The 20 most-talked about summer hair colours of 2019

News just in: these are the summer hair colours to know...

Ready to welcome in the warmer weather with a brand new hue but not sure which summer hair colours are in this season? Whether it’s a subtle update on your natural shade or a whole new look you’re after, these are the summer hair colour ideas to covet right now.

1. Hazelnut brown

Summer hair colours: Back view of a woman with warm brunette curly long hair in a half-up pull-through braid
Warm browns are set to be big this summer. Credit:

Looking for a way to lighten up brunette hair? Hazelnut brown shades, with warm tones and lighter balayage, are perfect for giving dark hair a summery update. Credit: @anjuli.brian

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2. Vanilla blonde hair

summer hair colours: nrussian fashion model natasha poly with vanilla blonde hair on Instagram
This delicious vanilla blonde hair colour is perfect for summer and beyond. Credit:

This creamy vanilla blonde hue features a blend of buttery blonde and golden tones, creating the effect of a naturally sun-kissed shade that’s just gorgeous. Credit: @natashapoly

3. Light copper

Summer hair colours: Woman with long light copper wavy hair
This classic autumnal tone just got a summery update. Credit:

Always wanted to try red hair? A blonder take on classic copper, light copper highlights look equally flattering on faux and natural redheads. Credit: @cassiskovic

4. Silver blonde hair

side view of a woman with silver blonde hair in a loose bun wearing sunglasses
Thanks to Khaleesi, silver blonde hair is the hottest hue to try. Credit:

Game of Thrones may be coming to an end (sob) but you’ll be happy to know that Khaleesi-inspired silver blonde hair is still one of the summer’s most coveted looks. Credit: @happilygrey

Editor’s tip: Not currently using a purple shampoo in your routine? We recommend washing your hair once a week with the Dove Silver Care Shampoo and Conditioner to neutralise any unwanted brassiness and keep your blonde icy cool.

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5. Ash blonde

summer hair colour ideas: close up shot of instagram influencer tammy hembrow with ash blonde hair, wearing white top and posing against a wardrobe
This cool-toned colour can be tailored to flatter your skin. Credit:

Another understated shade you can try this summer is ash blonde. It’s summer-ready but actually, it’ll help make you look glowing in the winter, too, so it’s a good all-rounder. Credit: @tammyhembrow

6. Sun-kissed

back shot of woman with bronde hair wearing yellow jumper at a salon
Here comes the sun! Credit:

Want a way to make dark strands radiate summer vibes? In that case, like this Instagrammer, you should try getting sun-kissed highlights put in.

Whether you choose to get ombre or go down the palm painting route depends on the result you want, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll look like a Cali-babe 24/7.  Credit: @christinesilvermancolor

7. Rose gold

Summer hair colours: Side profile of a woman with rose gold long wavy hair, wearing a blue top
Everything’s coming up roses! Credit:

When it comes to summer hair colour ideas, rose gold always finds its way to the top. Take inspiration from this Instagrammer’s shimmering rosy tones, focusing the colour through the front and the ends for a grown-up ombre take on the trend. Credit: @lorietherrien

8. Light brown highlights

Summer hair colours: Photo of a woman with light brown highlighted long hair, worn to one side
Open up your face with highlights.

New to colour or worried about doing anything too drastic? Subtle highlights around the face can really flatter your features and brighten up your overall hue, with minimal effort or upkeep required.

9. Candy floss pink

summer hair colours: close up shot of woman with candy floss pink wavy hair with yellow flowers in it, wearing sunset-inspired makeup with yellow top, posing in a bedroom setting
Candy floss hair, don’t care! Credit:

Thinking about getting pink hair? We bet that this sweet, universally-flattering candy floss shade is inspiring you to take the plungeCredit: @moodhairinc

10. Smoked peach

back shot of woman with long wavy peach coloured ombre hair at a salon
Smoked peach hair looks as delicious as it sounds! Credit:

There’s never enough sun during the day here in the UK, but you can be sure to brighten up your hair with this smoked peach ombre. Plus, it’s the perfect option to try if you’re afraid to dye your entire head of hair. Credit: @kimwasabi

11. Rose brown

summer hair colours: close up shot of woman with rose brown layered hair, wearing nude top and posing in a bedroom setting
Finally, a hair trend that’s brunette friendly. Credit:

We’ve already shown how great rose gold hair can look on blonde hair but now this previously blondes-only trend is being extended to brunettes — and we’re seriously excited.

