Short hairstyles for thick hair: 5 Looks that’ll work a treat

Want a manageable and stylish, new crop for your thick hair? Head right this way...  

Hair alert: we’ve hunted out some of the most flattering short hairstyles for thick hair! Why you ask? Because we know that as much as you love having a thick mane, we’ve got to admit, it can sometimes be a pain to style – especially if you want to rock a shorter cut! So read on to discover 5 trendy ‘dos to complement your luscious locks, and give you a look that feels light and super stylish.

5 short hairstyles for thick hair

short hairstyles for thick hair woman with black graduated bob
Stacked bob.

Stacked bob cut

A classic bob cut can end up looking a little triangular in shape on those of us with thicker hair, so it’s not surprising that many women think it’s not a flattering look. But by making a few changes, the graphic appeal of a cool, edgy bob is definitely within reach! So, if you’re looking for short hairstyles for thick hair that instantly exude laid-back and effortless stylishness, the stacked bob cut is the perfect choice. To get this hairstyle, just ask your stylist to add stacked layers that are longer towards the bottom of your bob and shorter on top.

girl with dark wavy pixie haircuts perfect for thick hair
Wavy pixie. Credit:

Wavy pixie cut

Blessed with hair that’s both thick and full of delicious-looking waves? Then get this fab version of the classic pixie cut by working in rough, subtle layers to show off your waves. With a short style like this, all you need is a small amount of VO5 Classic Styling Soft Moulding Wax, it’ll help control your natural waves but without any loss of movement and shape. The result? A look that’s both charming and stylish!

Girl with long bob with bangs short hairstyles for thick hair
Long bob with bangs. Credit:

Long bob with bangs

longer bob that sits just above the shoulders is a great choice if you don’t want to go super short. For easy styling and maintenance, don’t forget to ask your stylist to cut in some light layers to help remove any excess weight at the bottom. If you have a square, oval or heart-shaped face, you might also want to cut in a piecey fringe to give the look more edge.

Tip: Work this effortless cut with natural-looking wavy textures and style using TRESemmé Perfectly un(Done) Sea Salt Spray

Blonde woman with trendy undercut pixie and thick hair
Undercut pixie. Credit: Dvora

Undercut pixie

This timeless, close-cropped pixie works perfectly with dense hair, and will give you a style with plenty of texture and personality. For a more tapered look that’s perfect for rounder faces, take your cue from the classic undercut, and keep your pixie longer on top with slightly faded sides. Then sweep your longer hair forward to create a delicate, piecey fringe that will enhance your eyes.

Young brunette girl with short fringe and rounded bob
Rounded bob with bangs. Credit: Dvora

Rounded bob with fringe

Want to update your bob? Try to give it a rounded shape for a contemporary look that feels bold but totally wearable. Ask your stylist to make sure that you have a strong and defined bob with a few very subtle layers at the ends to prevent it from looking too heavy. For a more directional look, add a full, blunt fringe and blow-dry your hair straight for an ultra modern, effortlessly polished finish.




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