Chic curly haircuts for round faces that’ll inspire your next trip to the salon

Amra | 22 January 2018

You might not know it, but the world is full of gorgeous curly haircuts for round faces!


Have you got a round face? Congrats — you’ve got the most youthful-looking face shape of all! However, this does make finding curly haircuts for round faces a lot harder. The solution? Us, of course!

To make things a lot easier for you, we’ve turned to the red carpet to find you curly haircut inspiration from your favourite round face-shaped celebs, all of who are sure to inspire your next trip to the salon.


Curly haircuts for round faces: 6 chic cuts you need to try


curly haircuts for round faces: close up shot of chrissy teigen with beachy curls, wearing black dress and posing on the red carpet
If Chrissy can do it, so can you! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

1. Chrissy Teigen’s curly long bob

When it comes to curly haircuts for round faces, Chrissy Teigen is the celebrity you need to take note of. Why? Because she knows how to slay her round face, of course!

Her curly long bob haircut features very subtle layers all around, which enhances her mane’s texture and volume. This helps draws attention away from her curved face, meaning you can focus on how cool her beachy curls are!

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close up shot of maisie williams with curly bob hairstyle, wearing jumper on the red carpet
This cute cob hairstyle will make your round face pop! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2. Maisie Williams’ side-parted curly bob

Long curls? If you’re desperate for a short cut that’ll flatter your features, you should definitely try getting a curly bob cut, just like Maisie Williams’.

The side part + voluminous curls in this look draws the attention horizontally, bringing the focus up to the eyes, rather than the roundness of Maisie’s face shape. Bonus!

close up shot of audrey tautou with curly hair pixie haircut
This is the prettiest pixie cut ever! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

3. Audrey Tautou’s romantic textured pixie

Naysayers might tell you that having a round face means you can’t rock a short pixie cut, but if Audrey Tautou (our ultimate French girl icon) can do it, so can you!

Here, her layered pixie and curly fringe hairstyle works to add depth, dimension and definition to her overall look, which you’ll know is something that round face shapes can sometimes lack.

close up shot of woman with round face, wearing striped top and posing on the red carpet
This long pixie cut has #hairgoals written all over it! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

4. Laura Govan’s long side fringe + pixie undercut

Another pixie hairstyle you can slay? This one, especially if you’re after a short curly hairstyle that’s full of edgy, high-fashion vibes!

This particular pixie haircut is perfect for a round face, as it features a long side fringe and a sharp undercut, which all work to diffuse the roundness of Laura Govan’s features. Now, doesn’t that sound great?

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Simply use on wet hair to define and separate your curls, then you’ll be ready to show the world how chic curly haircuts for round faces can be.

curly haircuts for round faces: close up shot of hilary duff with wavy long hair, smiling and wearing silver dress on the red carpet
Yes, there really is such a thing as long curly haircuts for round faces! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

5. Hilary Duff’s long layers + loose curly waves

We’ve shown you a lot of short haircuts that work a dream for curly gals, but what about those with precious long locks? You’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to say goodbye to your tresses after all, as working in more dramatic long layers can help lengthen a round face.

Need proof? Just look at how Hilary Duff slays her loosely curled cut and you’ll totally understand what we mean. And before you get envious, here’s how you can get loose curly waves!

curly haircuts for round faces: close up shot of justine skye with purple curly shag haircut
You’ll be giving off major rock vibes with this ‘do! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

6. Justine Skye’s shaggy haircut + wispy bangs

It’s no secret that shag hairstyles are the look du jour! Here, round-faced beauty Justine Skye shows us her take on the trend, with curly shaggy layers and rocker babe-approved wispy bangs.

Why this style for a round face, though? Well a wispy, Jane Birkin-inspired fringe helps break up the roundness of her spherical face shape, while the layers help elongate it – so it can totally do the same for you!


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