Coined as rose brown, this subtle shade marries a brunette base colour with rosy pink woven seamlessly throughout. Credit: @kyleekinns

Editor’s tip: Want to give one of these summer hair colours a try? Then you’ll need to switch up your usual wash and care system for one specifically formulated for dyed hair.

We love the TRESemmé Colour Shineplex Shampoo and Conditioner which will help to maintain your hue’s vibrancy between dyeing, plus keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

12. Golden brown

summer hair colours: shot of ashley tisdale with golden brown shoulder length hair
Gold + brown = the dreamiest shade ever! Credit:

Can’t shake off your love for golden and brown hair hues? Well, you’ll be happy to know that golden brown hair does exist and it’s a dreamy combo.

With these warm, honey-toned highlights, you’ll be able to give even the mousiest strands a sunny new lease on life. Credit: @ashleytisdale

13. Chocolate brown

summer hair colour ideas: close up shot of woman with dark brown hair, wearing printed headscarf and posing on a street
Sweet like chocolate! Credit:

Thought rich brunettes were just for autumn/winter? A departure from the usual summer hair colours, this sophisticated chocolate brown shade immediately looks holiday-ready with the addition of a printed headscarf. Credit: @wolfiecindy

14. Strawberry peach

summer hair colours: close up shot of woman with strawberry red and peach hair, wearing red lipstick and red outfit
When you mix strawberry red with peach tones, you get this gorgeous hue. Credit:

What says ‘holiday hair’ better than a cocktail-inspired blend of fruity strawberry and peach tones? Good enough to eat, this peachy pink bob also shows you don’t need to have flowing locks to make an impact with colour. Credit: @eve.frsr

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15. Cayenne spice

summer hair colours ideas: emma roberts with red spicy hair wearing blue frilly shirt posing
Are you ready to add some spice into your life and your hair? Credit:

Spicy shades of red like this cayenne-tinted auburn, are about as bold as you can go while still looking natural. Feeling hot hot hot? Credit: @nikkilee901

Editor’s tip: Give your coloured tresses a shine boost with the camellia oil enriched TRESemmé Colour Shineplex Serum, which is perfect for smoothing and adding glossiness.

16. Denim

summer hair colour ideas: close up shot of woman with pastel blue wavy hair with dark brown roots, wearing black top and posing against a blue background
You won’t feel blue with this hair colour in your life. Credit:

There won’t be a cloud in sight with this pastel blue denim hue. We especially love the multiple shades of blue and lilac running through, which adds an extra dimension. Credit:@sandrarileytang

17. Mermaid green

summer hair colour ideas: close up shot of woman with long, pastel mint green hair, wearing blue top and posing outside a hair salon
Ready to dip your toes into the green hair world? Credit:

Always wanted to live out your mermaid dreams? A minty, pastel green like the shade on this beach babe will allow to channel your inner Ariel and make your holiday selfies the envy of all your friends. Credit: @artisanhairandspa

18. Lavender grey

summer hair colour ideas: back shot of woman with lavender sombre hair at a salon
Love subtle colours? Then you’ll love this lush lavender hue! Credit:

Brown-haired beauties rejoice! Lavender grey hair is another understated (and oh-so-Instagrammable) way to play with colour and enhance your natural hue this summer.

It’s softer and less drastic than getting an all over dye, but still offers up a big style change that’ll keep your locks looking unique. Credit: @evalam_

19. Rainbow roots

Summer hair colours: Back of a woman's head with ash blonde hair with rainbow coloured roots, tied in a messy bun
Because who doesn’t want rainbow hair, right?

Colour addict at heart but not sure your boss feels the same way? Opting for hidden rainbow roots like these means you can easily conceal them during office hours and then show them off when you want to by sweeping your strands up into a bun!

20. Gemstone hair

Summer hair colours: Back view of a woman with purple ombre curly hair
Into crystals? You’ll love Instagram’s newest hair colour obsession. Credit:

Instagram has been awash with crystal-inspired beauty lately, with rose quartz and jade rollers filling up our feeds. And now there’s yet another way to tap into the trend – gemstone inspired hair colours!

This ethereal amethyst inspired hue is what summer hair colour dreams are made of and the different darker and lighter purple tones blend together beautifully. Credit: @tiffanymhair

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