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Short hairstyles for long faces: 5 Styles that are guaranteed to flatter

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You don’t need us to tell you that finding a hairstyle that suits your face shape is just as important (if not more) than the cut itself. Which is why, if looking for short hairstyles for long faces, you’re in the right place. If you have a long face, you can rest assured that there are lots of ways that you can achieve a more balanced, oval-shaped appearance by choosing a cut that will make your face look rounder than it is.

From side swept fringes through to subtle asymmetric angles, our helpful guide has everything covered when it comes to finding short hairstyles perfect for your long face shape! Oh, and did we mention, this season is all about jumping on the #ShortHairDon’tCare Bandwagon? After reading this, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be ready to commit to the chop!

Short hairstyles for long faces to try now

Hairstyles for long faces: wavy bob
Short hairstyles for long faces: Wavy side-part bob. Credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Wavy side-part bob

Short hair tends to work best if you have a long face, as hair that falls below your collarbone can elongate your face further. Instead, shorter cuts (such as bobs) are great for keeping some length if you can’t bare to part with your locks. And according to our well-informed fashion radar, this season, the bob is back and it’s better than ever.

If you have a long face, an excellent way to wear one of this season’s hottest trends is to add some tousled waves. This will not only add lots of movement, texture and shape, it will also help to add fullness to thinner faces. Is there anything a bob can’t do for us?

Hairstyles for long faces: side fringe
Short hairstyles for long faces: Side fringe. Credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Side fringe

Some of the best hairstyles for long faces incorporate a side fringe, don’t you know. This is because a side swept fringe helps to counteract any sharpness of your facial features, adding softness and distracting from a larger forehead. Side fringes also look great with a variety of different short cuts – so you can rock one no matter what your current look!

A word of warning: when working with a fringe, be careful not to use too much styling product in your bangs, as it can promote greasiness! If you’re styling the rest of your mane with a lot of product, use it sparingly on your fringe and have a dry shampoo to hand to refresh on the go.

layered bob short hairstyles for long faces
Short hairstyles for long faces: Layered bob. Credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Layered bob

Layers are perfect for adding shape, texture, and plenty of movement to a variety of different cuts. If you have thick hair, they’re great for removing weight, and, if you have a long face, we’d recommend teaming your freshly cut layered bob with a blunt fringe. A cool, fashion-forward blunt fringe is perfect for decreasing the length of long faces, whilst accentuating your cheekbones.

Don’t forget to style up your layered bob by creating extra volume around your face with a texturising spray. Not only will this give your mane a boost, but it’ll also help to show off all the different hair lengths in your layers! We’d recommend trying the Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray (£7.49*). Textured tresses are just a spritz away!

short hairstyles for long faces
Short hairstyles for long faces: Pixie cut. Credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Pixie cut

Cool, edgy and perfectly equipped to make a bold fashion statement, the pixie cut works with a variety of different face types, but especially works well with longer face shapes. Shorter cuts are perfect for flattering your facial features and distracting the eye from the length of your face.

If you’re feeling like stepping out of your comfort zone, a spiked or layered pixie is perfect for embracing the sharp lines of your face. Try working in some VO5 Texture Soft Moulding Wax (£2.99*) to your pixie to create a high-definition finish to your look!

Hairstyles for long faces: messy long bob
Short hairstyles for long faces: Messy lob. Credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Messy lob

This season is all about embracing bed-head hair and letting your undone style do the talking! And when it comes to distracting attention away from your long face, this cut is perfect for creating the illusion that your face is wider than it actually is. Also, why not try popping in one of those lovely side fringes we mentioned earlier? They work a treat with a messy lob, to help give your face a fuller appearance!

The key to nailing this look is to embrace the natural texture of your hair, and don’t be afraid to amp up the volume! To really mess up your mane, give it a spritz of the Toni&Guy Casual Rough Texturiser (£7.49*) to work in loads of gorgeous, tousled texture.


If you’re in the market for a low maintenance look that’s also oh-so chic, then you need to check out these 5 stylish haircuts that require zero effort! And if that wasn’t enough for your precious short locks, head over to our Short Hairstyles page for masses of hairspiration.

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18 September 2016