Succulent hair is officially a trend

Jeanette | 01 November 2016

Beautiful botanicals!

It seems that 2016 has been a year for experimenting with a range of fun and innovative hair colours, resulting in some rather out-there looks. First it started out with delicious watermelon hair, then it was breathtaking rainbow and unicorn tresses, before moving on to manes dyed like famous works of art (yes, really!). And just when we thought that the world of Instagram had given us every hair colour combo possible, the succulent hair trend popped up on the scene.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little confused about what this hair trend actually is (so were we at first). But once we started seeing how the style set and beauty influencers from Instagram were rocking it, everything became clear. So, to find out more about the most luscious hair trend of the year, scroll down and see it for yourself!

Succulent hair takes over Instagram


Succulent hair trend: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Instagram hair trend
The succulent hair trend takes over Insta. Credit:

Don’t worry, we haven’t made a mistake – the above image actually sums up this hair trend perfectly. Succulent-inspired beauty looks is now a huge trend, with ladies drawing hue inspiration from these fat and fleshy plants. But what exactly can you expect from succulent hair?

Well, much like the arid-loving plants, these tresses on Instagram feature deep, leafy green tones, with splashes of rich botanical purples, and even pops of paler turquoises, too. The result: a totally unique and stunning ‘do, created by this clever colour combination! Credit: @pinupsalonseattle

Succulent hair trend: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Succulent balayage
Succulent hair trend: Beautiful botantical hues. Credit:

When it comes down to rocking this look yourself, you’ll most likely need to make free-hand colouring techniques (like balayage) your new BFF. Why, we hear you ask? Well, because traditional techniques that use foils are unlikely to get you the beautiful gradations that this trend calls for! Credit: @shearexcitementpompano

Succulent hair trend: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Succulent hair accessories
What do you think of our succulent hair accessories?

However, this is no ordinary trend, since the succulent aesthetic goes well beyond the realms of just hair colouring. Did you know that this distinctive trend has reached out to inspire hair accessories, and even nail art, too? Yes, it’s true! With lovers of the trend sticking miniature succulents to hair clips and also onto fake nails.

We don’t know about you, but while they make for pretty social media posts, we think the succulent trend for nails may be taking the look a tad too far.

Succulent hair trend: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Succulent coloured hair
Succulent hair trend: Are you convinced? Credit:

So, what’s your verdict on succulent hair? Are you brave enough to give it a go, or will you be sticking to your fail-safe unicorn mane instead? Credit: @hairbylindsayracca

Editor’s tip: If you do decide to give this succulent hair trend a try, use the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditionerwhich has been formulated with dyed tresses in mind. The formula includes Vibrant Colour Lock technology, to help keep your colour vibrant for up to 8 weeks.

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