The best haircuts for long thick hair

The thick hair struggle doesn't have to be real!  

Finding haircuts for long, thick hair can be a difficult task to say the least. After all, if you’re working with this specific hair type, you’ll know the endless hours spent styling and, of course, detangling! But while living with thick strands can be a bit of a struggle, the good news is, that there are lots of ways you can embrace the natural thickness of your tresses, without having to tame the beast every morning, noon, and night.

We know, this sounds too good to be true, but we just so happen to have the secret to regaining control of your mane: and it lies with finding the right cut for your strands. So, to help you do this with as little fuss as possible, we’ve created a guide outlining some of the best haircuts for long thick hair. You can thank us later!

5 haircuts for long thick hair


Haircuts for long thick hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Layered cut with a side swept fringe
Haircuts for long thick hair: Layered cut with a side swept fringe. Credit:

Layered cut with a side swept fringe

If you have a lot of hair, you’ll likely find the sheer mass of your strands a little overwhelming at times. But luckily for you, there is a simple solution: and it comes in the form of a layered haircut! Not only will this help take out some of the bulk from your tresses, but layers are also great for adding texture, shape and movement to long, same-length hair.

Editor’s tip: To help complement your graceful layers, why not ask your hair stylist to incorporate a side swept fringe into your cut, too? This will update your look with a fashion-forward edge, all with minimal effort! Credit: @evafrv

Haircuts for long thick hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Long even cut
Haircuts for long thick hair: Long even cut. Credit:

Long even cut

If you have long, thick hair, this cut can certainly work to your advantage when it comes to managing constant volume. Why? Well, because thick hair that is all one length has lots of weight to it, meaning that it will help to pull your strands down and flatten your locks!

Editor’s tip: If you find that your long, thick hair lacks shine, don’t fret: simply spritz your mane with the VO5 Smoothly Does It Tame and Shine Spray, to help give your tresses a lovely, healthy-looking sheen! Credit: @herzyk

Haircuts for long thick hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Long layered textured cut
Haircuts for long thick hair: Long layered textured cut. Credit:

Long layered and textured cut

Just because you have a lot of hair, that doesn’t automatically mean you have to alter your texture to control it. In fact, one of the best ways to rock your tresses, is to fully embrace your natural texture and opt for some long layers!

What this does, is help to thin out the hair and enable you to style your mane a little easier. This will also add depth, shape, and lots of movement to same-length cuts, making your hair look and feel a lot lighter! Credit: @raylorojohair

Haircuts for long thick hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - An arched fringe
Haircuts for long thick hair: An arched fringe. Credit:

An arched fringe

If you were paying attention to the fashion runways from the past few seasons, then you’ll know that this year has been all about the fringe! And it just so happens, that rocking a set of on-trend bangs is an ideal way of taking on those unruly strands that sit at the front of your look.

So, if you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone, try opting for a long, choppy layered cut, with an arched fringe, to give a cool and edgy dimension to your signature style. It’s like all our hair dreams have been realised with one simple cut!  Credit@marcostrueba_hair

Haircuts for long thick hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Face framing layers
Haircuts for long thick hair: Face framing layers. Credit:

Face framing layers

If you have a mane of thick hair, then it’s highly likely that your stylist will have already suggested a layered ‘do, to help take the weight out of your hair. And face-framing layers are an amazing way to uplift your look, without spending hours in front of the mirror!

Editor’s tip: To really give your face-framing layers a high-impact finish, try creating loose curls in the front sections of your hair, using a curling tong and some TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam. Credit: @galantonela17


Still not found the cool hairstyles for your long, thick hair? Don’t get yourself into a twist, just head over to our Long hairstyles and Hairstyles for Thick Hair pages, for more fun and pretty styling ideas!

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