The best haircuts for square faces: A quick guide

Because choosing the most flattering styles for your face shape is important.

If the length and width of your face are – or almost – equal, you probably have a square-shaped face. While it may not be as versatile as oval or heart-shaped features, count yourself lucky that you’ve been blessed with a good bone structure that’s equally easy to flatter with the help of the right haircut. Thinking of hitting the salon for a style refresh? Why not take a look at our round-up of the best haircuts for square faces before you make that all-important decision.

7 Of the best haircuts for square faces

Whether you’re going for a short crop or want to retain some length, read ahead to discover our selection of the most flattering haircuts for angular complexions now. Whatever you decide, just remember that it’s all about layers, layers, layers – and you’re good to go!

Pixie cuts

pixie crop for square faces
Ultra-short + texture + wispy bangs. Credit: Dvora

Ultra-short + texture + wispy bangs

Don’t let having symmetrical features and a strong jawline deter you from going for a cool pixie cut. As long as you don’t forget the golden rule of haircuts for square faces (waves + layers), you’re good to go. Our advice would be to opt for an ultra-short soft crop, with light layers built in to help round out the harsh angles of your complexion.


Add wispy bangs to further soften your features and, if you can, add some texture at the top to create the illusion of height. Use a small amount of the TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Texture Paste to help create that added texture.

Short haircuts

short wavy bob hairstyle for square faces
Short bob + soft waves. Credit:

Short bob + soft waves

Bobs can work wonders for square faces, as long as you carefully consider the length. A short layered haircut that hits just above the chin will help to considerably soften your jawline. Pair with a piecey fringe à la Cameron Diaz (which can be cut in with shears or razors), or work in cool, beachy waves a modern and playful look that will help soften and flatter your square complexion.

angled bob haircuts for square faces
Angled bob + side parting. Credit:

Angled bob + side parting

If you want a slightly longer bob hairstyle, go for an angled cut that retains some length at the front, graduating to a shorter length at the back. This trick will work wonders to elongate a square face. Adding in a side part can also help to offset your strong, symmetrical features and soften your overall face shape.

Mid-length haircuts

mid length haircuts for square faces
Mid-length + soft layers + rounded bangs. Credit:

Mid-length + soft layers + rounded bangs

An ultra-modern midi cut is the perfect compromise between a brief bob and a super long one. For the most flattering results, aim to go for a length that hits around your collarbone and ask your stylist to work subtle, feathery layers into the ends to soften your square chin. Try adding rounded bangs that have been cut into ever so slightly and hit just on the brow bone for a super flattering look that boasts a cool, youthful attitude.

shag haircuts for square faces
Choppy layers + long piecey fringe. Credit:

Choppy layers + long piecey fringe

For the trend-conscious, don’t worry: a fashionable lob can work for square face shapes, too. Try and keep the cut just above shoulder-length and work in choppy layers (to boost and create the illusion of texture) for that grown-out shag look.

To further soften up your angular features, retain those messy, bedhead textures (if you’re lucky enough to wake up with them!), or use the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray before blowdrying to create a little volume and texture. And don’t forget to cut in a long, piecey fringe to help draw the attention away from your strong chin.

Long haircuts

Long haircuts for square faces
Long graudated layers + textured waves. Credit:

Long graduated layers + textured waves

When it comes to long haircuts for square faces, you have plenty of options, but one of our all-time, tried-and-true favourites has to be long graduated layers, as championed by the likes of actress Olivia Wilde and Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge.

If you’re going for this hairstyle, make sure the shortest layers hit around the chin – and curl inwards – to help soften out your angular jawline. Add in lightly-textured waves for extra sartorial points and to really maximise the flattering nature of this cut.

square face voluminous layers and side part
Voluminous layers + side parting. Credit:

Voluminous subtle layers + side parting

Adding volume in the right places can help to slim and considerably soften the angular lines of a square face, especially if you want to maintain a longer length. Ask your stylist to cut in short layers at the ends and boost that full-bodied cut with a voluminous blowout.

If you’re blessed with naturally wavy hair, then lucky you, but for those with straighter locks, try blow-drying for a chic, bouncy finish. Another simple trick if you have pin-straight tresses is to make use of an off-centre part, tucking one side behind your ear to counteract your symmetrical complexion and create the illusion of a rectangular shape.

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