Hairstyles that flatter a heart face shape

Bring out the best in your face shape...  

Have you been blessed with a heart face shape, but struggling to find a hairstyle to suit it? While other face types require a cut that will balance the length or width of their features, heart shape faces are a little trickier to style, due to the fact that they have multiple dimensions (sigh!). But don’t let it get your down: because we’re here to help guide you through the styling process. 

Now, instead of using a trial and error method to get the right look for you, simple take a peek below, and gaze at our top 3 heart shape styles. Trust us, these ‘dos will help bring out the true beauty of your face type!

How to style your heart face shape


Reese Witherspoon with side swept hairstyle and long dress
Hairstyles that flatter a heart face shape: Side swept fringe. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Side-swept fringe

Now, if your feeling glum about your heart-shaped face, let us tell you: they have become hotly desired among the Hollywood crowd! Just take inspiration from the lovely Reese Witherspoon, whose sweeping side fringe serves to draw attention away from her narrow chin, while also helping to cover a wider forehead. To nail this ‘do yourself, make sure that the shortest point of the fringe hits just above the eyebrows, for a sexy, nonchalant look.

Editor’s tip: Think that getting a side fringe is too fussy for you to handle? Well, all it takes to secure it in place, is to spritz your bangs with a strong-hold hairspray, like TIGI S-Factor Vivacious Hairspray.

Jennifer Lawerence with bangs and a blue dress
Hairstyles that flatter a heart face shape: Blunt Bangs. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Blunt bangs

Contrary to popular belief, those with heart face shapes aren’t restricted to picking from the pool of side fringes – quite the opposite, because the blunt fringe is also a great styling choice! While old school advice says that blunt bangs only serve to emphasise the top heaviness of heart-shaped faces, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Not only are blunt bangs great for highlighting your amazing cheekbones, but they’re also one of the most coveted looks of the season! Just ensure that you keep your bangs narrow, and look to Jennifer Lawrence (circa 2012) as inspiration. 

jennifer aniston with lob hairstyles and black dress
Hairstyles that flatter a heart face shape: The lob. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

The lob

Blessed with a heart shaped face, Jennifer Aniston was one of the first to bring the lob (AKA the long bob) to public consciousness. Simply by working a lob that is all one length, and that curls under the chin, you’ll be able to soften a pointed or obvious jaw-line. And since lobs can be worn wavy, straight, curly, or in natural manes, know that you won’t be short on styling options!

Editor’s tip: Our favourite way to wear a long bob, is with a glossy finish! So, to give your locks a bright and beautiful sheen, spritz them with the TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray after styling


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