The best short hairstyles for round faces

All Things Hair | 25 August 2016

Who said girls with round faces can’t rock short hair?

If you thought that finding flattering short hairstyles for round faces is an impossible task, you’re probably not alone. But despite popular belief, there are certain short cuts that will work wonders on spherical complexions.

To prove it, we’ve put together a list of our favourite short hairdos, guaranteed to flatter round faces, so that you can try them out yourself. So what are you waiting for? Just keep scrolling…

6 of our favourite short hairstyles for round faces


Short hairstyles for round faces: short side parting bob
Short hairstyles for round faces: Side-parted chin-length bob. Credit:

Side-parted, chin-length bob

A classic chin-length bob may not seem like the most obvious choice for round face shapes, but if the length is judged just right, this on-trend hairstyle can work a treat.

A neat little trick to try is to style it with deep side parting, or a sweeping side fringe, as this will help draw the eye diagonally downwards. And if your hair is naturally thick, try adding in some layers through the cut to remove any excess weight, making it easier to manage and style on a daily basis.

Short hairstyles for round faces: brunette short bob best haircut for round faces
Short hairstyles for round faces: Layered tousled bob. Credit:

Layered tousled bob

Light and feathery, a layered bob can help elongate your complexion by adding height and texture. Easy to wear and super on-trend this season, style this haircut by spritzing a healthy dose of texturizing spray, like the Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray (£7.49*), through your layers to enhance those sexy, tousled textures and amp up the volume.

Short hairstyles for round faces: blonde pixie with side part
Short hairstyles for round faces: Side-parted long pixie cut

Side-parted long pixie cut

You may not have realised it, but a pixie cut is actually amazingly versatile, plus they can work for round faces! But instead of an ultra short and edgy pixie, why not opt for a slightly longer cut and style it with a side parting? The extra length and soft edges can help make your face look longer, too.

To style, simply comb your hair into a side parting, without making it too precise. Add a little extra volume by working a little bit of the TIGI S-Factor Creamy Molding Wax (£17.45*) into your hair with your fingertips just above the roots to inject some natural-looking textures for a casual finish.

Short hairstyles for round faces: copper tapered pixie cut
Short hairstyles for round faces: Tapered pixie cut. Credit: Dvora

Tapered pixie cut

This tapered pixie cut is a feminine and modern update to the classic style, and it just so happens to work a treat on round faces, too. Style it with a side-swept fringe and leave the piece-y texture of your hair intact to help add volume and height for the most flattering outcome.

Short hairstyles for round faces: short curly natural hair
Short hairstyles for round faces: Short curly crop. Credit:

Short curly crop

Short hairstyles for round faces don’t always have to be focused on creating the illusion of length. Some styles are perfect if you just want to embrace your unique face shape and show it off with confidence. If you have naturally coily, kinky or curly hair, try cropping it close and allowing the texture of your locks to do all the work for you!

To really show off your curls with flair, prep you hair with some Toni&Guy Prep Curl Defining Hair Oil (£6.99*) to really enhance and define their shape.

Short hairstyles for round faces: Short asymmetric fade pixie cut
Short hairstyles for round faces: Asymmetric fade cut.

Asymmetric fade cut

A fantastically bold look, this style is ideal if you really want to make a statement! To get this asymmetric look, ask your stylists for a faded crop that’s cut close to the scalp on one side, but features long, cropped hair swept across the other.

Edgy and unique, this style exudes confidence and panache, while also being fairly low-maintenance: if you’ve got the base cut right, minimal styling is needed. Win-win!

So, ready for the chop yet? Which one of these short hairstyles for round faces will you go for?

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