The best hairstyles for round faces at every age

All Things Hair | 21 June 2016

Finding the right hairstyle for a round face can be tough!

Whether it’s round, heart-shaped, long or oval, there are hair dos and don’ts for every face shape. But when it comes to finding the best hairstyles for round faces, it can be pretty hard to get it right!

If you fall into the round face category, then you’re lucky enough to be blessed with youthful-looking features. However, this can make it difficult to find a hairstyle that makes you feel chic, sophisticated and thoroughly on-trend, that’s also suitable for your age group.

It’s often said that the key to a flattering hairstyle is one that creates the impression that you have a perfectly oval face. But for those of us with round faces, it’s more about finding one that creates the illusion of length instead of roundness. Of course, there are also many things to take into account such as your hair texture, style and lifestyle.

So if you’re looking for a little hair inspiration, here’s our rundown of the best hairstyles for round faces at every age.

5 Best hairstyles for round faces


long layered best hairstyles for round faces
Best hairstyles for round faces: Long layers can help to flatter. Credit:

1. Long layers

Luscious, long layers that fall below the chin have a slimming effect as they open up the face and add length. To achieve this look, make sure you ask your stylist to create layers that start slightly below the chin. And when you style your new ‘do, make sure that you curl the layers away from your face rather than towards it to counteract its roundness.

best hairstyles for round faces voluminous bob
Best hairstyles for round faces: Voluminous hair looks great with this shaped face. Credit:

2. Less length, more volume

If you’ve got a round face, then it’s safe to say that you should steer clear of a chin-length bob (as it will make your face look even rounder). A longer, voluminous bob (AKA the lob), on the other hand, will help offset the roundness of your features, flattering all the right angles and drawing attention to your cheek bones.

Top tip: you can create volume to your bob with gorgeous curls.

opt for the chop if you have a round face
Best hairstyles for round faces: Opt for the chop if you have a full face. Credit:

3. Go for the chop

If you’re feeling brave, then go for a deconstructed pixie cut as it’s a great look for your round complexion (think Halle Berry and Ginnifer Goodwin!). Because the style places all the volume on top of the head, it gives the face a more oval appearance. A timeless cut, perfect for ladies of all ages!

And if you aren’t feeling ready for the chop, just go for a topknot, which has the same effect.

best hairstyles for round faces side swept fringe
Best hairstyles for round faces: Side swept, wavy fringe. Credit:

4. Make a sweeping statement

A sweeping side fringe counteracts the circular look of a round face by drawing attention to the cheekbones. If you’re considering this ‘do, then make sure you ask your stylist for a fringe that hits your cheekbones to create a flattering angle and frame your face.

hairstyles for round faces side parting
Best hairstyles for round faces: Deep side part. Credit:

5. Side parting

Centre partings are great for round faces, but this doesn’t mean that side partings can’t look just as good. Aligning your parting to the side, just above one of your eyebrows, helps to create a flattering effect – distracting attention from the fullness of your face.

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