The best haircuts for round faces that will elongate and flatter

Arianna | 18 October 2016

Here’s how to work with your face shape.

If you have a round face, we’re guessing that you want to find out which hairstyle will help elongate and give your face more structure, right? Round faces are characteristically equal in length and width, and often feature a soft jawline and cheekbones – making styling your mane a bit of challenge at times. Luckily for you though, the All Things Hair team are going to show you exactly what the best haircuts for round faces are, so you can rock a hot new ‘do for the cooler months ahead. Feeling intrigued? Then read on and find out which of these looks could be your new wintertime companion!

The best haircuts for round faces: What to show your stylist


Best haircuts for round faces: All Things Hair - IMAGE - layers brown hair side parting
Best haircuts for round faces: Layers with a side parting. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. Long layers with a side parting

To elongate your face and flatter your features, try opting for long, feathered layers, with a subtle side parting. A mistake that many girls make, is choosing a middle parting when wearing their hair down – this creates symmetry and makes the roundness of your face more prominent (definitely not what you want!). So, to give your face a more angular appearance, remember to style your hair into a side part, that sits roughly above your right eyebrow.

Best haircuts for round faces: All Things Hair - IMAGE - pixie crop volume bleach blonde
Best haircuts for round faces: Pixie crop with height on top. Credit:

2. Pixie crop with volume on top

If want some celebrity inspiration, then look to mega-babe Ginnifer Goodwin, who rocks a pixie crop like no other! To complement your face type, and to help create the illusion of a more oval face shape, ensure that you keep all of the volume at the top of your head, by opting for soft hair spikes, while the sides are cropped shorter.

Editor’s tip: To style your pixie, try using a small amount of the VO5 Classic Styling Soft Moulding WaxThis amazing styling product allows you to have full control over your pixie, enabling you to work and re-work your look whenever you want!

Best haircuts for round faces: All Things Hair - IMAGE - brown long bob waves street style
Best haircuts for round faces: Long bob. Credit:

3. A voluminous long bob

We know what you’re thinking, how can a bob alter my round face shape? Well, contrary to popular belief, a bob is actually one of the best haircuts for round faces – you just need to steer well clear of the ultra short ones! Instead, try a lob (AKA a long bob), which falls below your chin, and has been blown out for extra volume! If in doubt, just look to British singing sensation, Adele for inspiration – if anyone knows how to work a volumised ‘do, it’s her.

Editor’s tip: Don’t have your desired volume from the cut alone? Then spritz your mane with the VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Sprayto really give your locks some added oomph!

Best haircuts for round faces: All Things Hair - IMAGE - mid length wavy brown hair
Best haircuts for round faces: Mid-length wavy hair. Credit:

4. Mid-length wavy hair

Waves are universally flattering, no matter what your face shape may be. And the reason mid-length, wavy hair is great for those with round faces is because when the wave bends at cheekbone height, it helps to define and enhance the high points in your face, giving you more structure. Now that’s what we call smart styling!

Still in need of more amazing looks to work with your face shape? Then you need to spend some time on our Hairstyles for Round Faces page. And once you’ve got your cut sorted, discover the 8 timeless hairstyles to try if you have a round face!

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