Mid-length hairstyles for thick hair: 5 trendy looks to make it more manageable

All Things Hair | 28 May 2016

Thick hair just got a little bit more manageable!

While lusciously thick, full-bodied locks often look gorgeous and healthy, those who’ve been blessed with it will testify that styling and keeping it under control can be a rather cumbersome task – especially when you have long, flowing tresses. And while there is the option of cutting it all off (gasp!), for those who want to keep a bit of length, we suggest you consider a few mid-length hairstyles for thick hair that’ll make it a little bit more manageable.

So, don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you chop off all your precious locks, but we have put together a few ideas of in-between styles and cuts that might make your life a little easier going forward. Want to know what they are (of course you do!)? Then just keep scrolling and discover our pick of the best mid-length hairstyles for thick hair, now.

5 mid-length hairstyles for thick hair


smooth hair medium length
Mid-length hairstyles for thick hair: Smooth layered cut. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Smooth layered cut

Sophisticated and unfussy, this timeless style will work wonders for those with thick hair that’s naturally straight or slightly wavy.

The layers don’t have to be dramatic (for those who want a more modern look), but do ask your stylist to thin out the ends using shears to remove any excess weight at the bottom of the cut. This will result in a subtle and effortless hairstyle that feels much lighter than it looks.

mid length hairstyles for thick hair
Mid-length hairstyles for thick hair: Side-parted lob. Credit: Dvora

Side-parted, mid-length bob

A long bob works well on pretty much all hair types and face shapes, not to mention it’s bang on trend for 2016. To make your thick hair lighter and more manageable, just ask your stylist to work in some very subtle layers to help remove weight.

A side parting is also a great way to elevate a simple base cut, and it works a treat with thick hair, as it can help maximise the advantages of fuller-bodied locks to create a luxe, naturally voluminous look.

mid length hairstyles for thick hair shaggy
Mid-length hairstyles for thick hair: Shaggy mid-length waves. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Shaggy mid-length waves

Another trending look that’ll work wonders on thicker hair, the shag is perfect for those who want to take even more weight out of their mid-length cut.

Ask your stylist for longer, choppier layers throughout, as this will help create shape and boost texture, without making your hair look too ridiculously full. Aim for the longest length to fall just below your collarbones, and keep the shortest layer to around mid-cheek.

If you have naturally wavy hair, this cut will work a treat, but if you don’t, just use a curling wand to create medium, loose curls before gently teasing them out with your fingers for that effortlessly tousled, rock ‘n’ roll-inspired finish.

long bob hairstyle for thick hair
Mid-length hairstyles for thick hair: Mid-length waves. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Mid-length waves

Ah, waves. The summer-perfect solution to all our problems, it seems! But seriously, there’s virtually no cut a few healthy-looking kinks won’t benefit – this one included.

It doesn’t matter as such where your mid-length cut falls (although do take your face shape into account if you want the length to flatter), but for those with thick hair, the trick is to build in very soft, virtually undetectable layers, both underneath and on the top layer of the hair to make it more manageable and to ensure those waves don’t go completely wild, resulting in a triangular-looking cut.

mid length hairstyles for thick hair curly
Mid-length hairstyles for thick hair: Single length curly hair. Credit: Dvora

Layered curls

Have thick curly hair? Then the answer to all your problems is – yep, you guessed it – layers! We know, we sound like a broken record, but getting your stylist to work in the right amount of layers, in the right places, will make your full-bodied locks much easier to manage and, in turn, save you a lot of prep time in the morning.

It’s worth speaking to him/her prior to getting your haircut about how to thin out hair to help make those lively curls a cinch to style. You’ll thank us, we promise.


Now you have a better idea of what cuts will work best for your thick mane, we bet your ready to explore all the other ways you can rock it, right? Then jump on over to our Thick Hair page, where you can find all sorts of styles to try!

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