The only guide you will need when looking for the best hairstyle for your face shape

Finding the best hairstyle for your face shape has never been easier!  

Do you find that some hairstyles are flattering on others but they just don’t seem to sit right on you? Just like finding the perfect shade of foundation for your skin, there isn’t a one style fits all for face shapes. So to help you out, we have all the face flattering know-how you need when looking for the best hairstyle for your face shape.

But don’t worry about being stuck with one look for the rest of your life, as celebrities like Beyoncé and Victoria Beckham prove that there are no limits when it comes to fabulous styles!

So scroll down and you’ll soon discover the answer to your burning question ‘what is the best hairstyle for my face?’.

Finding the best hairstyle for your face shape just got a whole lot easier

victoria beckham brown hair coiffed updo
Victoria Beckham likes to style her heart-shaped face in a coiffed updo. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock


Celebrity inspiration: Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus & Reese Witherspoon.

When looking for the best hairstyle for any face shape, it is all about finding looks that accentuate your features. And for those with heart-shaped faces, this means highlighting those kick ass cheekbones and downplaying a wider forehead.

From Victoria’s wavy long bob to Reese’s piecey side bangs, most celebrities with heart-shaped faces tend to stick to wearing their hair down. You could also try adding layers to your hair for added volume, styling it into a softly swept back updo, trialling deep side partings, or rocking a loose ponytail.

Note: if you do decide to wear your hair in an updo, avoiding anything too harsh like tight, pulled back styles, as this will draw the eyes up, instead of pulling focus to your desirable mid features.

kirsten dunst medium length blonde hair with bardot bangs
Oval shaped face look great with Bardot bangs – just ask Kirsten Dunst. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock


Celebrity inspiration: Kirsten Dunst, Selena Gomez & Drew Barrymore.

When looking for the best hairstyle for a round face shape, the key things to keep an eye out for are styles that will help lengthen and frame your face, plus enhance your bone structure.

Think about cuts that sit longer than chin length (like a long bob) and if you are a fringe lover, you will be happy to know that round faces actually look pretty amazing with bangs. We particularly love the way Kirsten Dunst has added Bardot bangs to finish off her medium length half-up hairstyle, for a delicate, feminine finish!

julia roberts blonde hair in updo with centre part long fringe
Julia Roberts matches her symmetrical face shape with symmetrical bangs.Credit: Rex by Shutterstock


Celebrity inspiration: Julia Roberts, Megan Foxx & Beyoncé.

Are you blessed by the hair gods? Well if you have an oval shaped face, the answer is yes! Oval-shaped faces are lucky enough to be able to pull off almost any hairstyle – yes really. After all, Queen Bey has an oval shaped face and we know she has tried almost every hairstyle, and always looks totally flawless.

But why is this, you ask? Due to your face’s natural symmetry, your features are already balanced. This means you can pick and choose between multiple hairstyles from long flowing hair to a chic low bun, like Julia Roberts.

Want to add a fringe to your look? Try a super trendy blunt fringe for ultimate style points. Oval-shaped ladies, you really do have the pick of the bunch when it comes to finding the best hairstyle for your face shape.

rihanna side parted updo with sweeping fringe on dark brown hair
Shine bright like a diamond – sorry we had too. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock


Celebrity inspiration: Rihanna, Zoe Saldana & Jennifer Lopez.

A relatively unknown face shape, those with faces that are slightly longer than wide, with a pointy chin and high set of cheekbones, are considered to have a diamond-shaped face.

Look out for styles that show off your amazing bone structure, like a classic bob or long layered cuts. We suggest avoiding bangs that completely hide the forehead (including micro fringes) as they are too heavy for those with diamond-shaped features.

Instead, if you really want to live that fringe life, take your style cue from Rihanna, who perfectly shows off her diamond shaped face with long side sweeping bangs and pulled back updo.

Editor’s tip: Are you adding Rihanna’s look to your Pinterest board right now? We don’t blame you its pretty amazing.

To create this look at home we recommend using the VO5 Mega Hold Gel Spray for not only securing your style in place but for a frizz-free finish, too!

demi moore long dark brown wavy hair in half-up, half-down finish
Demi Moore keeps her tresses loose. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock


Celebrity inspiration: Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston & Cameron Diaz.

Are you questioning what is the best hairstyle for square face shapes? Well lucky for you, you have some of the most iconic hair idols to turn to for inspiration.

Stick to styles that can help soften a hard jawline while also bringing out our cheekbones. Long hairstyles are a particular fave amongst those with square-shaped faces but we suggest keeping the cut soft by adding layers.

From centre to side partings, we suggest styling your tresses either poker straight or with loose waves and don’t forget to show off the length of your tresses with a half-up, half-down hairstyle like Demi.

On the flip side, try to avoiding anything too severe like pulled back styles as they draw the eye to your strong jawline.

leona lewis smooth back low ponytail with curly blonde hair
Top tip: Add width to your oblong faces. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock


Celebrity inspiration: Leona Lewis, Sarah Jessica Parker & Liv Tyler.

Just like those with heart-shaped faces, many celebrities with oblong faces tend to leave their hair loose, as some updos tend to add an emphasis on their long shape.

The key to oblong faces is to try and add roundness to your face shape whether that be with waves like Sarah Jessica Parker’s signature look or through the use of layers.

But there are some updos that are exceptions to the rule and Leona Lewis’ style is one of them. Keeping her curly hair pulled back would usually draw attention to her long face, but due to the volume of her curls from her ponytail she achieves a more widened appearance.

Editor’s tip: Add volume to your tresses with the TONI&GUY Volume Plumping Mousse. Use on towel-dried hair to add body and movement where it matters most.

kate winslet rectangle face shape with wavy blonde hair in updo
Kate Winslet knows that leaving wisps of hair fall help to flatter a rectangle face shape. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock


Celebrity inspiration: Kate Winslet, Sandra Bullock & Angelina Jolie.

When looking for hairstyles to suit a rectangular face, we suggest sticking to styles that make the face appear a little shorter and more balanced. Try incorporating layers or waves to add width to your face and experimenting with bangs, too.

Full bangs, whether straight or side swept, should be cut long (eyebrow length or longer). Not a fan of bangs? No worries. However, we do suggest leaving wisps of hair fall around the hairline when styling in an updo, just like Kate Winslet.

When it comes to hairstyles to avoid for rectangle shaped faces, we say steer clear of long straight styles or too much fullness at the crown but none at the sides. Follow these rules and you’ll have a killer style in no time!

Check this out and find the perfect haircut for your face type!

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