Super cute haircuts for round faces

All Things Hair | 26 May 2016

Looking for a hairstyle that will suit your round face? We’ve got you covered!

A round face is instantly distinguishable by its youthful appeal, sweet nature and full cheeks. But while the good news is that no lengths are off limits, not every cut flatters. Which is why – whether you’re looking to redefine your current haircut or revamp your look completely – it’s really important to understand what works with your face type and what can help accentuate your best features. Not sure where to begin? Why not take a look at our round-up of the super cute, on-point haircuts for round faces and discover your best options. Just remember to take them with you next time you’re booked in for a salon appointment to show your stylist!

6 Cute haircuts for round faces you should try now


mixed length layers for short hair
Haircuts for round faces: Mixed-length layers. Credit: Dvora

Mixed-length layers

Layers are a great way to add volume, shape and movement to your hair. And when it comes to flattering a round face, it’s all about finding the right type of layers that will help elongate your features and accentuate those cheekbones. We recommend soft, face-framing layers that start slightly past the chin, which will instantly add a new dimension to blunt-cut locks. For best results, work in gentle, undulating waves that curl away from your face to keep the effect subtle, yet effective.

haircuts for round faces fringe
Haircuts for round faces: Side-swept bangs. Credit:

Side-swept fringe

Despite popular belief, bangs can work on round faces, too. The key is all in choosing the right shape and length. A side-swept fringe that grazes the top of your cheekbones and falls just above the top of your lips will help define your amazing bone structure, enhance your eyes and create the illusion of a longer, slimmer complexion.

long bob for a round face
Haircuts for round faces: Long bob. Credit: Dvora

The lob

No doubt about it: a collarbone-grazing lob is one of the most modern and flattering haircuts for round faces. This is because a voluminous long bob (providing you keep some weight at the ends) can help to accentuate the angles near your jawline. The addition of short, subtle layers will also promote thickness, while giving the look a softer, more sophisticated edge.

tapered pixie haircuts for round faces
Haircuts for round faces: Tapered pixie. Credit: Dvora

Tapered pixie

Bold, daring and fashion-forward, a chic pixie cut is always going to win you extra points in the style stakes! So if you have a round face, you certainly shouldn’t be afraid to go short! A tapered pixie crop, paired with a side-swept fringe will instantly add definition to your face and look ultra modern, too. Just remember to ask your stylist to leave a little more length around the ears, as cutting too much into that piece can really open up a round face and make it appear even wider.

barely there layered haircuts for round faces
Haircuts for round faces: Barely there layers. Credit: Dvora

Barely-there layers

We told you that you could get away with almost any length! One of the best ways to lengthen your features is to embrace super long locks. Consider adding in light, barely-there layers that begin around the collarbone to promote movement and prevent the style from falling flat. Just remember that the longer your hair, the more prone to split ends it is, so if you do opt for this look, make sure to work in regular trims and treat your tresses to conditioning treatments as often as you can.

full choppy fringe bob haircuts for round faces
Haircuts for round faces: Bob and full, choppy fringe. Credit:

Bob and full, choppy fringe 

For those with round faces, this bold, directional look should be approached with caution. But get it right and it’ll work wonders to enhance your spherical complexion, while also ticking all of this season’s biggest trend boxes. Just make sure that your bob is cut just below your chin and that your bangs hit on, or just above, the brow bone (any longer and you’ll only shorten the length of your face) for best effect. Keep the fringe full, but work in very subtle, choppy layers to thin it out. Tip: blow-dry it straight with a little bounce for the chicest and most flattering outcome.

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