Pixie, bob or lob? Here are 6 hair colours for short hair that’ll make your cropped locks pop

Trending hair colour ideas for short hair you need to know about.  

Short-haired ladies, this one’s for you. From experience we know that it’s easy to feel restricted when looking for a new hair colour for short hair. But actually, playing around with colour can add a whole new dimension to your ‘do, no matter how short it is.

Got a super cropped pixie cut like Cara Delevingne? Or are you rocking a grown-out Alexa Chung-style lob? Either way, here’s all the inspiration you need to revive your short hair this season.

woman with a line ash blonde hair with dark shadow roots
Let your natural colour peek through for a softer result. Credit: Instagram.com/linzphair

1. Shadow roots

We have Selena Gomez to thank for the rise in shadow roots. When she stepped out at the AMA‘s with her new blonde hair, one of the things that struck us about her lightened locks were her roots. She’d left them intentionally darker than the rest of her newly-platinum hair, giving the look a shadow-like effect with a real grungy feel.

Any of you who colour your hair will know that dealing with roots is part and parcel of going lighter. But by keeping them darker from the get-go makes it easier to deal with regrowth, which is especially noticeable on shorter hair. Credit: @linzphair

balayage brunette and ash blonde bob
You can be ash blonde without committing to a full head of bleach. Credit: Instagram.com/hair_makeup_sairy

2. Ashy balayage

We’re going to be straight with you: our love for ash blonde isn’t going anywhere. But instead of opting for allover colour as usual, why not dip your toe into the balayage pool this season?

You’ll want to ask your stylist to add lighter, brighter pieces around the top of your head so that you still get the overall ashy look without lightening all over. Less damage and just as pretty, what more could you ask for?! Credit: @hair_makeup_sairy

Editor’s tip: Even if you’re not dyeing all of your hair ash blonde, you should still consider investing in a purple shampoo to make sure your lighter sections don’t become brassy.

The TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo is formulated with violet toners, and as purple and yellow are opposites on the colour wheel, this means it helps to cancel out any yellowing, leaving you with the cool tones you signed up for.

back view of a woman with a brunette bob with chocolate and caramel tones
Bored of brunette? Not for long. Credit: Instagram.com/headturninghair

3. Chocolate caramel

In terms of brunette hair colour ideas for short hair, we recommend taking a multi-tonal approach. Worried about fine hair? Brown hair can look flatter if it’s all one colour, so blending through a mix of lighter and darker shades, like this chocolate caramel blend, will up the oomph!

Plus, you can add in extra lighter tones for summer and darker lowlights for winter, so you can change it up from season to season while maintaining your base colour. Credit: @headturninghair

Editor’s tip: We talk a lot about caring for blonde hair, but actually it’s just as important to care for brunette tones, too. The TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Brunette Mask is a great mask that you can use once a week to help bring out warm brown tones and keep your hair looking shiny.

woman with blonde face framing highlights on bob length hair
Lighten up the colour around your jawline for a face-flattering effect. Credit: Instagram.com/elitebeautysociety

4. Face-framing highlights

After more subtle hair colour ideas for short hair? If you’re conscious of how much dyeing you’re putting your hair through, or you’d just prefer not to do anything too crazy, keep things simple by adding in a few highlights around your face.

You’d be shocked at how much of a difference a few lighter strands can have and it’ll give your look a sun-kissed, year-round summer feel. Credit: @elitebeautysociety

woman with mauve dark pixie hair in a burgundy jumper
Mauve is the beauty buzzword on everyone’s lips right now. Credit: Instagram.com/looksbycassi

5. Mauve

We’ve been spotting more and more mauve looks coming through lately and we’re big fans. Similar to the mulled wine hair trend we saw over the festive period, it’s the ultimate wintery hue and is the perfect way to stay dark while still getting playful with colour.

Oh, and before we forget, you should know it works just as well on both porcelain and deeper complexions, so it’s one for everyone!  Credit: @looksbycassi

shot from above of a woman with rose gold shadow roots hair
You don’t have to go full on red in order to try out warmer tones. Credit: Instagram.com/allthingsbeautywlaurell

6. Rose gold

Rose gold may have started out as just a jewellery trend, but now there’s a rose gold alternative to everything from stationary to cutlery – and we just can’t get enough of it!

Rose gold hair is all about adding golden pink tones to the hair, but how light or vibrant you decide to go is totally up to you. You could be daring and try an ultra bold festival-worthy hue or stick to something less in your face for everyday, like this warm pink bob. Credit: @allthingsbeautywlaurell


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