hack can be used on all braided styles and once you try it, you’ll never do a braided style without it. Credit: @olgasaroka

Hairstyles for long thin hair: Blonde woman with a long french fishtail ponytail sitting beside a swimming pool wearing a summer outfit.
It’s a new way to fishtail! Credit: Instagram.com/thegoodhairday

5. French fishtail

What could be better than a fishtail braid? A French fishtail braid, duh!

While it might take you a couple of tries to get this one right, it’s basically a combination of both the fishtail and French braiding techniques, so if you can do those you’re all set. Credit: @thegoodhairday

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Editor’s tip: Fine hair types are more prone to soft, wispy hair, which isn’t the best basis for braiding.

To remedy this, we suggest spritzing a texturising powder or spray, like the VO5 Dry Texturising Spraythrough your roots. This will help give you a little bit of extra grip to stop your hard-earned braiding time going to waste.

Hairstyles for long thin hair: Woman with brown straight hair in half-up, half-down bun hairstyle wearing a pink knitted jumper in bed.
Have you tried this blogger approved hairstyle? Credit: Instagram.com/tanya.gubenko

6. Half-up bun

Of all the long hairstyles for fine hair in the past year, the hun (that is, the half-up bun) has absolutely blown up, especially on Instagram. This is partly thanks to how cute it looks, but it’s also super easy to do, too, which always helps. Credit: @tanya.gubenko

Hairstyles for long thin hair: Woman with long dark blonde hair with hidden braids wearing a large black hat and band t-shirt.
This rock chic style screams festival season. Credit: Instagram.com/ainsleyhall

7. Hidden braids

Are you someone who wears your hair down a lot? What about trying out a few hidden braids? This summery style, seen on boho queens the Olsen twins and Drew Barrymore, adds a pretty detail to everyday styles.

You could even try colouring in your braids with hair chalk if you’ve got a festival on the cards! Credit: @ainsleyhall

Hairstyles for long thin hair: Woman with long layered bronde brown blonde haircut.
Get to know the power of layered haircuts for fine hair. Credit: Instagram.com/harperpaigesalon

8. Layers

If you’ve ever searched ‘fine hair’, then you’ll know that what comes up is basically just pages and pages of layered looks.

It might seem like an obvious one but, as cliche as it is, layered haircuts for fine hair can really transform your mane, giving it more shape and body, so don’t write it off. Credit: @harperpaigesalon

Hairstyles for long thin hair: Woman with long light brown straight hair in smooth high ponytail holding onto the ends of her hair wearing a logo top and jeans.
Smooth and sleek ponytails are essential to your hair wardrobe. Credit; Instagram.com/lianavasilisinova1

9. High ponytail

Wear it high and proud with this smooth and sleek high ponytail. Channel the off-duty model look (à la Bella Hadid) by opting for a smooth and sleek finish. Credit: @lianavasilisinova1

Editor’s tip: Want to keep flyaways at bay while on the move? Add the TONI&GUY Hair Cosmetics Flyaway Taming Wand to your handbag and when a frizz emergency presents itself, simply sweep the wand across stray strands, to create a flawless and smooth look.

Hairstyles for long thin hair: Woman with long blonde hair in a voluminous ponytail style
The ultimate date night style. Credit: Instagram.com/emmachenartistry

10. Voluminous pony

This voluminous version of the smooth and sleek ponytail has our pulses racing. By backcombing the roots you’ll add volume at your crown, which will not only boost the height of your style but actually give your hair more hold, so it won’t fall out – clever right? Credit: @emmachenartistry