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Long hairstyles for different face types

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Long hair is for everyone, don’t you know!


When it comes to your face shape, choosing the right hairstyle is super important: not only does the perfect look help to flatter your bone structure, but it’ll also brings out your best features. And we know that when it come to long hairstyles, there’s no room to trial and error a lot of different styles. But that’s where we come in! We’re here to tell you that all face types most definitely can rock long locks!

So, whether you have a square, round, oval, oblong or heart-shaped face, there’s a long hairstyle waiting just for you – go on, take a look.

Face types: Long hairstyles to try

Long hairstyles for different face types
Long hairstyles for different face types: Square face.

Face types: Square shaped face

Soften the harshness of a square face by opting for a side parting with side-swept bangs. Also, if you have really prominent cheekbones, and want to tone them down, then a side parting will be your new BFF. Why? Because it means that your bangs will fall over one cheekbone, softening your overall look.

Ask your stylist to cut you in some long layers that fall near your chin, too, as these will help to frame your face and make it look less heavily structured.

round face Long hairstyles for different face types
Long hairstyles for different face types: Round face.

Face types: Round shaped face

If you’ve got a round face, we bet that you’re looking for tips on how to elongate and slim it down, right? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got a super sweet hairstyle that’ll be sure to flatter your face. Meet the wavy side ponytail, which comes complete with wispy, tapered ends.

Unlike a blunt cut that creates sharp contrast to your face type, the softness of this hairdo’ will work with your shape to help pull it down.

Long hairstyles for different face types oval face shape
Long hairstyles for different face types: Oval face.

Face types: Oval shaped face

If you’ve been blessed with an oval shaped face, then we envy you: you’ve got the most desirable face shape there is, because you’ll suit almost any hairstyle.

But if you’re after a fail-safe style, then go for a classic, yet stylish look, like long flowing hair. Also, try adding in some subtle layers, as these will help to give your hair some added body and texture.

face types hairstyles heart
Long hairstyles for different face types: Heart face.

Face types: Heart shaped face

Got a heart-shaped face? Then a brow-grazing fringe will work to draw the attention away from your chin, and keep all eyes on your bangs – with so many dimensions to this face shape, your style needs to bring balance.

But remember: ask your stylist to cut into the bottom of your fringe to make it less harsh and blunt, otherwise it might end up looking too heavy. Also, opt for layers that graze the bottom of your cheekbones for a face-framing effect.

oblong face long hairstyles face types
Long hairstyles for different face types: Oblong face.

Face types: Oblong face

As having poker straight hair can make your face appear longer than it is, you want to go for a style that will help counteract it’s length. So, to shorten the appearance of an oblong face, either select a blunt fringe or soft, romantic waves for your look.

Something to bare in mind is the more voluminous your mane is, the shorter your face shape will appear, as the waves will add more horizontal (as opposed to vertical) depth. Pretty neat, right?


If you’re looking for more styles to suit your face shape, then take a look at our Hairstyles For All Face Types page – it’s got loads of amazing tips and tricks, as well as expert advice from the All Things Hair editors!

22 September 2016