The best long hairstyles for round faces

All Things Hair | 22 January 2017

Elongate and flatter, that is the key…


Although women with round faces tend to have the advantage of appearing more youthful, finding the right haircut to complement and remain on-trend can be tricky, to say the least. Which is why going to the hairdresser can often be a less than pleasant experience. But with added length being one of the fail-safe rules of flattery for spherical features, rest assured, there are plenty of long hairstyles for round faces to tickle all sorts of tastebuds.

From elegant, long layers to more modern mid-length waves, we’ve rounded up 6 of the best long hairstyles for round faces, all guaranteed to win you extra sartorial points! Now all you have to do, is book that overdue salon appointment.

6 Of the best long hairstyles for round faces


layered long hairstyles for round faces
Long hairstyles for round faces: Barely-there layers. Credit:

Barely-there layers

For those with round faces, a bit of extra length goes a long way in helping to elongate those features. But the best way to work a long hairstyle is with very subtle, barely-there layers. These will help to create a little bit of movement and ensure your tresses don’t fall flat (which can happen a lot, especially if you have straight hair).

Ask your stylist to work in soft, feathery layers starting from below the chin, for the most flattering results. If you prefer your look to be even all around, just request for those layers to be closer together in length at the bottom.

wavy long hairstyles for round faces
Long hairstyles for round faces: Mid-length waves. Credit:

Mid-length waves

Want to retain that flattering effect, but need something shorter and lighter for the spring and summer months? Then why not try an uber-trendy medium-length cut, which has been favoured by the likes of Mila Kunis and Lauren Conrad?

The key to really maximise this modern hairstyle, is to add a few gentle waves and subtle front layers for that fresh, feminine look that feels effortless. Just make sure those loose, soft ringlets are curled away from your face for the most flattering effect!

side swept bangs long hairstyles for round faces
Long hairstyles for round faces: Side-swept fringe. Credit:

Side-swept fringe

Thought bangs were out of bounds for round-faced ladies? Think again. As demonstrated by Kirsten Dunst (who has long been an advocate), a playful side-swept fringe can actually work wonders for spherical face shapes.

The off-centre sweep will help create the illusion of a narrower face, while the longer sides will really help emphasise those amazing cheekbones! Just remember to keep the fringe on the longer side so you have the option to experiment with your look.

curtain bangs long hairstyles for round faces
Long hairstyles for round faces: Curtain bangs. Credit:

Curtain bangs

A subtle and uber flattering way to work bangs on rounder face shapes, this nifty fringe-cutting trick is great for those who like to sweep their hair up into a bun or a ponytail. However, it also looks great when worn with soft, undulating waves.

Editor’s tip: To create softly tousled waves, we suggest prepping your strands with the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam and curl your strands away from your face.

voluminous blow out long bob hairstyle for round faces
Long hairstyles for round faces: Voluminous lob. Credit:

Voluminous lob

While shorter bobs are renowned for being harsh on rounder faces, an ultra modern lob (AKA long bob) – which hits around the collarbone – can lend a nice balancing effect. For the most striking and flattering results, do like Adele, Olivia Munn or Chrissy Teigen and opt for a big, bouncy blowout that’ll add height, volume and movement!

Oh, and don’t forget to ask your stylist to build in short, subtle layers at the bottom, as this will remove excess weight and create the most balanced results!

curly long hairstyles for round faces
Long hairstyles for round faces: Wild curls. Credit:

Wild curls

Have tightly-coiled waves or sexy, unruly curls? Well, then you’re in luck. Just keep it long with structured layers built in and let it run wild. Also, the volume will add height at the top, helping to elongate your features, while those natural ringlets will accentuate your cheekbones and boost definition all round.

Editor’s tip: To ensure that your coils are perfectly defined and free from frizz, prep your mane using a small amount of the TIGI S Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum, before stepping out of the house!


Need a look that will flatter you round face shape but current rocking short tresses? Then sit yourself down, because we have you covered! Just take a look at our pick of the best short ‘dos for round faces and get ready to book that salon appointment.

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