The best short hairstyles for long faces

From pixies, to bobs and lobs, discover the best short crops for long faces now.

Long faces and short hairstyles: sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? In reality, however, shorter cuts can beautifully complement longer face shapes by creating the illusion of added width and higher, more defined cheekbones – an asset every narrow-faced lady is after. So whether you’re pondering a trendy lob, a cool bob or want to take the plunge and go for a dramatic pixie crop, rest assured, there are plenty of short hairstyles for long faces to suit, so long as you adhere to a few basic principles that’ll help frame and add definition to those elongated proportions, rather than lengthen them further.

Short hairstyles for long faces to try

the lob short hairstyles for long faces
The lob is a safe bet. Credit:

The lob

A lob (or long bob) is a brilliantly flattering length for long faces. Look no further than actress Milla Jovovich – who was rocking her lob long before it hit the mainstream – and you’ll see that a slight asymmetric cut with subtle layers work together particularly well to balance out the length of her face. If your face shape is especially narrow, however, a side-swept fringe will really help to increase its width. Try working in texture and add a bit of movement – via subtle waves or through the help of the VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray (£3.99*) – for a softer overall look.

bob cut for long faces
Classic bob with blunt fringe. Credit:

The bob

Want to go a bit shorter? A chin-length bob (or even one that just grazes the top of the chin) is your answer. The same basic principles apply as to those of the lob: think subtle textures and movement – like softly sweeping waves that curl away from the face – to really help open up and widen your proportions. Tip: slightly shorter side-swept bangs and bobs are a match made in heaven for long faces. But for more dramatic results, why not try a blunt fringe? You’re blessed with one of the only face shapes that can pull it off, after all, so play it to your best advantage.

grown out pixie cut short hairstyles for long faces
The perfect cut for long faces: the grown out pixie. Credit:

The grown-out pixie

Shorter still? No problem. You’ll be looking at what we like to call a grown-out pixie, AKA the Meg Ryan haircut. Yep, that cute little crop boasting lots of texture and sexy little flicks could be yours, too. Longer than a traditional pixie cut, but shorter than a bob, you’ve probably spotted the grown-out pixie on celebrities with slightly rounder or heart-shaped faces like Jennifer Lawrence and Carey Mulligan, but trust us, it’ll work wonders on longer, narrower face shapes, too. The key here is texture, so get ready to make Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturing Spray (£7.49*) your new best friend. Add waves for an even fuller effect, but be careful of too much volume up top as it will only work to further lengthen your face.

short hairstyles for long faces
Try a sweeping side fringe with a pixie cut. Credit:

The pixie crop

Finally, if you have straight or fine hair, a cool pixie crop could be the short hairstyle for you. One of the trickier haircuts to pull off, if done correctly (with softly built-in layers and textures, not so much volume) it can be great for balancing out elongated proportions. Bangs are key to making this look work on longer faces – and there are plenty of options. Take your pick from a soft side-sweeping fringe that just grazes the top of your cheekbones, or something more piecey if you want to keep it long – but shorter, subtly asymmetric bangs a la Anne Hathaway can work to shorten the length of that forehead, too. Just one thing: avoid the pompadour at all costs.

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