The All Things Hair guide to styling for all face shapes

Picking the right hairstyles for face shapes can be tricky – that was until you read this guide.

When it comes to getting a new haircut, are you left asking yourself: which hairstyle will be right for my face shape? Not to worry, we’ve all been there. In fact, so common is this query that we’ve put together the ultimate All Things Hair guide to styling for all face shapes, so you can finally get the answer you need!

From the shortest of styles to ultra long manes, our extensive guide to discovering the right hairstyles for different face shapes will make picking a new look a total breeze. So, before booking that salon appointment, keep on reading for all our expert tips, tricks and advice.

ATH guide to hairstyles for different face shapes


long hairstyles different face shapes
Hairstyles for different face shapes.

Heart face shapes


  • Face tapers towards the chin
  • Chin tends to be pointed
  • Forehead can be prominent

Celebrities: Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Kourtney Kardashian and Ruby Rose.

Face shapes - short bleach blonde pixie hair with clipped sides
Short hairstyles looking stunning on heart shaped faces. Credit:

Short hair: Clipped sides pixie

Pixie cuts look fantastic on heart-shaped faces, especially if you keep the sides short, as it draws attention to your chiselled cheekbones.

However, blunt pixies should be avoided, as it draws attention upwards, where as you want to create the illusion of balance. Credit: @tanjascolors

Face shapes - model with mid-length brown to blonde balayage hair swept to the side
Add balance to your heart shaped face by adding sweeping bangs. Credit:

Medium hair: Long sweeping bangs

A collarbone-skimming cut teamed with some side-sweeping bangs will add balance to a heart-shaped face. We suggest adding any layers or waves to your look at cheekbone height, as this will help your face shape appear more evenly proportioned. Credit: @imjennim

Face shapes - long blonde hair with full bangs in half up bun style
Bangs are a great way to conceal wide foreheads. Credit:

Long hair: Full fringe

How gorgeous do these bangs look on a heart shape face?! To avoid your long locks swamping your features, try pulling your tresses into a half-up bun (AKA a hun) and rocking a full fringe.

This will ensure your wider forehead is concealed, allowing all the attention to fall on your amazing cheekbones. Yep, bangs are miracle workers for styling different shapes of faces! Credit: @hairbymarissasue


Round face shapes


  • Face width and length are almost the same
  • Widest in the cheekbones
  • Face curves slightly outwards

Celebrities: Selena Gomez, Miranda Kerr, Chrissy Teigen, Kirsten Dunst and Elizabeth Olsen.

Face shapes - short pixie with spikey layers
Toughen up your pixie by adding spikey layers. Credit:

Short hair: Spiky pixie

Contrary to popular belief, pixie cuts look absolutely fabulous on round faces. Ask your stylist to add spiky layers throughout your look, as this will help add angles and dimension to your spherical face shape. For a feminine finish, top it all off with a soft and sweeping fringe. Credit: @chiyukihair

Editor’s tip: If you’re thinking of going for this spiky pixie, try using a workable hair wax, like the TIGI S-Factor Creamy Molding Wax, post-chop to keep your look messy!

Face shapes - medium length long bob hairstyle with wispy ends and soft waves
Slim round faces by adding wispy pieces. Credit:

Medium hair: Wispy lob

Lobs (AKA long bobs) suit pretty much everyone, but if you have a round face, we suggest adding wispy layers to your mid-length tresses to counterbalance the roundness.

We also recommend popping in some soft waves, to avoid the style creating too much contrast against your face shape. Credit: @shanecraighair

Face shapes - Long light blonde hair with soft layers and grown out bangs
Add soft barley there layers to your lengthy tresses. Credit:

Long hair: Barely there layers

For long-haired ladies, add barely-there layers to your tresses which hit just along the jawline, to avoid too much volume around the sides of the face.

Adding layers will help to create natural-looking movement and ensure your tresses don’t fall flat. Nothing worse than limp strands, right ladies?! Credit: @kayleybrumagin

Editor’s tip: Get that carefree beach waves look by using the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam. This nifty product will help give you light waves, plus the ultra lightweight formula smells gorgeous and dries non-sticky. Bonus!


Oval face shapes


  • Face tapers towards the chin
  • Prominent cheekbones

Celebrities: Kerry Washington, Blake Lovely, Olivia Munn and Liv Tyler.

Face shapes - light blonde angular lob in side part with beach waves
Angular long bobs are trending so make this your look for oval face shapes. Credit:

Short hair: Angular bob

Oval shaped faces are often considered the most versatile, as they suits many styles. However, for a tried-and-tested favourite, opt for an angular bob which has chin-hugging layers, to add lift around the face. Credit: @andrewkyle

Face shapes - blonde mid-long length hair with layers and side sweeping bangs
Sweeping bangs help to add definition to oval face shapes. Credit:

Medium hair: Sweeping bangs

Sweeping bangs look sensational on oval faces, as they change the face shape by shortening the length. You could also go for a curved full fringe, but avoid any styles that will accentuate the length of your face, like straight and long styles.

Ask your stylist to add in layers of various lengths and give your go-to look a high-impact blowout finish. Credit: @marisaatvanity

Editor’s tip: To keep your strands protected from heat damage, generously spritz your tresses with the TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spraybefore using any heated tools on your hair.

Face shapes - lond brown hair with big loose waves and grown out flicked out bangs
This blowout is simply stunning on oval face shapes. Credit:

Long hair: Curled ends

Bouncy blow dry styles really flatter oval-shaped faces, especially when paired with large waves and layers to frame your face.

Keep your parting down the centre and ask your stylist for long bangs that hit between the cheekbone and jawline, as this will help create slight angles in your face. Credit: @sarahangius


Square face shapes


  • Forehead, cheekbones and jawline all similar width
  • Strong angular jawline

Celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde, Keira Knightley and Katie Holmes.

Face shapes - square face with short layered bob with side parting
Add layers to your bob hairstyle for added definition. Credit:

Short hair: Layered bob

Emphasise cheekbones by adding layers to your short hair cut. A bob with choppy layers is a great choice for ladies with square-shaped faces, as it softens strong jawlines. Credit: @buddywporter

Face shape - long blonde hair with long layers
Long layered hairstyles work great for square face shapes. Credit:

Medium hair: Face framing layers

Adding layers to your mid-length mane will be a saviour for ladies with square faces, as they add softness to any sharp angles of your face. We suggest curling the hair outwards to help gently frame your face. Credit: @tauni901

Face shapes - long light to medium hair with full fringe
Add a full fringe to draw attention to your cheekbones. Credit:

Long hair: Full fringe look

Another misconception is that bangs don’t look good with square faces, but that’s not entirely true.

So, if you are thinking of adding bangs to your hairstyle, we suggest going for rounded bangs to soften the face and draw the attention inward, focusing on your striking features. Credit: @cutcolourbylily


And there you have it, you now have all the insider info on how to style for different face shapes! And now that you have the know-how, why not explore our New Hairstyles page, and find yourself a lovely look to try?

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